March 21st, 2009 | 295 Entries

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295 Entries for “reward”

  1. rewards are given to winners. They are given for everything from attendance to perfection. They can be ribbons, medals, cash, or simply a pat on the back and a “good job” from someone.

    By Jake on 03.23.2009

  2. money money money!

    By Bill on 03.23.2009

  3. we only live for the hopes of a reward.

    By Gale on 03.23.2009

  4. The reward is always worth the risk. It is pointless to waste opportunities worried about the risk, when the reward will always make up for the chance that you took.

    By Matt D on 03.23.2009

  5. It is in those moments, that you find life’s rewards.

    By ash on 03.23.2009

  6. A reward should be gratitude enough by its own means. Whether it is recognized by another person or is public knowledge should have no bearing upon the reward. In fact, if the reward is publicized as such, it should be confiscated. No reward is greater than itself when it becomes bigger.

    By Tyler on 03.23.2009

  7. Reward. You’re my reward, I feel. I’ve had better days, and I feel like I’m in them now. You probably don’t know what I’ve been through in the past month. That’s alright. I just met you, really. I fancy you- if people still say that I don’t know. But do you feel the same? Am I a reward of yours too? we’re so alike, you and I, I feel something right.

    By Jane on 03.23.2009

  8. To give to someone or for someone, something deserved or not deserved, given or gotten. Usually good, though maybe not — yes, always good, actually. Given for hard work or for other things. Sometimes bad as in something bad happened and there’s a reward for solving it, lemonade out of lemons, the good thing for someone because of someone else’s bad thing.

    By blythe on 03.23.2009

  9. A reward is when you get something because of something you have done that has pleased others. Normally the reward is something given to you by the person you pleased. For instance, if I do chores for you, you may pay me. Or something else.

    By Kevin Goslen on 03.23.2009

  10. I stare at them in awe. A reward. They are giving the reward to me, because it is the one day i actually did my homework.Well I’ve definitely learned that doing homework pays off.

    By emma on 03.23.2009

  11. Wow I want a reward. I have worked hard. I have tried to be a good person. I like rewards. Seems everyone would want a reward . . . a reward for what. What the heck am I writing. I have no idea. Lets see . . . grab hold of this though . . .reward . . . hmmm. yeah I want a reward!

    By nori on 03.23.2009

  12. In turn for a goood deed, completion or winning of something you get rewarded, positive things are rewards selfish if they come from a good deed

    By Chops on 03.23.2009

  13. A reward is not something you just think you should get. You should deserve it. It does not come with every good deed that you do. It may come when you least expect it to.

    By laura on 03.23.2009

  14. One day at school I got a reward for getting perfect attendence for a week. I got fithteen wolf tickets. I showed it to my parents and they got hapy. They didnt get hapy because I got fifthteen wolf tickets. They got hapy because I finaly got perfect attendence for a week.

    Then next week I got another reward for having perfect attendence for a week. They got realy hapy and told me that if I get perfect attendence for one more week they will buy me any game that I want at any price. Next week I got the perfect attendence and I told them that in stead of buying me a game I told them to just save it for them self I know they need it. I let them keep it so they could pay the rent,pay the bills,or just let them buy what they want. I told them that I dont need perfect attendence to get an reward. I realy love my parents.

    By elmer on 03.23.2009

  15. it’s what people think they should get just by living. yeah, it can be given at the end of a race, but the runner has to work for it. it doesn’t matter, however, if regular people want one, but haven’t done anything to get it; they deserve one anyway. it’s just dumb.

    By Hanna Thayer on 03.23.2009