March 20th, 2009 | 235 Entries

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235 Entries for “glow”

  1. i love glow in the dark clothing and items, it annoys me when people talk on proactiv commercials about how their skin glows and how amazing they are, i just want to smack them right in their face. glow sticks are really cool, especially the ones that you can make into bracelets and necklaces. i always wondered what would happen if you snapped one and the stuff leaked out, i used to think that it was radioactive materials.

    By eric on 03.21.2009

  2. To glow is to shine with a dim light and shows from candle light or fire. Glowing is sometimes considered romantic, or pleasant.

    By Jessica on 03.21.2009

  3. there’s a word in the middle of the sea. There are words once the rain goes away and all you’re left with is – there’s a phraase, a sentence that comes at five in the morning through the radiator and flies away when you open your eyes. There are words in the clouds, if you look the right way. I’m looking. I’ve been looking for so long.

    By crabmuffins on 03.21.2009

  4. It was incredible. As they sat by the tree roots they saw the fireflies glowing softly in the dark.

    By tobias on 03.21.2009

  5. There are glow worms that appear every spring in the pasture behind our home in rural Tennessee. I had never imagined that such a creature actually existed. They look like stars that have fallen to the ground.

    By Jenny b on 03.21.2009

  6. The glow I experience when pregnant will never happen. I am a man and can never experience the possible, implausible joys of parenthood. I do, however, dislike children and will happily not have one, therefore rendering the first half of this mini-statement irrelevant. Children are indeed the future, just not mine.

    By Luke on 03.21.2009

  7. I’ve heard that women should never perspire; they should glow. But I sweat. My memories of hiking through Connecticut, sweat dripping into my eyes, from the edges of my t-shirt and shorts. Not glowing. Dripping wet and sopping, salty to the core, with salt crystals forming on my face.

    By Leslie on 03.21.2009

  8. The whole body is…the whole world is…energy you know. Every little piece of you is light and sound and heat. You vibrate in time to your own realities. You are a being of light. You literally, on a microscopic level, glow.

    By Althea on 03.21.2009

  9. glow is shiny. You know. It just glows with shiny-ness. Like a shiny glow worm. Or a shiny bear. Or anything glowy or shiny really. Or like a shiny pumpernickle bread loaf. With a loofah on top. I do PCP. It makes the world glow. Batman’s eyes glow. So do supermans sometimes. With lasers.

    By Ben on 03.21.2009

  10. She blew herself out one day and couldn’t remember how to glow again. She tried everything: fire, fluorescence, scales, glowsticks. Nothing worked. But miracles don’t happen every day.

    By Maline on 03.21.2009

  11. So beautiful when you glow in the sun. Don’t wanna see anything else.

    By Alli on 03.21.2009

  12. hey my friend glows in dark as a shining light she is so beautiful and i love her so much, she’s like an angel of light in my dark. she glows and glows, i cant think someone more lightly and good bright and powerful

    By onat on 03.21.2009

  13. the glow they talk about when a woman is pregnant is much more than good skin. When a woman is building a child inside of her, it has taken her a step closer to God. It is a closeness with greatness and peace that gives her an angelic shine.

    By KatE on 03.21.2009

  14. there are people and situations who/which, when I see them, make me feel a sort of happiness that I really can’t describe. the best word for it would be today’s word, but even that comes nowhere close. it’s the sort of thing that makes me smile at inappropriate moments and curl my toes inside my shoes.

    By anne onymous on 03.21.2009

  15. A glow stick is a stick which glows when it becomes dark. I’ve seen a lot of great glow sticks in pretty much a lot of colours, pink, yellow, green and a lot of red too. You also have an invisible glow around you, it’s called an aura. Well, I’m not sure if it is called an aura, but it’s see-able when you have an infra-red goggle.

    By SRTACRPG2 on 03.21.2009

  16. I love to get a fake tan. It makes me feel like I am taking care of my skin, and my soul.

    By erika on 03.21.2009

  17. Glow. Glowing is beautiful. Glowing is like time, like a timelord. When they regenerate, they glow. When women are pregnant, they glow. Glowing is a part of life. Glowing is just a part of who we are. Its the light of life. Light glows, we glow.

    By Andrea on 03.21.2009

  18. Glow like a flower covered in dew, reflecting sunlight and, to normal eyes, entire insignificant. Glow like something metaphorical or unseen, like something not in the strictest sense of the word and you know it’s gone before you’ve even seen it. Glow like a memory and you’d wish it had been gone forever.

    By Troels Andersen Kjær on 03.21.2009

  19. Illuminate, unrelently and powerful. Filling space, follows some, enters others.Glow happens

    By lps on 03.21.2009

  20. The glow of her heart, that was so frequently set on fire and just as quickly fizzled out, was new. The feeling of a light that was unquenchable and forever glowing was a miraculous idea. And she adored it, cradled this feeling. Even though her mind was sad that she knew it could never reach its full potential. Because he and she were never meant to be.

    By Z on 03.21.2009

  21. the sun over the Pacific glows with an intensity uncompared. It warms the sand, the water, the wind, and my flesh. It bleaches wood, clothes, and hair. Take any photo you want of someone under this sun and it will GLOW. Golden, salmon, hazy, or blue, this sun will make you feel like you


    By Genevieve Sides on 03.21.2009

  22. when I see him, his beauty and love Glows all around him. He shines so bright that he brings light to anything. He makes me glow.

    By ashley on 03.21.2009

  23. and you’ve got a smile that can light up this whole town i haven’t seen it in awhile since she let you down

    By faith on 03.21.2009

  24. i like to glow, its really nice to just feel your self shining, to feel the light emanating from your body like you’re a fucking lightbulb. its amazing just to feel yourself on fire, on fire for life and for existence, to feel yourself burning like a candle, or a torch. i like to glow like the fiery stars above, the flaming pits of hell,
    the fire in my heart replicates the fire in my eyes, in my soul, in my hands,
    i am a glow

    By jon on 03.21.2009

  25. when one is full of happiness, love and bliss, as if the sun where indeed beneath your skin, illuminating from within, a feeling unlike any other, a feeling of pure light

    By esme on 03.21.2009

  26. She could hardly contain her excitement. The glowing bugs were fascinating, and when she saw the whole forest illuminated with yellow sparks, she couldn’t believe her eyes. It was like being in a magic forest! And here they were, flying to and fro, on a quiet summer evening.

    By marie on 03.21.2009

  27. The glow of someone’s face. Typically something I associate with a spiritual experience of some kind. Mary is frequently portrayed with a glow around her face, as is Jesus.

    My wife talks about the glow of pregnancy I will have, or the glow I will have after just having our son.

    Good word, glow. Used also in Under Your Spell.

    By Nic on 03.21.2009

  28. In the dark worms. Illuminate the water so that fish can see their demise. Unfortunate that this salmon tastes so good, sparkling with the plastic glow of digestion

    By molyq on 03.21.2009

  29. sticks , sun. j-lo, bright, pregnant, luminous,yellow, happy, sunshine

    By deidra on 03.21.2009

  30. a feeling like you’re just out of the bath and there’s a fine slow cooked dinner on the stove: it’s evening, by golly, and in an hour it’s late enough to have wine with dinner . . . all by yourself. this is a fine diet: you eat only when you feel that GLOW.

    By emily sandstrom on 03.21.2009

  31. She let out a long sigh and settled back down onto the eiderdown. Her husband flopped down beside her, exhausted, his body covered with a light sheen of sweat.

    “Wow,” she said. “That was incredible.”

    He smiled. “You’re glowing.”

    By M. Lawrence on 03.21.2009

  32. Glow in the dark like a million flaming embers inside your heart but there is nothing but cliches cliches cliches are all I can write, there is darkness and there is light, and the times are a-changing, yes they are, the glow will come up, it will wash the days clean of their hate and their love and all the things we hold so dear will be like water in the drains.

    By Jake on 03.21.2009

  33. It was a foggy night, and all Vanessa could see was the glow of his tail lights as he left her behind. It was over, but it was never really started.

    By marlene on 03.21.2009

  34. flashlights and lightning bugs dancing the horizon in the field on a warm summer evening

    By Nate A on 03.21.2009

  35. Glowing with inner what, exactly? How is it that people who have seemingly no connection whatsoever to the natural world often speak about this “glow”? Pay lots of money for the glow? DId you see her she just GLOWED.

    By hillary jones on 03.21.2009