September 30th, 2011 | 365 Entries

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365 Entries for “romantic”

  1. Eventually, the pain recedes to the back of your mind, she thought. Eventually. Her entire left shoulder had been sore for nearly a week, and the pain was like a dye staining her entire body. It had begun to creep up the side of her neck and down her arm.

    His hands suddenly appeared, massaging away the stiffness. She moaned, and let her head drop forward as the deft fingers worked out the knots. When had he come home? He hadn’t called. She looked up at him and he bent down, kissing her forehead.

    By Amanda URL on 09.30.2011

  2. Im too much so, and the man I’ve just finished with isn'[t he didn’t know what a relationship was. just 2 people not three. I loved him and was so much in love with him and still am. It’s finally taken 10 months to say no more and good bye. N

    By Kitty1960 on 09.30.2011

  3. My life sucks because I’ll never be romantic with anyone. Everybody hates me. Nobody has ever liked me. I hate myself. I want to die. Somebody kill me right now please. I just hate this world and I want to leave it. There is nobody on Earth I would miss if I died. I just have to get out of this horrible life before i cry for another 2 hours.

    By Summer on 09.30.2011

  4. Romantic—
    I’m not the hopeless kind.
    I just wish life was still romantic.
    So much of everyone’s relationships…
    …is sex.
    Romance comes second now for most
    and it’s sickening to see
    It hurts to know that the romantic side of it all
    is slowly sinking to the bottom of the ocean

    By Teeps on 09.30.2011

  5. I have a pretty hollywood perception of romantic. I think romance and I immediately think of red roses and running through airports but I’m not gonna lie, if the bitch is leaving I’m not risking getting put on the no-fly list for her sake.

    By Daniela URL on 09.30.2011

  6. My boyfriend is not romantic at all, He is the complete opposite actually. I wonder why I’m with him. he used to make me happy now all he does is make me feel like crap. I think it’s about time I leave my unromantic boyfriend.

    By brainpain URL on 09.30.2011

  7. Gosh there is a lot to say about this. I guess I’ll start with disappointment unfortunately, but when things go right it’s the most wonderful thing and amazing feeling. Nothing can really top that feeling. Let someone treat you well and return that feeling, cause it can either make or break a person. Romance is bliss.

    By Julia on 09.30.2011

  8. So sweet. candles. Movies. Italian movies Italian food. Marlon Brando. I don’t understand the fascination with Brando. HE was a great actor. But a little stocky for me. And his voice isn’t that attractive. I bet he was great in bed. Really great. Streetcar is the only movie I have seen with him in it.

    By Julia on 09.30.2011

  9. He led me to our table with a candlelight setting and a bottle of wine. He pulled out my chair for me, and waited for me to be seated. He kissed my hand, then sat in his chair before pouring me some of my favorite wine. It looked to be a romantic evening with my husband, a delightful treat with our three children at home with the babysitter.

    By Candace S. URL on 09.30.2011

  10. Christian wallace. is the most romanitc out there. The boys cares sooo damn much about me and I don’t kniow how the fuck it was that I got soo lucky. He’d do anything for me, go to any limits jusst to show me that he’s thinking of me and that he wants me to feel loved and missed and gorgeous. The boy is amazing. Girls should wait, wait, wait, for this. They shouldn’t give up even a little part of themselves to compromise with any boy that they don’t LOVE. People should stop wasting their time, having mindless and meaningless sex. So many people get hurt and stomped all over because they think they just have to give in to something. You don’t have you… You’ll find what your looking for, just wait.

    By Becky on 09.30.2011

  11. The idea of having someone who loves you equally as much as you love them is romantic. The thought of being covered in kisses and hugs is romantic. But once all of that ends, you are pushed into the world of melancholy and deceit. That is not romantic.

    By Sir Hammington URL on 09.30.2011

  12. i felt butterflies in my stomach as i sat down at the table. Looking back i wish i had seen the tiny bulge in his coat pocket. after dessert, he knelt down, and at that moment, i knew i could be his forever <3

    By wonka URL on 09.30.2011

  13. that cheesey movie where the girl sees that one guy and they flirt then have a dramatic conflict then end up together anyways.

    By sam on 09.30.2011

  14. Dead ideals revived
    My life’s ambition
    In a neat capsule
    Made to sail across my vision
    Like a passing light

    By John URL on 09.30.2011

  15. It surprises the hell out of Rinoa when she finds out Squall is quite romantic. He buys her flowers (and blushes all cute-like when she makes a big deal out of them), knows how she takes her tea and makes her a cup in the morning, and wakes her up by kissing her temples.

    By Sara URL on 09.30.2011

  16. What could be more romantic than spending every second thinking about you?

    By Summer URL on 09.30.2011

  17. Romantic. I can’t ever find any romantic people…no one is romantic in general anymore,especially not towards me. And I don’t get it. I don’t get why guys all have to act the same way. They say there’s someone out there that’s different from the whole ‘pack’ of lunatics and assholes…but I just don’t see it.

    By caitlin on 09.30.2011

  18. A boy brings flowers to a girl that he has loved since he could remember. The go to a fancy dinner, he borrows dad’s car, she borrows mom’s favorite broach.

    By Brittany on 09.30.2011

  19. Romance is what you make it out to be. It is love, it is the wooing, and it is the swept up feeling of possibility. Romance could be passion, or passivity. It could be the heartbreak of a day or the grand story of a life. A romantic is a believer.

    By Jackie on 09.30.2011

  20. It doesn’t have to be anything more, nor does it have to be perfect. It just has to be, maybe a flowr, maybe a walk through cottonwood trees, mayb a quiet show. A sweet smile and maybe a silly laugh, it doesnt have to be complicated, It just had to be.
    Its romantic.

    By dborah on 09.30.2011

  21. The sun sets as your eyes fill to the brim with sweet tears. You’ve been waiting for this lovely day all your life. You’ve finally found each other after many wrong turns and heartbreaks. The moment is now. Happily ever after. You smile back at him as you say, “I do.”

    By Chrystal URL on 09.30.2011

  22. Being romantic can be simple. It should be simple. As simple as eating cereal in the middle of a park on a chilly morning, then going out for coffee afterwards. As simple as running around doodling on asphalt and statues with chalk. As simple as cooking and sharing a meal with each other. You try simple and add in your own imagination and you’re sure to capture the heart of whomever you’re going after.

    By Josh URL on 09.30.2011

  23. I was incredulous of the amount of effort Jeffrey had put into my surprise birthday party. After all, we’d only been going out four months. Wasn’t it a bit over the top to put on such a lavish party? Or am I just embittered by the fact no one has done this for me before? Are we so cynical as to dismiss romance when it begs to be received?

    By Ruben URL on 09.30.2011

  24. “You don’t have to take me to the costliest restaurant to prove that you’re romantic, It’s your words and actions that count not the amount of cash you blow up on these trips. Maybe if you made more time for me or were willing to open up for just once, it would have worked”, she said and turned to walk away

    By AllTimeScout URL on 09.30.2011

  25. man

    By alysia URL on 09.30.2011

  26. is the feeling when there is a kid and another kid and they have this feeling and all of a sudden they are caught up in the moment and then before they know it, it has consumed them and they are beautiful and at one with the lovers world, that is romantic, and it will be mine.

    By sam URL on 09.30.2011

  27. couples are so romantic. its so awesome. theyre like all lovey dovey and shit. It kinda grosses me out sometimes. I dont appreciate when they make out like all in front of me. like be cute with your partner, not gross. Gahh, rediccccccccccck. woot woot woot woot

    By alyssa on 09.30.2011

  28. Romantic wasn’t quite the word for cold pasta and a beer. He was only really interested in getting past the “formality” of dinner, and on to the main event. but he was left unsatisfied with the remainder of a warm beer to keep him company.

    By Pru URL on 09.30.2011

  29. I think romanticism is really overplayed. I’ll settle for a cute little teddy bear over an extravagant dinner and flowers anyday. Really, I just want to know they care.

    By Scarlett URL on 09.30.2011

  30. I had always liked romantic things. It was something I had always wished for, dreamed of.
    Romantic. It made me think of Valentine’s Day, a dad. A sunset. A picnic. That first kiss.

    But no one ever talks about anything else.
    Romantic is always romanticized.
    What are you going to do?
    I’m a romantic.

    I wish sometimes for a boy to bring me flowers. To buy me chocolates. Tottake me on dates.

    But I got something much better.

    I got a boy who flew in through windows. Grabbed me up.
    Took me away.
    Told me what I could do.
    And everyday I thank whatever entity there is, for the most incredible person I’ve ever met.

    The most romantic person I’ve ever met stole away in the night.

    And what can I say, I’m a romantic.

    By Elizabeth Tempest URL on 09.30.2011

  31. A getaway in tropical Bali – high above the beach where the monkeys play and the trance dancers dance. Lie with your love in warm aired nights and smile your troubles away. Nothing like it . . .

    By Valerahaha URL on 09.30.2011

  32. i love our love, and the way we have to be creative in the way we love each other. the distance won’t tear us apart. our love story will be one they write movies about. i love you more and more each day. you are my heart, you are my soul. you are my everything.

    By Kristin on 09.30.2011

  33. love, an idea, time period, art, liteature, music, idealistic ideas, small gestures,

    By Pam on 09.30.2011

  34. I wish I was more “romantic” I’ve never been into the whole “oh my gosh I love you so much” blah blah blah crap. I’ve always found it stupid. And all my friends are always like “wow I just love him so much I just wanna spend the rest of my LIFE with him!” and I’m like yeah…thats nice I gues.

    By Corinne on 09.30.2011

  35. all about this is so romantic: the candles, the roses, the soft light and him. He looks so sure, so handsome in that suit that I would believe everything he’d say.

    By Lizbeth Quintero on 10.01.2011

  36. my love severo macias ; i can see us growing old together and making a huge family that is close and loves eachother; somthing that i have never had and i cant wait to see whta we become and pray that things work out for the best for us. i miss him so much right now and wish i was sleeping next to him all night and

    By laura on 10.01.2011

  37. Is when I pull out and nut all over my cock and she licks it all off… true love…

    By Running Coyote URL on 10.01.2011

  38. blah abloaha ah

    By queenL URL on 10.01.2011

  39. I used to think that I was a romantic. I used to believe that love was something to be wanted. That it would make my life better. I used to believe that if I was in love, every day I would wake up with a smile on my face.
    I recently decided that I am not a romantic. Love is suicide. But I also recently decided that I am still a romantic, because for some reason I still need love in my life.

    By Shineapple URL on 10.01.2011

  40. I know a certain hopeless romantic. She dreams of a flawed happy ending with that certain bruised battered soldier. Don’t be surprised. That hopeless romantic is me.

    By Cindy URL on 10.01.2011