May 23rd, 2010 | 242 Entries

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242 Entries for “rocket”

  1. theres a man who wants to jump from the sky and plummet all teh way down to the ground. like a rocket he will break the sound barrier.

    By rachelk. URL on 05.24.2010

  2. i’m done with these airplanes, these rocketships taking me to bigger and better places. why can’t i just stay here; right here and enjoy the view? need i technology for a better appreciation for my world as it is?

    By Meghan URL on 05.24.2010

  3. You want a rocket? My mom just asked me.. I looked at her like she is some dumb piece of shit. What do I need a rocket for? “Fly to the moon” she said… I wont look at you anymore. Psh.

    By Maja URL on 05.24.2010

  4. The rocket flew through the sky blazing a trail like the old adventurers of the west.

    By Sam on 05.24.2010

  5. send me away. silver rocket bring me home. purple glow and golden stars. bring me there. out of this world

    By Julie on 05.24.2010

  6. So as the sun blazed its way across the sky all I could think of was whether or not she was thinking of me. Thinking of me as she flew to the edge of the universe in that rocket.

    By Sam URL on 05.24.2010

  7. Fragrant aromatic leaves garnished the rice and flavoured the mouthfuls of wine he took as he surveyed the mountains in the evening sunlight.

    By sp on 05.24.2010

  8. Like a bright rocket high up in the sky you caught my attention, spent a few moments with my and then suddenly disappeared. But sometimes it’s better to know someone special for just a while than knowing them all your life.

    By misstyrious URL on 05.24.2010

  9. huge penis thats lauches into my vagina, mission complete.

    By Ivana on 05.24.2010

  10. One word isnt just one it is two and that is what it is, rocket. The space shot sent me running faster than the stars seemed to have been and there it was the subtle blue light, the silver frame. I saw how I would leave this place. I had to go back to the place that was much simpler. I didn´t want the cold

    By kiely sweatt on 05.24.2010

  11. he was stuck. didnt know what direction his life was going. one day, he woke up and decided that that was his day, his day to do whatever felt right. he put on his jet pack and blasted off like a rocket.

    By rachelk. URL on 05.24.2010

  12. blasting off sometimes red and maybe blue
    mainly just thoughts of you
    containing questions since my head is in the sky
    like a rocket setting out to find answers
    will only find destruction

    By taylor on 05.24.2010

  13. The rocket took off as a slow speed, building momentumn, as the fumes and flames gathered beneath it, slowly pushing it to the sky.

    By Deborah URL on 05.24.2010

  14. sdafasd

    By justin on 05.24.2010

  15. I took a rocket to the moon, I saw you, I didn’t want to leave. It was made of cheese. It was everything I dreamed of and more. It was beautiful. it was crazy. i miss it. i miss you.

    By XRondeau on 05.24.2010

  16. Today, I would blast off to the stars, beyond the moon and beyond everything we’d ever seen or touched…. because I don’t want to be here anymore.

    By Em URL on 05.24.2010

  17. I was six when I built my first rocket. It flew 35 feet. My last one wiped out a city on another continent. I love rockets.

    By Paul Kalbach URL on 05.24.2010

  18. It is not rocket science to write a theses. It is just something very difficult to start working on. Even if it is about something as cool as rockets.

    By rene URL on 05.24.2010

  19. rockets flying in an unsurpassed wave of goodness, the celestial roundness of life and all that seeks to be the creation of life itself, what is it we all seek to be other than the way we are and the way we need each other, oh hell

    By dgriff on 05.24.2010

  20. still with fear of ejection into the unknown belly of indecision of life

    By Linda URL on 05.24.2010

  21. Ever seen a rocket fly downward? Is it still called flying if the flight is underground? I heard that subterranean transport to China would change the world but I also heard the Pacific is real pretty.

    By Sonny URL on 05.24.2010

  22. For a while we shot them
    at each other
    at ourselves
    watching them explode
    but then we let them sit
    let them corrode
    into red rusts of apples and oranges
    that fed more than destroyed

    By RKross URL on 05.24.2010

  23. When I was a kid, my stepbrother and I would watch The Rocketeer almost nonstop. We loved the explosions, the flight, the cool old music and cars. We had no idea what Nazis were, though. So the enemy aspect didn’t make any sense.

    By Anna URL on 05.24.2010

  24. roller coaster just fuels your mind and rocks it out of the park
    rock it into midnight
    rocket blast it
    johnny rocket tubular creation instant animation

    By Student URL on 05.24.2010

  25. It was like a rocket had ripped through her world. He had come from nowhere, rushing through her life at top speed, making her feel a million emotions in a short span of time. But just like a rocket, his trajectory was pre-set and he was destined to leave her life the way he’d entered it– in a cloud of smoke.

    By Jackie on 05.24.2010

  26. It would be nice, the girl thought, to take a vacation on the moon. Bursting out of confinement, out of the stifling atmosphere, into the silent vacuum that is space – seeing a burst of flame passing behind – into freedom. From there, she would watch time pass. Somewhere else.

    By starchild on 05.24.2010

  27. once upon a time, my friend tom and I went to the moon, When we arrived we approched the first crater, upon looking into said crater we came across a rocket. Around the rocket were tiny purple people. these tiny purplr people we engaged in interpretive dance something we had not seen done before. we took these purple folk to be aliens and natives of the moon.

    By Kimberly Seguin on 05.24.2010

  28. The rocket lead them away from the land they once knew…all of their troubles seemed to melt away as the speed accelerated the stars past their window.

    By Clara URL on 05.24.2010

  29. So this is the second time that i’ve gotten the word rocket. So i though instead of making making up a story about rockets i would just tell everyone how much i wish i had a rocket, because i would fly to the moon in an instant.

    By kimberly s on 05.24.2010

  30. We watched it rocket off into the sky, our mouths hanging open. As it started to disappear into the distance, I broke the stunned silence by saying, “Well, it definitely got some good air…”

    By Chuppers URL on 05.24.2010

  31. sometimes i ride my bike to lammas with turrets and just punch them in the face as hard as i can until they die. then there wizard wifes come out and make me cookies while i

    By Stockton on 05.24.2010

  32. he’s a rocket man, up, spacemen, monkeys, stars, curiosity, environmental problem, interesting, rocket man, elton john, hiiiiiigh in the sky. gravity chambers, science rules, bill nye the science guy, did i say up?

    By gabby on 05.24.2010

  33. i see the stars outside the window and they drive me mad. i see them and i can’t reach them and they drive me mad. all i wanna do is take a rocket up into space and stay there can’t you let me free. cut me through the atmosphere i wanna take a rocket and see the stars, i can’t reach them, i want to reach them it’s driving me mad.

    By starchild on 05.24.2010

  34. penis


    By stockton on 05.24.2010

  35. i just got the flippin word rocket, jeeeebus. grgrgrgrgrgrg, i want another word, rockets are cool though, let’s fly away in a rocket togetther, sound good?

    By gabby on 05.24.2010

  36. i always get rocket. sometimes i want to kill myself but instead i take my anger out on my my neighbors cats. my number is 203-952-7279 if u want to talk. your cats taste good

    By stockton on 05.24.2010

  37. “HOLY SHIT!” was yelled out the back of the car as it sped along the highway.
    “Watch your language, sweetie.”
    “Sorry mum. That wasn’t me. It was Buzz Armstrong. He just feel out of his moon-rocket.”
    “Holy shit. He okay?”
    “Yeah. He’ll be fine. He’s got a parachute.”

    By K on 05.24.2010

  38. The intensity of the fire was indescribable as it was beating against the ground. I could hear loud noises left and right. The rattleing just would not stop. Where was I? And, within that moment the rocket lifted up off of the ground and into the sky. it was so beautiful. Such a spectacle that only few get to see in their lives. I felt such a grace come over me as I saw this huge rocket lift into the sky into a far away unknown place. The stars glittered and almost seemed to wink at me. It kept going farther and farther with such speed. Then when it was just to be out of sight it large boom came about. Though to many around the world it could have looked like a shooting star. it could have been sucha miracle to the others , but i knew

    By Hopes URL on 05.24.2010

  39. rocket was a puppet with 6 fawcets i was jealous but i dint care because i had a baby and the baby was blue so i gave him some glue and this sounds like a very bad mom.
    ill nvr feed a baby glue.

    By carolina on 05.24.2010

  40. Once upon a time there was a rocket. It could fit a million people. Then one day, a million people decided to take said rocket to the moon. Then they lived happily ever after on the moon.

    By Joe on 05.24.2010