March 22nd, 2010 | 181 Entries

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181 Entries for “iphone”

  1. I hate iphones, ipods, and all the other “i” stuff that tries to coat-tail Apple’s success. The term “i”+(anything) promotes a selfish attitude in an increasing interdependent and global environment. Can we at least get another letter as a prefix to new things rather than boring old “i”?!

    By King of Hater Nation on 03.23.2010

  2. When I first got my iPhone, I was a little disappointed. People were all screaming about the touch screen and the ball-in-a-cup games you can play, but I couldn’t get any of them to work. I tried smashing the interface with my palm, but nothing would happen. I called tech support, but they were no help at all.

    It wasn’t until five hours later I realized it was a dinner plate.


    By Riley URL on 03.23.2010

  3. goodness. something a bit silly, unnecessary. i don’t like this word. I would have like something like baboon, or oval.. you know, something with more meat that the skinny bit of metal we call the iphone.

    By kirsty on 03.23.2010

  4. Yeh, I agree, Too many people can no longer function without IPHONEs or other mobile devices. They call up friends in the middle of class or job just because THEY have free time and are excited about something. If you will see them in a short while, then there is no need for frivolous communications. I see people using calculator functions for basic arithmetic, that’s just sad. People text in six minutes what they could speak in under 2 minutes. My GPS is in my head, which is less likely to malfunction or break.

    By I Second That Motion on 03.23.2010

  5. Needs to be happening. Mobile platforms for all to have info would be amazing. But to everyone is one big hurdle.

    By robby on 03.23.2010

  6. eheheeheehee i[hoe thats a word y bros about to get an iphone my friend nick has 1 too

    By z on 03.23.2010

  7. iHavenNothingToSay. iPhone. Psh.

    By r.a. on 03.23.2010

  8. flabbergasting flibberdygibbit unicycle transluscent shell of a man.

    By jane on 03.23.2010

  9. annoying object allows people to be on facebook WAY too much.

    By M.K. Nicholson on 03.23.2010

  10. Bob throw his iPhone into the time portal. He hoped that Ugg, the caveman, would know what to do with iPhone. Too bad Bob forgot that there were no cellphone signals in the year 350,000 BC!

    By vladdytrout on 03.23.2010

  11. Hello? just making sure
    there’s a little more than
    the world between us

    By Josh Martin on 03.23.2010

  12. My mother has an iphone. It looks pretty snazzy to me, but all those touch-screen buttons just get in the way of someone whose fingers are as chubby as mine. It’s rather irritating; I’m not overweight. I’m in fact quite thin, but my fingers are like sausages. How I’ve gotten by playing piano and guitar for as long as I can remember is beyond me. My best friend has the most beautiful fingers in the world, and I can’t even look at my hands beside hers.

    By Augustine May on 03.23.2010

  13. I always thought the Iphone was unnecessary. Really, who needs so many applications? It’s a phone. It’s meant to call people, to keep in contact with them. Now, I appreciate the addition of text messaging–it saves time and confrontation. But people simply do not need to have everything at their fingertips at all times. Have some patience, America.

    By Eileen O'Connor on 03.23.2010

  14. courtney has an i phone I don’t I played a game on my aunt’s i phone once but I never really got the hang of the touch screen kinda thing. I’m not a fan of it but maybe if I had one i wouldn’t be so bitchy about it. I think that the more simple something looks and the more complex it is is kinda confusing all together.

    By maria jayne on 03.23.2010


    By ROD on 03.23.2010

  16. this phone is ridiculous. not nearly as good as other smartphones. you can’t even copy and paste.

    you really are just paying for the brand, which, if you ask me is not worth it. its like you’re shelling out extra money to be hip, cool. its retarded.

    but, thats just my opinion.

    By simply myself on 03.23.2010

  17. iphone no one in particular. especially when i have no one to talk to. oh, you didn’t mean someone i talk to on the phone. are you really just talking about the phone iphone. well, in that case i have nothing to say for real.

    By Anika on 03.23.2010

  18. I want one, I really want one. Like for serious. Their the bomb diggityyyyyy

    By Hermione on 03.23.2010

  19. All of my friends have iphones. They’re always on them, always talking about them, always bragging about them. All it is is a collection of fancy apps and high end technology. It seems frivolous to me. They just hide behind them.

    By Rebecca Rogers on 03.23.2010

  20. why what makes it so special
    how is it better than a _phone
    My phone?
    only my phone
    communication for the rich

    By mariarose on 03.23.2010

  21. I don’t have one. I can’t afford one. I can’t have one. I want one. I phone. iPhone. Oh I want an iPhone.

    By Louise on 03.23.2010