November 29th, 2012 | 390 Entries

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390 Entries for “rise”

  1. It was the last thing she expected to see upon waking in the morning, but there it was anyway, glaring and gruesome: the ring that she’d rejected, left to lie upon her table for God knows how long. He must have sent a servant here sometime during the night. She detested him now more than ever; she defied him, and he responded in such a way?

    By c96 on 11.30.2012

  2. i’m horny.

    By pij_sirup URL on 11.30.2012

  3. I can’t stop thinking of the Sun, now. Or the sky, for that matter. Just that tacky shade of not-blue not-yellow that blends together when the Sun’s risen long enough. I don’t know why I think of these things. I guess I just do. I wish I don’t ask myself these questions so much. I wish I’d just be.

    By D on 11.30.2012

  4. Rise against fear. Rise against the things that are holding you back, keep pushing forward. Don’t let your fears hold you back, rise up against them. Prove them wrong, show them that you’re taller than that. Rise up against the hardest things, that will hit you in the worst possible ways. Rise up against.

    By Saachi URL on 11.30.2012

  5. The beginning to the greatest moments is to rise.
    Getting up out of the comforts of your life.

    By masked habit on 11.30.2012

  6. If you rise above others in your field, you’ll find that recognition comes naturally, though it may take time. The quantifiable measure of rising, however, is more ambiguous, and one can feel one is rising when one is not, and one can feel as if one has not risen when, in fact, you have.

    By Andy Goulden URL on 11.30.2012

  7. Rise against the negativity, the hate and despair. Rise against the people who try to bring you down, show them you’re better than that. Prove to them that you are strong, you can overcome the hardest of struggles. Even when they try to shoot you down, rise against them. Rise up against.

    By saachosaurus URL on 11.30.2012

  8. Rise Above
    Rise above your peers
    Rise above all the buildings
    Rise and ascend above all the Mountains
    Rise alone and forever shall you be.

    By Ryan Carbone on 11.30.2012

  9. “Rise and shine, sleepyhead!”
    “Kaito, I had a late night….and it’s 5 AM! Why would we need to get up now?!”

    By AO on 11.30.2012

  10. the sun will rise tomorrow. it always does and always will. until maybe one day when it wont and nobody knows what will happen then. but at least i know the sun will rise tomorrow. that gives me a great amount of relief. Take one day at a time.

    By Shuhd URL on 11.30.2012


    By Chris on 11.30.2012

  12. When the sun rises tomorrow, it will be a new day. Whats left behind is just nothing but the past. When it tries to haunt you, tell yourself, there will be no turning back. Whatever it does to pull you back with its sharp claws, just run. Run as fast as you can.

    By abigail rae on 11.30.2012

  13. Rise up, young one
    Your dawn has come
    Her rosy fingers in the sky
    The birds are sung
    Church bells have rung
    You must no longer lie

    Rise up, young one
    Now ’tis the time
    To gaze upon this new crown’d day
    Bright it must be
    For all who see
    In its own novel way

    By Julian Christopher Geritz URL on 11.30.2012

  14. when he falls in battle his soul shall not be stuck to this earth, it shall rise to the greater heavens, never again shall it have to battle, it is free to do as it wishes.

    By James URL on 11.30.2012

  15. The rise of the dead will come we will run and hide. Theres no escape from the dead.

    By jake URL on 11.30.2012

  16. The king will rise upon the country and take control.

    By gorge URL on 11.30.2012

  17. i can rise to the challenges, and to do so you must prepare yourself. Train in all ways necessary, and get others to help you along the way.

    By jako360 URL on 11.30.2012

  18. Rise above all challenges. Sometimes in life the road is rocky and the way is dark but if you rise above these challenges you will have a better life in this world full of many evils.

    By whitewizard URL on 11.30.2012

  19. We must rise to the a cation and end the tyranny of this dictator Julius caesar

    By trystanasselstine on 11.30.2012

  20. The hero’s will rise against the evil force and save the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

    By katlynnt URL on 11.30.2012

  21. One day when there is no hope left a hero will rise up to save us.

    By Pamela URL on 11.30.2012

  22. It was like a dream. A nightmare, to be exact. She was dead. Dead. Yet she was staring straight into my eyes with a vicious determination. It wasn’t pleasant. I

    By Em on 11.30.2012

  23. this morning i got out of bed. I waited until the sun was almost up. It’s hard to stay in bed so long in the winter when the sun is hardly above the horizon for like 7 hours. I can’t wait until December 21, that’s when our days will finally begin to get longer. Alberta can be a long, dark, cold winter – especially when we have no sun. Bring on summer!

    By Chris on 11.30.2012

  24. I will rise
    out of this mess
    whatever happened between us
    it’s all over
    don’t stress

    hard to write with a baby on your lap

    By Violetsirena URL on 11.30.2012

  25. i want to see the star and look at the sky
    when my hand and shouders are warming up by the heat of the person behind me
    it’s feel nice
    sky always different with different country but the feeling always the same
    and sometime it feel lonely

    By khang on 11.30.2012

  26. The sun is rising, like everyday but today is different, because today is the last day of my life and I know it because I´m different, I´m not like everybody else.

    By Louie URL on 11.30.2012

  27. I’ll rise up from the ashes. There are no ashes. I’ll put some in my bed and I’ll lie down until someone finds me. And then I’ll rise out of the ashes.

    I hope someone finds me. I’ve been lying here for days.

    By C on 11.30.2012

  28. Rise above the sea and take on all your fears. Rise up into the sky and conquer everything you’ve ever dreamed about doing. Rise until there is no air or space to rise any more. Don’t let anybody hold you down just rise up and enjoy being in control of your own destiny. Nobody can live your life but you.

    By Alice Bayfield URL on 11.30.2012

  29. Zombies rise from the dead. One day the devil rill rise and he will be defeated by GOD .

    By Ryan URL on 11.30.2012

  30. my dictatorship will rise and i will be the ruler of every one

    By cecilm URL on 11.30.2012

  31. He said he was going to rise to the top.

    By jose URL on 11.30.2012

  32. Rise in shine is a phrase that most people use to wake there kids up in the morning.

    By Fernando on 11.30.2012

  33. zombies rise out of the ground

    By Tim URL on 11.30.2012

  34. early in the morning, the sun rises….. then in the afternoon is lowers to the other half of the world.

    By adriana URL on 11.30.2012

  35. Someone might just rise from the dead?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    By shelby URL on 11.30.2012

  36. let the dead man rise so they can eat their fruit. they all rose in church.

    By riley URL on 11.30.2012

  37. the sun rises in the morning

    By jazzy URL on 11.30.2012

  38. The sun will rise around six in the morning now that is winter.

    By Lissa McVeigh on 11.30.2012

  39. When i fall my friends are always there to help me rise back up.

    By Brianna URL on 11.30.2012

  40. The sun rises at like 6:30 in the morning.

    By Kyla URL on 11.30.2012