June 9th, 2011 | 504 Entries

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504 Entries for “teacher”

  1. My mom is my teacher. But today is my last day of that. Today is my last day of homeschooling. I’m going off to college this fall, with new teachers.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 06.10.2011

  2. In life there is always one teacher that stands out in a person’s mind. For me that teacher was Mrs. Hurford, my kindergarten teacher. What a wonderful teacher! She was so beautiful and such a loving and compassionate person.

    By lisa URL on 06.10.2011

  3. i haz a tacher person i like nicish theachers and not not mean ones

    By just582 URL on 06.10.2011

  4. Again, the same teacher? The word haunts me like an angry ghost or simply like a piece of chewing gum under my shoe. I wish for another one but can’t seem to get it. Stuck again, trapped again.

    By Taddy URL on 06.10.2011

  5. Wisdom, knowledge is key. The teacher brings learning to you and me. fantastic, amazing awesome and swell; the teacher nurtures the creature out of the shell.

    By Westy on 06.10.2011

  6. the only thing I wish I knew how to do without regret. Teach. I’d love to teach, but I wouldn’t want to regret what would happen if I did. I’d probably produce a class full of super villains. And they’d rule the world.

    By K.L.George URL on 06.10.2011

  7. you don’t need to be employed in a school to be a teacher
    Sometimes the best teachers aren’t “teachers” at all
    yourself, your friends, people you don’t even know, can teach you so much that you’d never learn from textbooks.

    By dancingmartian URL on 06.10.2011

  8. the red thread interwoven in the dark denim, across her chest on a front pocket. The apple embroidered to her jumper with shiny green plastic buttons.

    By lauragill URL on 06.10.2011

  9. You’re going to have to be patient. You’re going to have to teach me. Teach me first to trust. Teach me the meaning of love. These concepts are not tangible to me. I cannot see them. I cannot feel them. You need to teach me how to live. Then I can learn to love you.

    By overemBellished URL on 06.10.2011

  10. Un profesor llegó a hablarme de usted la primera vez que pisé aquella facultad y acto seguido pidió del porro que alguien fumaba en la puerta del salón. Le dio un par de caladas y dijo: ahora sí, vamos a ello, y nos habló de sus recorridos alrededor del Vaticano. De eso y de Mahoma -díos lo bendiga y a su familia-.

    By Bernardo Gamboa URL on 06.10.2011

  11. Thade bowed with an amount of respect that was rare in their world. The teacher perked a brow, looking irritated he scoffed. “What? I won’t teach you, and you still bow?” Thade kept his head bowed. “I respect your decision. Your answer does not change my respect for you.” The teacher frowned, almost confused by the level headed boy before him. “Fine.” He growled. Thade glanced up, a question in his gaze.

    By heather URL on 06.10.2011

  12. I’ve thought about being a teacher. Then I realized I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Sure, there are some pretty shit teachers out in the world. But then there are the amazing ones, who build our confidence and help us choose the right paths. These teachers have to deal with bratty kids. They’re amazing. We don’t give teachers enough credit. It’s sad that atheletes who cheat on their wives get paid millions but teachers have low wages. What a world we live in. Teachers rockkkkkk. :D

    By The10thDoctor URL on 06.10.2011

  13. Teachers, at least in America, are people that teach us everything and we give no credit to. These people touch our hearts and show us how to be and in return, we simply pass through school, not looking back. And maybe we shouldn’t. Maybe we should just look ahead at our future instead of looking back at the past.

    By Kirsten on 06.10.2011

  14. Teachers are pretty cool. I guess I’ve learned a lot from them. But I can’t say that I’ve learned any valuable lessons. Only course wrork and stuff. I have yet to have a teacher that has made a significant impact on my life. I guess that kind of sucks. If I was a teacher I would want to change lives.

    By Gwendolyn Mejia on 06.10.2011

  15. The new teacher was just out of college. She was the awkward person you see jumping around because she thinks that she is still in school as a student.

    By Grisel URL on 06.10.2011

  16. My inspiration, the world’s hope .. A teacher is the highest profession in the world. Everyone remembers their favorite teacher and how they influenced their life. Teachers need to respected for how they shape children’s futures and get the pay they deserve.

    By Anonymous on 06.10.2011

  17. A teacher is someone who is critical yet inspirational. He or she has the best intention for their students and are always searching for new ways to educate the minds of the youth. They are dedicated to creating powerful minds who will help run the world.

    By maddie on 06.10.2011

  18. I once thought myself ‘in it for the long haul’ as I wrote earlier in time. And now I see it as something else entirely. I see that your friendship has helped me discover much about myself. And soon is the time to completely let go. I’m ready for that at an increasing rate daily. So, thank you for being there. This all came at a time when I greatly needed it. For that I will always be grateful. Now I believe it is time to let go and to begin that whole process. So, be well. And best of luck and happiness to you.

    By Jason URL on 06.10.2011

  19. A mentor who shows what they know and listens and learns to continue sharing what they know. I person who is willingly in joy sharing knowledge and learning along the way. One who never stops learning, keeps an open mind and listens as well as speaks.

    By Laurie Hiltz@free mlm help URL on 06.10.2011

  20. Outside the school, Marvin sat on a bench with his big noise reduction headphones clapped to his ears. He was Hot For Teacher, Van Halen, 1984. Pierce sauntered up to Marvin, lifted one can off Marvin’s ear and yelled, “Yo Dude!” Marvin whipped his head around, ripped his headphones off, pissed off, said, “What the f*ck?” Pierce roared laughter, pointed at the erection in Marvin’s pants, said, “I see you brought your pencil!” Marvin quick put his backpack on his lap and looked around. Pierce sang, “Give me something to write on, man! Ow! Got if bad, got it bad, got it bad…”

    By Miss Alister URL on 06.10.2011

  21. A teacher. A teacher is what Ralph had become. Indirectly without knowledge of it – it just happened. This was more then a leader and followers…but a teacher and his pupils.

    By Beejie URL on 06.10.2011

  22. Ugh. Teachers. what is there to say? We all kinda hate them, think they’re too strict, they don’t understand you, they yell too much. Whatever. But, really, there are these people who dedicate their lives to helping you and your future. Where would we really be without them? Even if its hard for us to admit, they play a huge role in our lives.

    By Lindsay on 06.10.2011

  23. i want to one day be a speech pathologist. here i will teach student how to properly articulate their words and also keep them up to speech with other. teachers are good people and have a rewarding career. the teach someone is to help someone. love to learn love to change. be the movement

    By danielle on 06.10.2011

  24. teachers can be nice or mean. its fun when you have young teachers who can relate to you, because there is more interaction and in turn friendship. i feel like teachers are mainly nice to people who are smart; they have no respect fo those who fool around and dont do their work. teaching is a good career, but i want to be a doctor.

    By layla eatacake on 06.10.2011