June 11th, 2011 | 585 Entries

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585 Entries for “funeral”

  1. i have just been in a funeral for one time in my life. while being there, i just couldn’t understand anything. i wonder if i would have one when i die ? no matter if i would or not, am i worth having this ?

    By Hanifi on 06.12.2011

  2. I was ten. My aunts were picking out a dress for me to wear to my mother’s funeral. As they looked through my closest I heard them say “all that is here are rags”. They pulled out the best of the dresses. It was a soft, pretty pink chiffon that I had worn for Easter that year. As much as I loved that dress I did not want to wear such a lovely shade of pink. I wanted to wear black. Who would want to wear pink on a day like that?

    By paulie aragon on 06.12.2011

  3. I remember my grandpa’s funeral
    I cried a lot and I was very sad
    I will never forget that day
    This was in 06

    By layna on 06.12.2011

  4. I went to a funeral today. It was the hardest thing i have ever done. Her ghost seemed to surround the whole room. I could feel her on the back of my neck, pressing her lips lightly to my skin. She hasnt left me alone since the day she died. She taunts me. “Come join me”. she whispers into the night air. She knows how lonely I am without her.

    By Brianna on 06.12.2011

  5. funerals aren’t that great. they can be celebrations of a full life, they can be tragic expressions of a life cut short. mostly, they’re for community outpourings of love and respect and for attention. sometimes they’re straightforward. sometimes they’re not so lucky. sometimes they require only a few people, which means only that they kept it simple. they have flowers, sometimes. sometimes they are too much. all those people in one place doing the same sad things and sometimes not being real with each other. sometimes all people really need is someone to be real with them. sometimes funerals aren’t real. that’s the thing about funerals. you can say they were so touching, but really all they do is hollow you out and make you feel empty inside. you’ve had to see up close and personal the suffering of those around you and the depth of it frightens you like a small child is frightened by the deep end of a pool. you swim over, because you care about the people over there, but as soon as they say it’s okay, you’re back in the three feet, thank you very much.

    By Lauren on 06.12.2011

  6. sad uncomfortable but also comforting. people feel awkward. no one has the right words. but you go – because you have to. because it’s the right thing to do and because people need each other.

    By Veronica Newsom on 06.12.2011

  7. Today was the saddest day of my life. The whole word seemed to stop spinning. All the air in my lungs seemed to dry up and vanish. My eyes felt heavy, my chest sunk. I lost the love of my life today.

    By Brianna URL on 06.12.2011

  8. A funeral. A celebration of life or of death? Sometimes they can be the same, sometimes not. I wanted to celebrate you today. Tell everyone how much I loved you. But you left by your own choice, and no one knows of our love.

    By Brianna URL on 06.12.2011

  9. fun fun fun fun its the first word you can find in funeral. funerals should be fun with booze numbing blissful boozes. when i die i want to propel from the ceiling when everyone thinks im in the casket. id also make everyone sing and dance because nothing is more twisted then making sad people dance and sing. I am a very sick person….. maybe ill just get buried in the grave yard at least then ill be successful….. as a worm farmer

    By jinx URL on 06.12.2011

  10. the death of the cat stank within the nightly air. I stare at the carcass and wonder what to do with it. the moonlight night shine down onto the cold hard winter ground and I light up my ciggerrette in preparation for it’s burial. What should I do for Kitty’s funeral. Should I dress all in black or make it an orange tabby dress code.

    By Lim Paik Yin URL on 06.12.2011

  11. Funestre, la vallée… préméditation de sigle || malversation chatoyante dont la prune faute me cale plus ou vraiment plâtrier… je fore la mésopotamienne volée ! Et äs… ni centaure, jamais délétère. Ma caresse perdure sur le front des nuitées javelisées

    By Frédérick A. PARÉ URL on 06.12.2011

  12. I usually don’t like funerals. I love sharing the memory of the late person, but there is always that sad feeling, knowing they are gone forever. And sitting around a bunch of crying people makes me cry, and I hate crying in front of people. The burial is the hardest part. They’re gone forever then.

    By Bear on 06.12.2011

  13. Mostly sad but not really. My roomate has handled a bunch of them, but not in the way you would think. When I went to my dad’s it was one of the happiest days of my life. My cat is watching me type this. I don’t look forward to her dying.

    By Logan on 06.12.2011

  14. The day my father died, I didn’t think about a funeral. All I could think about was having to identify the body they found wrapped in heavy plastic in the back of his truck in Logan canyon. Even when I was at the funeral, I didn’t really think about the fact that I was at the funeral of the man I called “dad.”

    By K Smith on 06.12.2011

  15. She didn’t recognize anyone else at the funeral and spent most of the time wondering why she went. She was frightened as if she was afraid someone might see her and wonder why she was there. Her paranoia was never met but when

    By Sydney on 06.12.2011

  16. On my way home from a funeral, i noticed that white lily. Crushed by many feet, so broken. It was still beautiful, so delicate. It reminded me of the ones that passed

    By Rawr R. on 06.12.2011

  17. They met when they were young. They both knew they had strong feelings for each other. It was obvious that they had dated other people before, but she didn’t expect to like his ex so much. She didn’t have much time to get to know her, and when she died, no one expected her to be so sad. She was dating his ex, it wasn’t normal for them to be friends.

    By Kari Shadrick URL on 06.12.2011

  18. oh. wow. well once upon a time my brother passed away and there was a funeral for him and it was one of the hardest things- emotionally speaking- that i have ever ever attended. but yeah. i hate funerals. especially when they are at that cemetery. like when my best friend’s grandmother passed away and was buried there and i went with him to support him. hard. stuff.
    i cant even believe that of all words in the dictionary i got this one. wow. but yeah. thats how i feel about funerals. they suck and they all remind me of October 22, 2009.

    By Julia on 06.12.2011

  19. The funeral had a thick atmosphere of despair as the family grieved over the loss of their youngest child.

    By Jordan C. URL on 06.12.2011

  20. There was a funeral and it was my grandma’s funeral. I cried or at least I tried to cry but for some reason the tears either wouldn’t stop flowing or they’d never come out. I don’t know what it is but I guess it’s something that happens? I felt bad for my mom and the memories of my grandma still linger in my mind and every now and then I shed a tear when I see an old lady who looks or smells even remotely like her. I don’t know how I can ever go back to her house yet I wish I could go back: I wish I was back in december, as taylor swift would put it, back were I was still able to jump on her bed and fall into her arms, where we’d argue about every little thing yet smile in the end saying it doesn’t matter because we loved each other just the way we were. And now we’d probably never see each other ever again. I don’t know what will happen to her after death but I trust in God and I guess I’ll find out when I get to heaven, I’ll get to ask him myself.

    By Alison Automne on 06.12.2011

  21. death
    new start

    By sofia Linden on 06.12.2011

  22. Sad, reflection of a life. Memories abound. Family and friends gather like they should have done before. Making resolutions to keep in touch but you never do.

    By Gay Boe on 06.12.2011

  23. The feeling of despair weighted the room tilting it towards the neverending abyss. As people flowed through the doors the air in the room became suffocatingly heavy. They were close now, closer than they had even been, but this would be what would tear them apart. The room sprang forth a loud creak and plummets through the crack in the Earth, racing towards the inferno. They clutched at one another in their final moments. They knew they must get out somehow.

    By SaRAWR URL on 06.12.2011

  24. My first funeral was my great grandmas. She died from a stroke that she had at the breakfast table, and her head fell straight into her cereal bowl. When we attended the funeral, it was closed casket and we had a ceremony in the church. You had to walk up a narrow dirt road to get to the church. To this day, I still have nightmares that the dirt road is on the side of a cliff, and I fall down into an open casket, and my family members bury me alive.

    By kp97 URL on 06.12.2011

  25. I have never to a funeral, but they hionestly freak me out. Why would yuou want your body to bwe embal like a stuffed animal. It’s creepy! I don’t want people loooking at my ody that is dead but trto k alive. Burn me!

    By Nick Davis URL on 06.12.2011