June 19th, 2017 | 39 Entries

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39 Entries for “rival”

  1. She glared across the room at him, but he seemed impervious to her gaze. He carried on his conversation. She hated his laugh. Hated his stupid hair that he would toss out of his face casually. She hated everything about him, really.

    By Bridget Grace on 06.19.2017

  2. They had been rivals for years. They hid their faces as they walked past, glaring through their fingers, too bitter to study each other’s features.

    Then, one day, his hand slipped, and he saw.

    He never looked away.

    By Hypatia Greene on 06.19.2017

  3. he helps me bleed
    as we stand face to face
    across mountains
    through lightning and wind
    we fight over the hours
    over the water

    your eyes seethe of the fire you stole
    from your brother,
    the raven,
    and i wonder how the joy bled out of them.

    By anothershadowbox on 06.19.2017

  4. She was supposed to be my greatest rival. The one person I could counter in the fighting ring. The challenge of my day. The brutal might against my steady endurance.

    And yet, there she was, sleeping half-naked in my bed, the room already heating up around our bodies.

    Why had I invited her in? And why had I been so enticed by her? How had it come down to this?

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.19.2017

  5. he watches her back smooth out as she walks away, shoulders relaxed, unclenched fists at her side after she handed his ass to him.

    it’s yet another point in her favor, and at the end of the day he supposes this’ll never change. this fight between them will go on until one of them just gives in and says what they really want out of each other.

    he knows this, knows the words are just ready to come out, but, the only thought he has is:

    he’ll get her next time.

    By StarsInPerdition on 06.19.2017

  6. there was a body under the tarpaulin. She could smell the stench of rotting flesh from the ledge where she was standing. She couldn’t believe that her rival would do this, would kill off the compettion and dispose of it so crudely.

    By I on 06.19.2017

  7. I once had a puppy but it ran away.Now i have a new puppy but it ran away to.

    By Maryjane Fatuesi on 06.19.2017

  8. Rival the chains
    That have you stuck on the ocean floor.
    You don’t have to drown
    Don’t have to kick and scream anymore.
    Your heart is on fire
    But it needs air to live
    Come up now, my love
    Come up and breathe.

    By Emily on 06.19.2017

  9. My greatest competition. You push me to my limits and make me better. I want to beat you so bad and the only way to do it is to conquer myself. Thank you my Rival for making me better.

    By Beth on 06.19.2017

  10. my arrival set to a knack
    my rival arches his back
    dim sound of an arrow nocked as I knock the door with a clack
    I enter, the arrow hits the sack I have with a thwack
    powder fills the air, a cough comes from the black
    I see his face in the dark, looking up at me from his back
    he groans and says “nice mask. it’s been a while, jack.”

    By omqwat on 06.19.2017

  11. Hannah had been her rival since sixth grade. Attention, grades, clothes, looks. Hannah was always one step ahead… but not after today.

    By Sunny on 06.19.2017

  12. Hate’s a strong word. Well thats what people say. All the time. But is it really? When all we do is hate. Wether its jealousy or pettiness. Or just mere rivalry. We say we all are friends. When truly we’re all just enemies. Fighting to be ahead of each other. To be better than each other. Cause no one wants to lose, right? So is it a strong word, or is it just another adjective describing our lives?

    By avyas on 06.19.2017

  13. There’s a rivalry
    a revelry
    inside of me
    Don’t lie to me,
    I’m flying high
    away from the pain
    of those choked up days
    I couldn’t breathe.
    Feel me,
    peel me…

    By Emily on 06.19.2017

  14. People say Donald Trump is our ultimate rival; so little do they know that America is our rival. “How did we get to this point?” People muster sadly, while they build capitalism off the backs of the disadvantaged.

    By Kristina URL on 06.19.2017

  15. rival antics. unicorn horn stealing. two men in line, a hatchet in each hand, sunglasses and dark coats, collars turned up. gravel scraping underfoot. a whack, a thump. a spray of unicorn tears.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 06.19.2017

  16. The person you want to overcome. Be better than. Do whatever it takes to bring down.
    Your arch enemy, nemesis.
    Do something about it before they do it first.
    To death.

    By Eric S on 06.19.2017

  17. They were rivals from birth. Twins were often like that – best friends or rivals. From the moment they were born thirty seconds apart, their parents had judged them against one another. Which was rosier? Which had cuter toes? Which had the bluest eyes?

    By Lauryn URL on 06.19.2017

  18. 敵敵

    By Ai URL on 06.19.2017

  19. A rival can be someone who threatens us, but also someone who can inspire us to be better. it all depends on our own attitude and what we decide to do with the challenges a rival may pose.

    By smith on 06.19.2017

  20. Rival

    By Jia on 06.20.2017

  21. SHe was my rival. Even though I realize that people don’t actually have rivals in real life, she was the closest thing to it. I almost wished to have a rival because she takes up all my anger, all my frustrations and channels it into one concentrated orb of hate.

    By Abby on 06.20.2017

  22. The little weeds and unidentifiable lacy things that curl from the ground are the rivals. The plants you put in with your own hands, the things you paid for, are the ones you want to win. You want the tomatoes to grow, you want your flowers to not just bloom but take over. If you had your way the horizon would be blotted out with tall spikes of snap dragons and delphiniums, curlicues of sweet peas, beans, and sugar peas, and for witchy luck the nodding heads of foxglove. You would have your own secret garden of things good to look at, good to smell, and good to eat. But the rivals have something going for them – the universe favors them. Their root systems are superior, their vines muscle in, they flourish without regard to their own usefulness. They thrive on acidity, on drought. You almost feel bad as you weed them away, like you are a eugenicist. You are yourself the equivalent of a bindweed or a dandelion. But the obsession to groom the ground is strong. You love to tear out the garbage plants, knowing they are taking nutrients from the ones that can give something back to you.

    By Danielle1 on 06.20.2017

  23. My biggest rival
    the fucking bitch
    I want to rip out her hair
    and make her taste piss
    She’s a rotten whore
    just like her mom
    she sued me and my friend
    and she ruined our lives
    she didn’t care
    but for only herself
    she is a fucking twat
    and i hope she’s in hell

    By lauren URL on 06.20.2017

  24. the rival to a man’s greatest winnings,
    is a homeless friend that tells tales about the great man’s
    nonexistent sportsmanship,
    if a bear tries to swim for too long,
    it will grow gills and suffocate itself.

    By Milad URL on 06.20.2017

  25. Rubia is not your rival. I framed it as a choice, but there is none – this is not a female triangle, ironically, that symbol of empowerment. This is done – no rivalry, but between you and me. I’m sorry.

    By Kara on 06.20.2017

  26. Rivalling his father’s, the king, his moustache was grand, dark, gleaming, and proud. It was the first thing you noticed about him when he walked into a room.

    By Joanna on 06.20.2017

  27. companions first rivals later.
    i don’t know what is better
    but when memories surface,
    its hard to run the race

    By komal on 06.20.2017

  28. same name, try me
    i want to be better than you
    but i can’t stop crying
    do you want to beat me, too?
    my mind plays tricks
    maybe i’m already better than you

    By molly on 06.20.2017

  29. i hate my enemy! they don’t know what they are talking about. whether it be political, mental: people are so competitive. i don’t know whether they’re competitive towards their own expectations for themselves though. its quite stupid to have rivals, really. makes me think of old fashioned knights. how do you spell medieval?

    By bella on 06.20.2017

  30. The one that I always see at the top.
    Makes me want to become better to defeat you.
    Sometimes I think we can be friends.
    So we can make each other better.
    But until then, til the death my rival.

    By E. on 06.20.2017

  31. your own rival is the reed that
    stands in the way of your reflection in the mirror,
    peel back that squandered grass head
    and be prepared to face a zit,
    on on any day,
    because life’s short not to be self content and feed off dismay.

    Oh, she’ll start warming up to you
    once she sees you once and every while,
    feel that celestial connection thrive,
    and feel her interest in you stand alive,

    I told her that dress would look better accelerating
    towards my bed at 9.5 meters per second
    wait, i thats too long,
    ill be the undertaker,
    and man-handle time,
    “hello”, i said to my watch.

    By Milad URL on 06.20.2017

  32. formidable foe, yet challenge accepted
    you will bring gifts of growth and fierce self-analysis
    never underestimate me
    i will find myself in you

    By Julie on 06.20.2017

  33. Rivals. It pained her to think that this was now the nature of their relationship. After years of friendship, marked by gossip, boys, and broken hearts, this was where they stood. And worse, it was her fault.

    By chrissy on 06.20.2017

  34. Count. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Breathe in and forget the bitterness. That old rival, felled in duels. Regrown from new loves. Count. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

    By Kristen on 06.20.2017

  35. He lifts his chin with ostentatious grace. “Step away,” he remonstrates.

    She watches, her ego tinged green, as he jumps in the air and lands on the thin ice neatly. “As if anyone with two feet can’t do that,” she says, incensed.

    “Really,” he sneers. “Go on, then.”

    She squares her shoulders and straightens her posture before attempting his turn, but when she slips, she breathes a surprised chuckle into the cold air. When she looks up he’s standing before her, smirking.

    By amandaxx on 06.20.2017

  36. there’s nothing like have someone who’s against what you are trying to do. They become your rival.

    By Ornal Griffin on 06.20.2017

  37. Nebraska v Colorado! Someone Who pushes you and challenges you to do & be better. Opponent. Friendly competition. Opposing viewpoints.

    By Becky on 06.20.2017

  38. People who hate another who think they might be better who think they’ll never be peace people who just put you down

    By Breanna on 06.20.2017

  39. He was my rival from first grade until we graduated from high school. He put a worm in my lunch box and I pulled his chair out from under him. Now, we’re at the hospital. Waiting for our first grandchild to be born.

    By MsShel330 on 06.20.2017