June 19th, 2010 | 298 Entries

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298 Entries for “revolt”

  1. I revolt. I want to revolt. She was revolted by the bug on the screen with 3 eyes. One day the whole world will rise. And I too will revolt.

    By Lidi on 06.20.2010

  2. The peasants swarmed her, tuck her into the mass, and then bloodied her, punching and kicking and biting at the flesh. When dawn finally broke her body was left there, a sullen reminder of their naive queen.

    By gwen stormy leifer URL on 06.20.2010

  3. I revolt you. You disgust me. I trusted you. You went off behind my back. Revolt may be a harsh word. But it’s exactly how I feel.

    By Katie URL on 06.20.2010

  4. There was time. Time to sit still on cold hallway floors and watch, ghostly, expressionless, removed, as they took them one by one from their bedrooms into the darkness. There was time to revolt, to build barricades, to hide and get armed and organized. There was time to fight, to save, to defend. They took them one by one and we convinced ourselves there was time, still, to be victorious. We were eleven, twelve, thirteen years old with pale freckled faces and dark pupils, wide and scared, bare dirty feet and shaky hands, and we were convinced we were plotting for a revolution, waiting for our time to come. We did not understand yet, that our time was running in the opposite direction.

    By teadrop URL on 06.20.2010

  5. the common people revolted against the cuts the government were enforcing. The revolt could be seen in the eyes of angry unemployed men and women.

    By sarah on 06.20.2010

  6. Youth in revolt. Rage against the machine and fight for your right to party. Stand up against the man and take what is rightfully yours for this day will never come again. A riot is just what this town needs.

    By Lindsay URL on 06.20.2010

  7. There once was an innocent child living within a city filled with hatred. She did not look down upon her people, she simply embraced their zealous lifestyle. But she wanted to make them warriors for love. She taught them of happiness, and they rewarded her with death; peace was impossible.

    By Katherine on 06.20.2010

  8. against stupidity, and ignorance. against tea parties and their love for guns, corporations and false gods!

    By G A URL on 06.20.2010

  9. what was the word? i didnt see anything………. r u sure this thing is ok… or is spammed or something????? hey, this is fun… HALLOOO~ !!!

    By minem on 06.20.2010

  10. When I think of revolt I think of riots and rebels. Setting trash cans on fire, standing up for what you belive. Revolting isn’t always bad… Revolting is about leaving behind something and making something else.

    By Laurel on 06.20.2010

  11. ooh so this is how it works… hihihi shame me~

    By minem on 06.20.2010

  12. the fervour you work yourself up to, becoming passion, an anger, an impulse to fuck, a desire to destroy, to hurt, a glorious revolt – against your living.

    By paperclown on 06.20.2010

  13. youth in revolt the french revolution napoleon rebel southern secession rise up against oppression riots violence leaders

    By Abby on 06.20.2010

  14. i dont know what to say about it its really limiting and i never use this word like ever. so revolt is revolting

    By noufa on 06.20.2010

  15. Dear White Trash Couple

    Dont bring your kids shopping at 3am, then yell at them for being cranky.

    By Robert on 06.20.2010

  16. The first thing that comes to our mind when we utter the word revolt is being plain rebellious. In our early teens, being rebellious does not have much significance other than harassing our elders.

    By Avik URL on 06.20.2010

  17. Revolting against people revolting, wouldn’t that be quite the story. If someone wanted to revolt, they should start with revolting against the non-revoltists, and they may get someone to join

    By Jake on 06.20.2010

  18. Revolt against the enemy, revolt against the crime. Revolt against the ones who took away your precious time.

    By Rebecca URL on 06.20.2010