September 30th, 2011 | 365 Entries

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365 Entries for “romantic”

  1. Romantic. Meaning a fantasy? Not rooted in reality? Feeding off illusions? Or the root of the word: related to a novel–which again is based on fantasy and illusion, not rooted in reality.

    By elizabeth b URL on 10.01.2011

  2. Romance is a half assed concept.
    The most romantic date I’ve ever been on was running from the cops, after embracing on the top of a high security prison wall.
    Romance is overrated.
    Skip the words.
    Get straight to the heart of things.

    By Thirteen URL on 10.01.2011

  3. Romantic to me is the lake on my honeymoon. Music from our tent is blaring and we just sit there and watch the world go by. We take walks, hang out, stick our feet in the water and chill. I would read a book every now and then and perhaps compose a story. Yes, romantic. This is what I want my second year anniversary to be like.

    By Vanessa URL on 10.01.2011

  4. I don’t know why, but romance has never been my thing. I watch love movies, and I want it. But I feel the real world is just not like that. I have tried relationships. I end up feeling smothered. I like to be free. I feel I am one of those women who will never get married. I will just be a traveler. Doing tattoo’s, never finding just one man for me. Maybe one day life will prove me wrong, maybe one day it will catch me by surprise just like the movies. You never know. Maybe I just need to find the rite guy to make me stay, to hold my attention. Maybe one day I will be crazy in love, and never think about all the gorgeous men in this world. Typeing this seems pretty much a lie. But I guess only time will tell if I ever have a tamed heart.

    By makayla colgan on 10.01.2011

  5. He was a romantic that walked the lit up streets of New York in the early mornings. He longed for a familiar face, but never saw one. He was lonely in his big city, lonely in his big heart.

    By a on 10.01.2011

  6. love romance flowers roses lovers couples married in love forever and always never giving up always there singing chocolate late night movies cuddling stay at home nights together snuggling kisses hugs

    By Courtney Reed on 10.01.2011

  7. Oh! What a coincidence!

    I’ve just finished a romantic novel today in the morning. The ending is sad though, but… yeah, the writer is right, the most important part of teenage life is about the process. The ending of everyone’s teenage life is always similar. It’s always touching but also sad to look back those lovely memories.

    There are things in the past that we may regret, those misinterpretations, those mistakes we made… But what matter most, is the bravery to face those memories and to learn from them…

    By IDIOTSDONTWRITE on 10.01.2011

  8. his soft lips kissing mine just to enter the car. he is taking me to a nice dinner full of red roses and a nice glass of wine. i couldnt imagine something more romantic than this. he opens my door for me, and we silently seat ourselves to the nice table. we exchange a kiss and from there on we enjoy a nice time full of laughter and smiles.

    By Courtney Reed on 10.01.2011

  9. sweet nothings, holding hands, walking at the beach on a lovely sunset, sharing the sunrise, cooking together, random text messages, walking in the rain, cuddling, lingering stares, hugging and not letting go, mouthing “i love you” when no one is watching, staring…just staring at the moon.

    By luisa URL on 10.01.2011

  10. Romantic. Definitely a cliched word. People say they want to have romantic dinners, dates, and (insert word beginning with d). I want to have a FUN dinner, a FUN date. To hell with romantic, let’s party!

    By Dave Mercer on 10.01.2011

  11. Oops, i did it wrong the first time, a but silly of me
    Anyways, I think romance is something that needs to redefined. Romance is not the same as love

    By John Abarshi on 10.01.2011

  12. Cliche. There is no illusion greater and more deceiving than romance. You think you have it, and then it is stolen. Ignorance is bliss. Remember your last kiss.

    By Dave Mercer URL on 10.01.2011

  13. The atmosphere was anything but romantic. The air was thick with the various smells of the city. Stray cats darted around the alleys, chasing mice. But the man sat there smiling, knowing that love would come.

    By Addie URL on 10.01.2011

  14. “So are you trying to be romantic or something?” i asked quizzically, with one eyebrow raised. He gulped and shifted his weight from side to side.
    “No it’s just that after seeing you after all this time i thought…” he bit his lip. I sighed and walked up to him.
    “I’m not that kind of girl,” i whispered, and i whisked away, leaving him alone.

    By Selena on 10.01.2011

  15. love sexy
    i dont know people eating spaghetti with one noodle shared between their mouths.
    madam bovary.
    you don’t know what you want but you ike candles and seances and mediocre conversation because you don’t know what else to say. you destroy every other relationship because none are ever as important to you at that moment as this one

    By Jordan on 10.01.2011

  16. The guy i met the other day is sooo Romantic. He took me to a movie then rented out a restaurant so that it was just us two. It was a very expensive candlelit dinner. Then when he took me home he was all like not wanting to come inside, which I totally respect cause it shows he has respect for me and we had already planned the next date, for our next date. We doint know what we are going to do, but well think of that when we get there.

    By Me on 10.01.2011

  17. I am definitely a romantic…in love with love…fantasize about love…dream about love and always searching for love. I love anything that says it is romantic and I love a romantic man like my dear husband. I’d never want to be anything else but a romantic, would you?

    By spartica URL on 10.01.2011

  18. A walk on the beach. A ring in a glass of champagne. A rose in clasped fingers. A door opened, a chair pulled back. A light kiss, a note. I love you.

    By Isabella on 10.01.2011

  19. love is romantic. people are romantic. romance hurts but it is beautiful. romantic visions include clouds, rainy sunday afternoons, pools of jasmine flowers and open fields. you are my romance.

    By Anisha on 10.01.2011

  20. He had grabbed me, and pulled me close.
    Not to kiss me.
    Just to hold me.
    So now, with his lips rested softly on my forehead, his hands in my hair,
    I’m perfect with this.
    He’s so soft, with his sweater, with his hair.
    He’s so warm, in this slightly chilly autumn air.
    And we hold eachother.
    My arms on his hips.
    And we breath.
    And it feels perfect.
    So content.
    And I inhale his smell, so ruggish yet tender.
    We don’t say a word.
    We don’t need to.
    We don’t want to.
    We know we’re in love with each other.

    By jackie on 10.01.2011

  21. it took until her sophmore year in high school to get a guy to even notice her. She was as hopeless as hopeless romantics come. And as the story goes: boy meets girl.

    By Angie URL on 10.01.2011

  22. Romantic? That’s something I don’t get to experience very often.. But it is a beautiful thing. With romance brings loving couples closer, makes starry nights magical, and can make one small kiss last a life time.

    By Hooligan on 10.01.2011

  23. He was never the romantic type of guy. He never took a girl out for a dinner and walk on the beach. No, Walker Pierce wasn’t that kind of guy. He was more the type to stay home and watch football with the guys. He didn’t like doing the romance thing. So it was a surprise to him when Cass walked into his life.

    By Chey on 10.01.2011

  24. Our hands are wet. Drops and bubbles. Fingers locked, fumbling, we just want to feel a bit of knuckle or nail or skin. No eyes or mouths, just hands touching hands.

    By Amanda URL on 10.01.2011

  25. It was romantic the first time they met. The wind was shoving them closer together, ever so gently. The leaves crunching under their feet went unheard, and the moon shone overtop, peaking it’s way through the bare branches in the woods. Thom grabbed her hand, and pulled her even closer, using his other one to push a stand of blonde hair behind her ear. ‘You’re beautiful’, he said.

    By Soleil on 10.01.2011

  26. the way you looked at me in the moonlight, held my hand, made me laugh. the way your eyes sparkle with the light of the moonlight and the joy of my heart. There is no other way to describe it but the way you sent my heart around the world and back again.

    By Hattie Lee on 10.01.2011

  27. i love romance. i also like to think im a romantic, allthough ive never been in close contact with a boy. i barely have to be within two feet of one before i start blushing. but you get me. i love jane austin books, and watching romcoms even when theyre unbelievably predictable

    By rosie on 10.01.2011

  28. when i see couples happy together or when i was watching glee last night and Kurt and Blain hugged and it was just so adorable. roses are romantic and just hugging your significant other and telling them you love them. I love my boyfriend.

    By Natalie on 10.01.2011

  29. facing stephen and falling asleep with our faces touching. finding him in the middle of the night and pulling myself into him. his lips meeting my forehead. his arms around my waist while i was cooking.

    By kat on 10.01.2011

  30. romantic people suck. i hate romantic movies. but i like them sometimes. romantic means mushy stuff. mushy stuff is bad stuff. ugh. yucky yuck.

    By fygjf URL on 10.01.2011

  31. Romantic is candles, chocolates. It’s hugs and kisses when you least expect them. Romantic is skin on skin, love, lust and trust. Romantic is kissing her collarbone or touching his chest. Romantic is something every relationship should be.

    By Sarah Lynne on 10.01.2011

  32. Being romantic makes me happy. More than that, I find romantic people to be attractive. The cute, hopeless romantic. The one who brings you flowers, and knows your favourite movies by heart. They’ll lay around with you, not expecting anything. Those are the one’s who’ll stay.

    By Ashley on 10.01.2011

  33. he said he loved romance – what did that mean for me? that he would love it first, and quest for it forever. those of us left in his wake bob along until the waters calm, some swimming, some drowning…

    By Mataoka URL on 10.01.2011

  34. hopeless romantic, love, a guy giving you his jacket to wear when you are cold, someone making a joke just to make you laugh

    By Kate on 10.01.2011

  35. candle lit dinner, string quartet in the background. smell the italian wafting out from behind the wooden kitchen doors. the brightest thing in the room is the love reflected from your eyes. i’m glad to know i’m not the only one blushing.

    By William Gruber on 10.01.2011

  36. a soft rain
    pink, yellow, orange
    dappled colours
    ripple across the field
    into a stand of marri
    like a stone dropped in water

    by the creeks edge
    you turn in iridescent green grass
    straw hat, camera
    hold Sophie’s hand
    catch Flynn, Jack
    show them
    the wonder of a spider’s web

    By david URL on 10.01.2011

  37. Romance. Love. Flowers. Hearts. That one person in the world who’ll be there with you no matter what, who will love you for who you are, who cares for you, who will help you, make you laugh, make you cry, but be there as a shoulder to cry on. Romantic comedies and romantic proposals. So many different kinds, but it all comes down to love in my opinion. Love and romance go hand in hand.

    By Naina URL on 10.01.2011

  38. Maybe it wasn’t traditionally romantic — two carefully quartered peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on two paper plates, flanked by Dixie cups nearly overflowing with milk. But the precision with which the sandwiches were cut, and the obviously over-jellied nature of each of them, showed how much love and care he’d put into this anniversary lunch.

    By Marian writes URL on 10.01.2011

  39. blah blah blah i hate this word. there is a man in the middle of it trying to make a woman like him, actually trying trying very hard and it is false and broken-down but he won’t ever realize it and she wont realize it til too late. And candles and wine.

    By molly on 10.01.2011

  40. I’ve laid in these brambles before, discovering meaning amidst the lessons learned. I take time to tangle in your weeds, to find deeper layers of roots and shoots. There is a flower underneath, I can smell it. The flower is longing to find me. I simply have to know that it is there, that I have faith I can find it and give it the water it needs.

    By emay URL on 10.01.2011