March 23rd, 2009 | 461 Entries

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461 Entries for “tape”

  1. A ribbon, gray-black transparent, stuck out of the tape like a tongue. Blowing me raspberries. The VCR ate another one. Useless, ruined. I grabbed the exposed film and pulled, because it didn’t matter anymore and I liked the whirring sound of the reels unwinding.

    By Yona Yurwit on 03.25.2009

  2. held together with tape. ghosting edges and saltwater, i breathe for you. i smile for you always, even though you never see it.

    By B on 03.25.2009

  3. Tape was the only thing that kept everything in place, the dismembered body was creeping on the floor and Amelia realized in horror all the pain that had been inflicted on Lais.

    By Juan Fabregat on 03.25.2009

  4. I taped a movie once and it left me with this overwhelming feeling of joy because it was the first time I could duplicate something that I normally had to pay BIG bucks for! Luckily I liked this movie a lot and it wasn’t just to replicate some film. I was able to watch it ALL THE TIME so I made full use of my venture!

    By Pete on 03.25.2009

  5. Tape is something that holds things together. Just like tape holds physical objects together, connection holds people together.

    By Silas Reinagel on 03.25.2009

  6. tape is the evilest of all creatures in my fantasy island made from chocolate and tears of my enemies. the tape creature consists of three body parts, much like a snake. snakes are much like hornets from earth. tape will kill any tresspassers by seducing them with it’s knowledge of the world. tape also like snake in the fact that it enjoys killing mice.

    By jj on 03.25.2009

  7. the tape started roling and my secrets were revealed. It was stupid of me,I knew now, to put my most deppest confessions on film when snobs like Alicia could airr it and show it to everyone and his grandmum.

    By Kelsey on 03.25.2009

  8. stickiness is, at most, frustrating. I mean, who wants various items attached to you all the time? Ooh, unless you were magnetic. You could walk up steel buildings, and wave at people inside. The looks on their faces would be priceless.

    By Walker on 03.25.2009

  9. I miss my VCR. The times when the tape would get eaten. Taking the tape out, I anxiously gave it another try, only to find that the VCR ate it again.

    That always signals the end of my good friend. When it is hungry and eats my tapes.

    By Eric Gonzalez on 03.25.2009

  10. tape, recorded what i said
    forever, for never, i never want to remember
    burn the tape of my memories
    upgraded to dvd


    By luis on 03.25.2009

  11. tape, recorded what i said
    forever, for never, i never want to remember
    burn the tape of my memories
    upgraded to dvd


    By luis on 03.25.2009

  12. So I found the tape and on it, the evidence sure was incriminating. Incriminated the perpetrators of that awful crime. I had finished. Nightmare it was, but finally, the family could rest, and I could sleep.

    By Luke on 03.25.2009

  13. I like tape. Duct tape is good for getting lint off of the floor or your clothes, and sometimes I use it when I don’t have a vacuum. Scotch tape is good to make sure your letter envelopes stay sealed. I don’t really like packing tape because it usually just sticks to itself before I can put it on the package.

    By Jamie on 03.25.2009

  14. We use alot of tape at Christmas! Sometimes I’d like to tape the mouth of certain students up during class. Can you remember when the tape came out and the 8-track was “history”? I still listen to tapes

    By bev on 03.25.2009

  15. i like tapes cause there old and sound good, sometimes they are a bit grainy and the sound gets wonky but thats cause i left them in a big wooden chest that got damp and killed the tapes. tape is dead, tape is alive, tape is dead but i like them still. you can make aLOT OF THINGS WITH TAPES, ART, HAIR, pictures and the such like. no one even has a spare thought for a tape nowadays but you will regret it when the modern world crashes down

    By dom on 03.25.2009

  16. is about the worm I think. Also a matter of recording, or of tying someone up, or the red stuff that makes life so incredibly difficult in a supposedly civilised country. I wonder sometimes about words that rhyme, so there’s an obvious connection with rape and gape. On the other hand, perhaps I should shift over to the nice sound of it

    By Martin on 03.25.2009

  17. i stopped to read a text message before i started writing so my monologue about tape will be short.
    tape is sticky.
    it is useful for wrapping presents.
    unless tape is referring to mix tapes in which case this is all wrong.

    By sb on 03.25.2009

  18. Tape. Always tape.
    A metaphor for my life perhaps-tape mends all.

    By Hillary on 03.25.2009

  19. Tapes are written into our consciousness by the words we say about ourselves. Like mantras with linguistic meaning, they form a part of our minds. We become our words. We adopt our own affectations. For that reason, positive thinking is really something advantageous, even desirable. Why does that thought make me scowl so much?

    By bobo on 03.25.2009

  20. He slowly unwound the masking tape, thinking about how tedious it is going to be painting the cavernous room.

    Paint is not his friend. Not at all.

    By Doug on 03.25.2009

  21. tape me, baby.

    look look look. im yours.

    just say yes and a few other words and we’ll be


    and laughing
    holding hands.

    recorded on tape forever. eternal.

    By Kate on 03.25.2009