September 30th, 2011 | 365 Entries

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365 Entries for “romantic”

  1. love and marriage goes together like a horse and carriage. Babies. Love and babies. Together forever. IN a place together. Time and love. Marriage. Babies. Sorry this is so bad. Lololol. Boyfriend with the cute face. :P roses on a date, candlelight dinner. Talking to someone all night in front of a fireplace. Rugs, soft rugs.

    By Julianne Waber on 10.01.2011

  2. love pretty things and flowers showing you care taking time out doing nice things walks in the oark hot days with acllcohol and more freindship caring kindess happy things cats like 6k facebook adding mutual friend requstys

    By Bob on 10.01.2011

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    Also if you wrote a poem you are… gaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygay
    Im not a homophobe but real talk some of you are…gaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygay

    By Bob on 10.01.2011

  4. I’m not a romantic person. I’m really not. To be honest, I can’t stand it. It annoys me. I loathe romance movies, trashy, cheap romance novels, and lovesick teenagers with every fiber of my being. But I’m pretty sure that’s all about to change. I can’t help it. It’s just him. I’m lovesick (and not ashamed).

    By Lucy on 10.01.2011

  5. He signed dreamily as heb leaned against the fence. When he looked up, Cass saw Benjamin smoking in the usual place on the roof. It was a foreign feeling when he realized how he wanted to prance up there and greet him with some manner of hug. Nonetheless, Cass was liking these feeling that Benjamin made him have. He knew, from close observation, that Benjamin probably felt the same way.

    By Briana Bloom URL on 10.01.2011