June 20th, 2017 | 17 Entries

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17 Entries for “blinds”

  1. You forget to close your blinds, and suddenly the light of a thousand suns is blazing through your window. Tearing your eyes open. Flinging you from your sheets with its sheer glare. You try to hide from it, but you see that now hundreds of your shadows are cast along the walls. And this morning, they all want to dance.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.20.2017

  2. The light dies, after dying the ground golden. It hides behind cheap fabric and clunky plastic, but the withering rays care nothing for what they cannot touch, making stronger barriers overkill. The inside world grows dark with a hush. The air tries to bring back some illumination by becoming electric. It never manages the slightest flicker, but it gradually grows heavy and unbearable, and the anticipation of electrocution makes any breath in the charged air shallow.

    By Ai URL on 06.20.2017

  3. we leave them open after the funeral.

    she would have wanted her room well-lit. she would’ve wanted sunshine to drive out the shadows clinging to our eyes every time we stop in front of her room, her toys still scattered in an arc around where her body had lain the moment her heart stopped. between the hospital, the arrangements, and the funeral itself, we haven’t cleaned it.

    still life of mindy, we call it, hoping the sun brings back some of her warmth to a place that doesn’t know how to cope without it.

    By hiraeth-writes URL on 06.21.2017

  4. they lied down naked, with the blinds open. Melting in each other’s embrace, the world was but a distant echo to them. He looked at her and she smiled. It was a simple yet perfect morning

    By Gaurav Vaidya on 06.21.2017

  5. Whether they are open or whether they are shut, you are still blind to the eye of the window behind them. Try and see with a different eye. See with a different I…a different i. What is it that you don’t want people to see? Why do you have shame that you carry from your ancestors. Why did you close the blinds? Now they are open? Just to let the light in.

    By Rose on 06.21.2017

  6. She closed the blinds to block out the blinding light. That damn car had been sitting in the driveway for hours. Kenna didn’t know he was but it was obvious he wanted something from her. Eventually she had the common sense to call the police.

    By Chai on 06.21.2017

  7. I could not see more than one inch inside the room. The blinds obscured most of the scene, but what I could see, scared me to death. The little light couldn’t ease the chill climbing up my spine.

    By Kelly on 06.21.2017

  8. The sunlight blinds me. Hot and glaring.
    I can’t see what I wanted to see.
    So I look down at the water, and I see me.

    By SamCat URL on 06.21.2017

  9. She looked through the blinds into the street. They were just out there, talking. What were they talking about? What could those two possibly have in common. She watched her touch his arm and laugh and a monster in her stomach screamed and clawed at her heart. She inhaled, trying to tamp it down.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 06.21.2017

  10. Something to cover up light, but not all the way. For example, just to make a room dimmer.

    By Sadie on 06.21.2017

  11. Something to make a room dimmer. “The blinds shook,” Romi said in fear.

    By Sadie on 06.21.2017

  12. blinds, blinders, obscuring, sheltering, hiding, darkening, protecting, opening, lightening, outside, inside,

    By stick on 06.21.2017

  13. Blinds are the cheapest alternative to total solitary. With blinds I can choose every morning whether or not to embrace the world or to close it off. In the sanctuary of my own room I can escape with only the thin layer of paper blinds keeping me from the rest of the world.

    By Mikaela on 06.21.2017

  14. Blinds hang on the window at my house. The dogs often full them down. My mom yells at them all the time to leave them alone. My dad does not like use to open the blinds he says it lets to much heat in the house. My room has 6 windows in it with a lot of blinds.

    By Niki URL on 06.21.2017

  15. The Skeleton King closed the blinds. Then he doubled over laughing. He was remembering a time when he had skin and it mattered if he had clothes on on. Then he started crying. He missed having skin. Then he was angry and cut his blinds up with his cutlass.

    By Rover URL on 06.21.2017

  16. The blinds are so ratty Glenda hates her new apartment. She first tries to clean them and breaks several narrow panels in the blinds. Cursing she pulls them off the rod they hang on. They land in a broken heap on the floor, ugly, damaged, useless. She looks out the window. Right at the dumpsters in back, filled to overflowing with, of all things, blinds. It’s enough to drive a woman crazy and it does.

    By Joanna Bressler on 06.21.2017

  17. blinds makes me think of bilnds on a window and how i am good at using them. its weird some people cant. it gives me memories of blinds at school ad also reminds me of my unlce david who was blind but now is dead. i really wish i would have talked to him more I think he must have been a really awesome guy

    By Reebok URL on 06.21.2017