June 17th, 2017 | 25 Entries

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25 Entries for “mode”

  1. Every now and again you get into this mode. You just go, you don’t think about your consequences or where it will lead you to in the future. Once in that mode your logical mind disappears and you quickly are making rash decisions. I have been in this mode for a very long time, it is a way of life for me you could say. I couldn’t imagine it any other way

    By Anali on 06.17.2017

  2. Hello, i have no idea of what to write for this word so I’ll just write until the time is over. HEHEHEHE

    By Erikawrites on 06.17.2017

  3. I was sweating profusely after the round, my hands shaking as I tried to steady myself against the floor. My opponent was already approaching me – his head was shaved, his jaw gleaming and free of stubble, a thin ribbon of blood still dangling from his nose. I stared at him and somehow managed to laugh.

    “I thought we were still in training mode,” I joked. “Are we going to do more than spar now?”

    He didn’t laugh. But he did return my smile. “Perhaps.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.17.2017

  4. It’s a way of doing things, the way you’re thinking, the way you’re trying to react.
    I’d like to have a mode on anything.

    By Camelia on 06.17.2017

  5. What time is there left when the whole of my mind seems to shift through and by the totality of the moment, in a fractal moment, an eternal #mode of expansion and contraction. @oznolem #oneword

    By Oz Nolem URL on 06.17.2017

  6. i’m in writing mode. But a minute is a very long time. I’m not sure I have the stamina, motivation and creativity to go on for a whole minute on mode. I’d rather the word was
    “model.” And somehow they’re not stopping me this time. Ah, thank God, they just did.

    By Joanna Bressler on 06.17.2017

  7. To do things in a certain way, to be individual and have a way of doing things, regardless of what others do, think or believe. My mode is innovation.

    By smith on 06.17.2017

  8. set me up to a different mode, change all the channels on all the tvs i’ve ever watched, discover what has been so covered as to be in different parts of the

    By Terry on 06.17.2017

  9. i was locked into a unique sort of position after i perused my old writing. i felt that i had started to embody my old self, in some ways the person i wanted to be again. i was a free spirit, i was engaged in what i did, i expressed myself on the page with all of these words and warped them to fit my various needs. i expressed myself.why can’t i do that anymore? i’m struggling so much with it.

    By verbomaniac11 on 06.17.2017

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  11. She clicked it off. She leaned back on the couch, staring at the ceiling. Her eyes began to swing shut slowly. Sleep was heavy around her and she wanted to fight it. But another part of her recognized the joy in this kind of falling. She dozed.

    By Bridget Grace on 06.18.2017

  12. SWITCH OFF is the best mode for everything and everyone :-P

    By ABHI on 06.18.2017

  13. She has been activated for quite some time, and yet to this day, she does not fully understand her function. What mode is her most suitable for any given situation? What should she do when there is no set pattern to follow?

    She clasps her hand, wondering which tool to summon for the task at hand.

    She wears many faces, but she doesn’t know which one will work today.

    By Jack on 06.18.2017

  14. I witnessed him enter survival mode,

    By puddin on 06.18.2017

  15. The writer has now entered writing mode. Brain is flourishing. Fingers are dancing across the keys and everything seems like pure joy. The writer is flying across a multitude of color.

    At least until the writer falls, or hits a wall. Ouch.

    By pastell URL on 06.18.2017

  16. I thought this said mood for a second. When I hear the word mode I think about math. Isn’t it the number that appears the most out of the ones in the set? Other definitions for this word are like a state of being I guess. Like hey dude, what mode are you in. I’m in speed mode. That’s where I run with my arms behind my back.

    By Vic URL on 06.18.2017

  17. life mode: on

    function: get out of bed
    function: function in society
    function: speak when spoken to
    function: act normal

    -system error-

    By stranger on 06.18.2017

  18. The mode of transportation here was dreams, most of them half hearted and unfinished but that was how the stasis worked here. Well thought out dreams were running so low in this odd world.

    By Piper on 06.18.2017

  19. The mode of discovery created a catalyst for change in the 1400s. It was the start of a new ear for Europeans and the death of a way of life for the natives.

    By Streebs on 06.18.2017

  20. mode operandi. rainbow trout flipping in a chocolate trickle. gurgle of Hershey rowboats bumping on the waves. mode man triconderoga. absolute certainty lizard sculpture calculus. fire in the seams.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 06.18.2017

  21. The lump in Veronica’s throat seemed to expand as she held back her words. She thought Lazarus would be in a better mood today, but the marks on her face indicated otherwise. It was best to stop talking.

    By Hypatia Greene on 06.18.2017

  22. cas, don’t wake me tomorrow.

    //rector five has inquiries scheduled. would you like to cancel?

    just don’t wake me.

    //rector five has inquiries scheduled. would you like to cancel?

    aren’t you programmed to listen to me?

    //rector five has inquiries scheduled. would you like to cancel?

    By StarsInPerdition on 06.18.2017

  23. I’m in such a depressed mode lately. What do my parents have to gain by preventing me from becoming independent, from learning – in the first place – to function as an adult? I’m sheltered, and while I’m definitely appreciative of all that’s been done and sacrificed for me… shouldn’t there be a time where you’ll just have to let go? Don’t even give me that bull shit about how I’ve never been a parent, and thus I wouldn’t understand how it’s very difficult to let go of one’s child. It’s true, I can’t empathise, only sympathise, but it doesn’t change the fact one bit.

    I no longer want to make excuses for your own insecurities and fallacies. I want to be my own person. Please recognise that.

    By ethel on 06.18.2017

  24. Open, close. Continuity not a given;
    this door doesn’t revolve.
    Books, books, words,
    sugar, caffeine, one-AM
    the table is cleared for this.
    Off- lights in the school
    Off- light in the fridge
    Off- lights in the entryway, unworn shoes
    now’s not the time, where is the time?
    The lights stay on when my eyes close,
    until my fingers fiddle with the switch,
    On, Off, On, Off, Off, Off,
    without thinking they go off, off, off, to make room
    to focus, to be clear-headed, single-minded;
    only, some lights don’t have a switch.

    By Ai URL on 06.18.2017

  25. mode is something that you can change stuff with like a control mode that controls stuff.

    By Alisha URL on 06.19.2017