June 10th, 2011 | 482 Entries

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482 Entries for “rise”

  1. to rise up? to rise to the a cation? to rise against? the word rise can mean so many things. it all depends on the way you use it.

    By pabsz URL on 06.11.2011

  2. rise up to the occasion
    absorb the opportunity to grow yourself
    and fill that empty place that is waiting for your miraculous growth
    it is only within that we can genuinely rise to new levels
    make the effort and succeed in become

    By jillmjacobs URL on 06.11.2011

  3. Baking a cake, watching it rise in the oven. Fighting back against an oppressor or enemy. Cheering up a friend. Climbing a mountain, a deep breath, watching the rise and fall of a breathing chest. Freeing yourself from all inhibitions.

    By issy on 06.11.2011

  4. It would be cool to be able to rise things with our minds, i want a superpower!! except i would rather be able to breath under water. i lovvee to swim. i rise from bed at 4am in the morning for swimming practice, now thats dedication. i love to watch the sun rise in the mornings, it looks so pretty!!

    By Gloriya on 06.11.2011

  5. He watched the steady rise and fall of her chest, listened to the steady beep of her heart monitor. She looked like death – pale, dark circles under her eyes, her hair fanned out across her pillow. It was an eerily peaceful sight.

    By Rachael on 06.11.2011

  6. “It’s my body!” she said defiantly.

    “Not in the eyes of the lord.” he replied with a fake, plastic smile.

    Her body had become the realm of religious leaders and politicians. Her uterus was the battle grounds for the new America. The winners would decide the course of history, and the losers would most likely all be female.

    The only thing that would evict these men from her uterus was if the other half of the human race would rise up and stand along side the women that were still fighting for the same rights afforded to all others. No one was holding their breath.

    By silver URL on 06.11.2011

  7. It wasn’t a big request: just get up, Jacob, please. One moment, he had been laughing in the middle of the road with that smile. That Jacob smile that made me blush and look away giggling. But he wasn’t laughing or smiling or even standing now. He was strewn across the pavement with blood on his face and his shoes.

    By JAM URL on 06.11.2011

  8. Rise. A Word That always Gives us hope. We rise after a downfall. we rise after weve had a Bad day. The sun rises In the east everyday, and gives Us the feeling of a new day , a new opputunity. To start over. To rise is to Have the courage to overcome a Big problem. So No matter how bad the problem is , rise :)

    By saumya URL on 06.11.2011

  9. rise…the sun rises in the east…right? rise above the people who drive you bonkers…rise above the mountains of despair and harshness…rise to the heavens of promise and greatness…rise above…RISE UP against the opposition…

    By brighterwriter13 URL on 06.11.2011

  10. “rise and shine”. The most annoying, smiley, empty phrase in the english language. Nothing you could hear waking you from a deep slumber could possibly be more annoying. There’s no shining only rising. Forget getting out the wrong side of the bed, there’s no *ribght* side!

    By The Paradiddler URL on 06.11.2011

  11. The sun rises every morning over the jet liner views. I always dreamed of having them. The twinkling lights, the pinkish red background. And just as the dawn breaks the birds chirping happily. Nature’s alarm clock. Wake up, your dream life is here.

    By Milaya Mila URL on 06.11.2011

  12. Dekho , Bahon Main tum lelo :D I Love One word.com :D main kya karoon ?RISE AND SHINE :D

    By lovika URL on 06.11.2011

  13. the rise is when the sun come up and my toes evolve from the store and the pigs go to the market and get some cheese that they eat when they are hungry that is what i get from rise and you understand what i am getting at her dont you rise rise rise rise rise rise rise rise rise riser rise

    By peyton URL on 06.11.2011

  14. against.

    By levi on 06.11.2011

  15. I’m always trying to rise above her expectations but it never seems to be enough, she never seems to be happy. When will she be happy, when will i have finally risen above the overbearing wall of seemingly emotionless beauty. To me the date of this wonderful event remains a mystery.

    By Brady on 06.11.2011

  16. Din dhal jaaye, hai!
    Shaam na aaye..

    By Aditi URL on 06.11.2011

  17. rise in the sky, rise in every place you ca, because you can do whatever you want and make your dreams come true, rise to the ocasion, rise in every part of your life, dont be afraid to stand out and rise and be the best you can. dont think, just act.

    By pamelaumanzor on 06.11.2011

  18. i rise above. I rise above hatred. I get tugged and pulled down, but still i rise. i get bunched and kicked, but still i rise. i am told i cant, but still i rise. i am my destiny, i rise.

    By maya on 06.11.2011

  19. top high becoming mountain achievement happiness tides lift up

    By ali on 06.11.2011

  20. To get up. Something you do in the morning or after you have been knocked down. The height of your jeans. What fish do as they come to the surface and things that are floating in the water. Raise up on your tippy toes.

    By Charlie on 06.11.2011

  21. the sun above the sky. me in the morning, thinking about the future. getting up from a fall. the tide of the ocean. life and death. the ___ before the fall. the joy of hope. the knowledge that it can only get better. HOPE. positivity.

    By Nicole on 06.11.2011

  22. The waves grew, rising higher and higher out beyond the horizon. I’d wondered often at how big the world was. And it was in that moment, surrounded by nothing but big blue water, that I decided I would never know. That I didn’t want to know. The world was just too big for me.

    By Spencer N-C URL on 06.11.2011

  23. Rise and Shine early birds
    Every morning
    the same old words.
    The early bird catches the worm
    I stay in bed
    I’ll never learn.

    By overemBellished URL on 06.11.2011

  24. I rise awake in the morning. I wish I had something to do. I wish I had a feeling. I want to do something today.. I want to have friends. But I’ll stay home. I won’t do anything. I’ll visit facebook, and see everything I wasn’t invited to do. I hate, I hate, I HATE rising awake in the morning, because after rising each morning, I know I’ll have nothing. Sleep is my temporary suicide.. why not make it permanant?

    By Anonymous on 06.11.2011

  25. I rise above the earth and no longer become myself, but something bigger than what was once here, something bigger than could ever be here, something bigger than was ever concivible by my mind. I rise above the earth, I rise above.

    By Jacqueline McNaughton on 06.11.2011

  26. She walked sleepily over to the window and thoughtfully touched the curtains, she woke in time to watch the sun rise.

    By Meghan Roelens on 06.11.2011

  27. I want to know if you can pt this on the website.

    By deborah URL on 06.11.2011

  28. lift
    in air
    birds lift in the air because they all have hollow bones, which are light….

    By Sydney on 06.11.2011

  29. I’ll die before you, but I’ll rise again. The pain will consume me, but the love will remain.

    By Phlox URL on 06.11.2011

  30. The sun rises in the east and sets on the west and where it goes I don’t know but someday I will follow it.
    The boy rises when he hears his name and hurries across the stage because the lights are too bright and the eyes are too many and he doesn’t deserve to be here.
    Her eyes rise to meet hers and it’s impossible to look away- that’s what she tells herself instead of admitting she just doesn’t want to.

    By Ammi URL on 06.11.2011

  31. rise and shine; like a fire would. like a fire wood – hard and lots of bark. bark like a dog. weird fetish? true life! true life – i have to pee

    By Sydney URL on 06.11.2011

  32. This morning I will rise up and forget my yesterdays, forget my troubles, forget my complaints. This morning I will rise up and start over again, and again and again. This morning I will rise above my own disbelief.

    By elizabeth URL on 06.11.2011

  33. rise above and beyond, rise like bread dough, rise like the sun…rise

    By Jenn URL on 06.11.2011

  34. rise up raise your hands. i don’t really like the word rise. it reminds me of bread or some kind of ghost rising from the dead and that is freaky. i would rather use the words “wake up” rise is close to the word wise but rising is not wise.

    By casey URL on 06.11.2011

  35. The rise of the ocean tide. The rise of my bed sheets. The rise of the road. The rise of the soft baking bread. The rise of the sun into my bedroom breaking through my eyelids. It almost is painful but it stirs me awake into the reality I must be in for the next 12 hours.

    By John URL on 06.11.2011

  36. Bread rises right? Ugh matzoh… that bread that hasn’t risen. I mean that story is pretty bogus to me. Obviously they didn’t want it to rise so that it would stay fresh longer. It’s not that it didn’t have the TIME to rise. Golly gee haha

    By naomi URL on 06.11.2011

  37. when i go to bed i think about how fast the time has gone…. how the day, the year, the decade could possibly be over but when I rise in the morning I am rejuvenated and take the day as it comes, its a night that I have to fear the congestion of my own mind.

    By Abby on 06.11.2011

  38. in the morning eat breakfast wait for the sun stand for the bus go to school wait for it again in 24 hours
    out of bed
    getting a rise out of someone
    one letter changed and it becomes food
    sun sun sun

    By k on 06.11.2011

  39. elephant

    By jess on 06.11.2011

  40. I like to rise above the rest, in most that I do. People tell me I’m competitive, although it really doesn’t matter to me when others exceed more than I. I like to rise high, literally, when I do gymnastics. Sometimes it even feels like I’m flying. It’s amazing. Gymnastics is amazing.

    By Leeza on 06.11.2011