November 29th, 2012 | 390 Entries

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390 Entries for “rise”

  1. Rise is when something goes up. For example the sun rises early in the morning.

    By gabrielach on 11.30.2012

  2. The sun will rise at around 7 in the morning and then it will rise the nest day we all hope.

    By Devin on 11.30.2012

  3. riseing up through the sky the hot air balloon is rising to freedom its so hot in there winnie says hi and he waves he is happy because he is in the sky. he is in the sky but not surrounded by walls he can actually feel the air

    By Irmak on 11.30.2012

  4. I rise up in the morning and wish that I could go back to bed. I hate getting up before the sun. If I had my way, I would always wake up after the sun was high up in the sky, Everyday when I hit the snooze button I wish I could sleeping forever and ever.

    By A on 11.30.2012

  5. The wings are like honey.
    Kindled, jewels.
    Power. Golden. They rise above me, with the blinding sunlight sneaking through the small breaks in the feathers.
    The angel reaches out his worn hands to me. The halo of light blurs his face, but there is a smile there, so much brighter than the glow behind him.
    So I feel my own trembling hand slip into his. I am afraid, as I stare up into the cavernous white light. But then I breathe. I am weightless.
    With a powerful swoop of his wings, I feel all the winds of the earth whistle and groan, tossing tree branch and rolling hills crost the earth.
    And we rise.

    By Hannah on 11.30.2012

  6. i will rise on eagles wings before my God, fall on my knees and rise. Bread rises before you bake it. I rise when I wake up in the morning. Rise and Shine and give God the glory, glory!!!! Rise is such a beautiful word! It’s such a God word!

    By Brittney on 11.30.2012

  7. rise at the top of the mountain with the wind blowing in my face. i dont know how to rise my confidence. maybe just dont care baout what people say…who knows the world may never know. so many definitions for rise the first thing was rise at the top of the mountain.

    By des on 11.30.2012

  8. Rise to every opportunity. Every day is a new one and it only take a few seconds of courage to seize it. Take everything in stride and nothing will ever happen. Rise to the occasion and just see how high you’ll go.

    By Amanda on 11.30.2012

  9. I will rise to the occasion. Walk up a mountain and see the sun coming up. I will be the first to put up my hand to help someone who needs it. A helping hand is what I am.

    By Sean on 11.30.2012

  10. rise at the top with all that you can. nobody can stop you but yourself. rise like never before, never looking back. rise with all your strength.. rise with all you got.

    By hubba hubba on 11.30.2012

  11. The darkness will rise, it will be strong, destroying life as we know it. But then the heroes will rise and forge a team stronger then evil. The sun will shine again.

    By Wolf on 11.30.2012

  12. I used to be able to rise with the moon. Now I rise with the sun. I don’t what happened to change that, but now that I think of it, it may be for the best. Afterall, I don’t have to take my tea at night anymore.

    By Sabrina on 11.30.2012

  13. Go. Be free. Don’t let them keep you in the ashes. When you get the chance, rise. It’s time. Spread your wings and ride the sunrise.

    By Natalie McKay on 11.30.2012

  14. I rise like the sun, fall like the rain. I feel exhilarated, exuberant, so completely amazing. I rise up, fall down, repeating like the waves. I rise up, I fall down, like a rollercoaster of emotions, but never losing myself.

    By Rainbow URL on 11.30.2012

  15. the sun rises every morning from the east. i rise with the sun, (I am an early riser) I wait til the cake rises in the oven before I begin to eat my breakfast, so that once I have finished I can taste the cake.

    By Anisah on 11.30.2012

  16. Every morning I rise and wait for the sun to rise after me from the east to keep with it’s routine, just as the bread rises in the oven, the eagle rises into the sky, the flowers raise their petals to the sky?

    By Anisah on 11.30.2012

  17. the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. the early riser gets the worm. I do not like to rise early because I do not like mornings. People who rises in the morning are more productive. The building rises one sees in the horizon is a make of a city. the

    By Saumya S on 11.30.2012

  18. The phoenix rises back from the ashes once it falls. There is a beauty in the rise and fall of some of the creations in this world.

    By Anisah on 11.30.2012

  19. everyday i wake with a heavy heart and tired eyes. i can’t bring myself to climb from my bed but i know i have responsibilities, potential to disappoint and people who care for me

    By Nikoli on 11.30.2012

  20. I will rise up in the morning with a smile on my face and plan to face the battle ahead. My brothers will not fall beside me. But their brothers will.My land will not fall below me. But theirs shall. This battle will never be forgotten.

    By kamz URL on 11.30.2012

  21. Waking up day after day, aching, makes you never want to go to sleep. So as we frolic drunkenly, forgetting that the morning will come and we will be forced to rise to the gray, thorn ridden reality of our youth, let us not consider sleep until our legs tremble and our throats are hoarse from laughter and screams of forever.

    By typoh on 11.30.2012

  22. From the ashes, out of the smoke and dust, we can rise. Fluttering through the soot, catch the air and soar up to land in the clouds.

    By John Komarek on 11.30.2012

  23. Sunflowers rise to greet the sun in the middle of spring. The morning is crisp and clear, and the world is smiling at anyone who considers life important enough to view it from the top. This is a fresh day. This is a new day. This is where anything, no matter how improbable, can happen.

    By Nichole on 11.30.2012


    By hun236 on 11.30.2012

  25. i rise to the ecation

    By danielb on 11.30.2012

  26. The zombies rise from the dead.

    By jakub URL on 11.30.2012

  27. i rise to the limit

    By danielb on 11.30.2012

  28. we rise in the morning with the sun and the birds, but don’t really contribute to nature as they do.

    By neel on 11.30.2012

  29. the rise of the guardians is a new christmas cartoon movie.

    By Alesha on 11.30.2012

  30. Rise above
    Rise and shine
    As the sun rises
    Why rise when you can sink? Why do we need to be above other things, be better or more pure?
    We should sink down, into the supposed filth of life, into the darkness within. We must understand the evil (or the supposed evil) to comprehend the good.

    By Chloe` on 11.30.2012