September 30th, 2011 | 365 Entries

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365 Entries for “romantic”

  1. love comes to mind when I see the word romatic, even though love has nothing to do with romance. People find just how romantic they are when meeting someone they believe they desire. Most people aren’t romantic at all. Taking a date out to the movies, dinner or a play has very little to do with romance. Romance involves one on one interaction. Romance may involve poetry, cooking a romantic dinner for two, allowing lite conversation to permeate the evening. Conversation about who you are, the things that make you happy and how the two of you can further explore life together doing fun the fun things in life. Romance should always and only include the two of you.
    Romance never includes conversation about the job, the boss, the landlord or sibblings. Romance is the softer side of you, the calm of you, the part of you that needs a soft human touch. Romance can be love, about love, but romance is never quite love.

    By Beverly Gaines on 10.01.2011

  2. kissing, love, walks together, being together, being held, seeing, roses, dinner, cuddling, loving, smiling, happiness, joy. honesty, music, being together, kisses, hugging, love love love love love love love!!

    By Emily Schultz on 10.01.2011

  3. Romance is not something you can find nor adhere for that matter, the most purest form will find you, in the the soulful shape of love.

    By Nick URL on 10.01.2011

  4. “Isn’t it romantic?” I guess.

    “Decidedly,” she said, wringing the straw with both hands. “I don’t know where you could possibly get that idea from.”

    I haven’t a clue where she’s getting this from herself. This wasn’t meant to be a date. It’s been a strange evening.

    By MenTaLguY URL on 10.01.2011

  5. It’s been exactly one year since I was first introduced to romance. A boy fell in love with me. I fell in love with him, too, only to break his heart a half year later. I went straight into the arms of his best friend. For seventeen years, I had been growing and developing so I could live an independent lifestyle. It took me quite a few efforts to stray away from the Disney perspective of romance; all of those false fairytales that have indoctrinated my childhood. Now, I wish I could have it all back. I have somehow gotten the love, but I lost the romance.

    By Kelly on 10.01.2011

  6. It was the antithesis of a classic amour, and yet it was ideal for her. Thoughts of him warmed her thighs and heart alike, turning the perverse into the romantic, the word “smear” into “love,” and poetry into private pleasure.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 10.01.2011

  7. Boy meets girl. The feelings of eager lust and desire in his eyes was evident. His need to touch her hand, feel her hair, smell her scent; it was unattainable. Was it love? No.

    By Chi on 10.01.2011

  8. Romantic is a word that is too often used to describe something mushy, sickly sweet ‘love’. It is not a word I usually like.

    By Wendy of Wanniassa on 10.01.2011

  9. Happens, from time to time. Will leave a bad taste in your mouth now and then. Take it or leave it.

    By Alex on 10.01.2011

  10. the idea i have of myself. candles, soft music, being nice to each other, being aware of each other, loving each other. possibilities for the future on a first date??

    By THERESA RENWICK on 10.01.2011

  11. She couldn’t remember the last time she had done anything vaguely romantic for him. They had both been so busy and tired lately. Out came her favourite note paper, the pink pad with the roses on. After a quick spray of her expensive perfume, she neatly cut out fifty hearts, wrote sentimental and silly sentences and hid them in his pockets, his shoes, his wallet, under his pillow, beside his bookmark, in the bread bin and other places where they may remain for weeks until he found them.

    By Laura URL on 10.01.2011

  12. the excuse for fine wine, dining and sex!

    By harryhairnet on 10.01.2011

  13. love is beautiful,the flowers are light pink falling around my feet,a candle flickers in the corner and the smell of roses is in the air.Love is all around.

    By michelle robinson on 10.01.2011

  14. soft lights, low music, wine glowing in the glass. No. Cliched.

    By georgie on 10.01.2011

  15. What does it even mean to be romantic?
    Does it mean listening to your own heart or your lover’s?
    Or does it mean dreaming, with your head in the clouds? Surely, it doesn’t mean having your feet planted on the ground. Does it mean dreaming of a different world? Because then, aren’t we all romantics?
    We watch a movie, read a book, listen to music, let our imagination activate, and we’re all romantic? Then what makes it so special, so pined after?

    By Chelseyann URL on 10.01.2011

  16. It was supposed to be romantic, she knew that.
    But the meal tasted like shit. The picnic basket was poorly organized. He’d forgotten to bring a blanket so the cold from the grass was seeping into her skin. The park was at the edge of the street and cars didn’t stop passing; she couldn’t hear him over the traffic. Not that she wanted to. He also happened to fail miserably at holding any semblance of a conversation.
    Maybe it wasn’t the picnic she disliked. Maybe it was him but no, that wasn’t it. Everyone she knew said what a nice guy he was. She had tried but she just didn’t understand the appeal.

    By Chelseyann URL on 10.01.2011

  17. well, how would i seduce a woman? idk i have no game, bye now

    By anxiety URL on 10.01.2011

  18. it has come time to stop fantasizing about romanticism and make it a reality. here has come something of meaning. something that is apart from a mere acquaintanceship or act of lust.

    By t URL on 10.01.2011

  19. The light by the sea shines upon our newly lit faces, so cunning and delighted, its lost in your romantic flair in this new beginning.

    By kevinc URL on 10.01.2011

  20. He can’t help himself. He knows she doesn’t care about this stuff; that she’s grown up forcing herself to not need or want it, telling herself that it’s all stupid and improbable and that it won’t happen for her, but… But he can’t help himself. So he puts down the flowers by the door with his phone number, and waits for her to come home. Because he wants to prove her wrong. For once in his life, he wants to be romantic.

    By perfectlydiseased URL on 10.01.2011

  21. I’m trying to figure out what that is. Tonight I laid in bed with a guy tonight cuddling and holding hands, yet found the walk down the street with a random guy I met after I left was more romantic. It felt like kismet. There is something romantic about random serendipity.

    By Arielle Hurst on 10.01.2011

  22. Romantic should be the way you kiss me everyday, waking me up from the rigth side of my bed, feeling what it takes, to being every single way, so much better in this romantic way.

    By César Ibarra URL on 10.01.2011

  23. What a romantic day I had, you could not asked for a better day. Two of the sweetest girls you could ever want to be with, if only for an hour. The event; my reward for answering a simple question on the radio show the other day, and getting it done correctly.

    By victor walkes URL on 10.01.2011

  24. it’s a trait of a person who is generally endearing.

    By Martha on 10.01.2011

  25. romance

    By alice on 10.01.2011

  26. Do you consider yourself a romantic? What really makes a romantic?
    Giving someone flowers? Chocolates? Taking long stroll along the beach?
    Ask yourself, what really makes someone a romantic.

    By Tayla on 10.01.2011

  27. Its about sipping coffee, smelling flowers, singing aloud, dancing and taking a shower .

    By supriya on 10.01.2011

  28. Romantic-comedy. the lighthearted laugh we get about something we all wish we had. And then there’s romantic-drama, like lady jane gray and her husband guilford with romantic scenery and plato and all of that medieval hair. They hated each other and were drawn to each other. like katherine of aragon and her first husband, but he died. and so did jane and guilford. and so did romeo and juliet.

    By Talia on 10.01.2011

  29. ramantic like a stone in a soup. that’s how he used to be. and now look at him..i’ve created amonster. he can’t stop briging me flowers – the rooms are full. diamonds, semi precious stones, it’s costing us a fortune. what wil I do, can’t stop loving him.

    By tandemgypsies on 10.01.2011

  30. She is the one I wanted so bad. She is my personality. She’s the one who makes me happy. She is my world, my life, my time, my balance. I love her more than i know she could ever be. She’s my everything. The romantic person I loved the most.

    By bryan villalobos on 10.01.2011

  31. Romantic: the moment of awe-inspiring emotional clarity that comes from the pull of the wind through your hair and through your fingers. The sense that eons ago, similar people felt similar things, and you are standing in the middle of time.

    By Kristin on 10.01.2011

  32. You wish you were romantic; but you never seem to be able to fully comprehend LOVE. To hold on to something and never let go seem too illogical to your brain. So you never held on to anything at all.

    By Jules Looke URL on 10.01.2011

  33. romantik insanlar için tek bir şey söylenebilir: romantiktirler. sadece romantik olmakla da kalmazlar, sıkıcı ve bayıcıdırlar. çünkü romantiklik biraz da bu demektir. tabii kararında romantiklik çok “romantik” olabilir. ama ne yazık ki dozu aşmayanlara az rastlanıyor günümüzde. evet.

    By deneme on 10.01.2011

  34. candlelit dinner with an incredible undertone of lust, desire, passion in their purest forms. a mutual respect and wish to make another feel like the axis of your world. love grown from like.

    By Megan Christine on 10.01.2011

  35. Romantic makes me think of boys and them giving roses to girls. Valentine’s Day, and birthdays and romantic dinners at fancy restaurants and dances and my boyfriend because he gave me flowers they were roses and I loved them.

    By Emily on 10.01.2011

  36. I am not a romantic person, it seems there are thousands of things more important than romance, better leave till the right time to those who are interested

    By filza URL on 10.01.2011

  37. The most romantic thing that ever happened to me was when my current boyfriend (who was not my boyfriend at the time) showed up at my house in the middle of the night with a dozen roses and mix cds he made for me to take on the trip for which I was packing. I didn’t see him for a month after that, but listened to the music every day. We count that day as our anniversary now.

    By Emily on 10.01.2011

  38. me. my girlfriend. intimacy, romance is the biggest part of a relationship. what is better than making someone smile? what is better than being romantic and intimate with your partner? roses and candles are just material…but words and actions are so much better. i didn’t ever think i would be as romantic as i am today. i love, love.

    By DSA on 10.01.2011

  39. rose wine, warm october nights
    i have never seen such beauty as you under the moonlight.

    By megan breukelman URL on 10.01.2011

  40. i love how couples think they’re in love, so they do such nice things for each other, like buying food or taking a romantic walk along the beach. the feeling of love is so strong in these crazy young couples, its sooo romantic. wonderful, isn’t it!

    By Brittany on 10.01.2011