January 5th, 2014 | 101 Entries

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101 Entries for “revenue”

  1. that word scares me for some reason. It’s not logical that it should. It’s just a word after all. Scary though.

    By Angela F on 01.06.2014

  2. The money made from sales
    A business’s or individual’s income
    Money coming into you
    Can be from sales, rent, interest, selling shares
    Also known as turnover

    By Morgan on 01.06.2014

  3. Tax
    Lack of
    Mince and men
    No ketchup

    By Sarah Thomas on 01.06.2014

  4. “And the revenue?”
    “All funneled into the proper accounts, ma’am, as you requested,”
    “Smashing. That’ll be all then, Harris,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 01.06.2014

  5. Every way you look, the talk is about revenue., and it is not always good news. Right here at home our government is faced with its greatest lost in it revenue reserves. there is the likely hood also that the dollar might be devalued if things do not improve.

    By victor URL on 01.06.2014

  6. She stared at the statistics. They didn’t match up. Somehow, their revenue didn’t quite make up for their exorbitant expenditures. “What does he expect me to do,” she wonders, “start killing off our creditors?” Then it dawned on her. She was a trained assassin. Of course that’s what he wanted her to do.

    By Te'Bazile Eiryk on 01.06.2014

  7. I need more
    of it to expand my business and my brand and live more comfortable

    By Carla Thomas on 01.06.2014

  8. the word always appear everytime i attend my class in my accounting. it is the profit to the sold product of the prducers to the

    By kheibern URL on 01.06.2014

  9. I don’t know what
    actually means;
    but I know quite well what
    having money in the wallet
    looks like.

    Everything is much easier and
    you are not
    the “little lady of the street”
    You’ve got a name.

    Even though I’m not as you,
    I don’t wear nice clothes and shining necklaces,
    I’m happier.

    You can’t buy dreams;
    I can dream my own dreams instead.

    By gargouillis on 01.06.2014

  10. i will start to writing in english, because I want to improve my skills in that language, it’s awesome to have a website who can help me to exercite my fluenty in english

    By Sergio on 01.06.2014

  11. we are getting crushed. XYZ is picking up all of our mid-sized accounts and noone can tell me why. without them we are dead, we may already be dead because of you numbnuts. now get out of here and get me some info that i can use!

    By Lee on 01.06.2014

  12. Revenue is the incoming money, or rather, money being produced. In a way, it is the fruits of labor and effort. We need revenue to exist in this modern world, at least in it’s present state.

    By Michael Outman on 01.06.2014

  13. “The revenue stream is vigorous and the opportunities for advancement within the firm promising,” the lawyer said, with an broad and insincere smile.

    By mrsmig on 01.06.2014

  14. Revenue.
    Greed consumes us.
    Makes us monsters.
    Corporations are not people.
    People are easily manipulated by greed.
    All for maximum revenue.
    All for maximum revenue.
    Don’t let it get to you.

    By Ines on 01.06.2014

  15. Money. Too much consideration is placed on revenue in today’s economically driven world. Commercialism rules and is having a negative outcome on the people who have to live and thrive.

    By Harriet Wollaston on 01.06.2014

  16. First thought – yuk – inland revenue. So popular. Of course I’m rather partial to having revenue coming in for myself. Just not paying it out………..

    By Alexandra on 01.06.2014

  17. This is definitely the one thing I need more of in 2014.I need to think out of the box to find new ways to make more money. I want to be able to share more with charity groups, as I was to able to do in the past.

    By Tanya Best on 01.06.2014

  18. Revenue, taxes, deficit, as a child these words were a foreign language to me, now with all the bickering centered around them, I wish myself none the wiser.

    By Tathar on 01.06.2014

  19. The revenue we received from the book store was small, but with her extra hours at her internship downtown and my night job waiting tables, it was enough to make ends meet, and that was all we ever needed.

    By Iam Me on 01.06.2014

  20. I’m going to build a thing or a company that is going to bring a lot of revenue to those people who invest on it with me! The good ones will be helped by the revenue I earn. I’m for all!

    By Sreevatsa Turuvekere Laxmi Narayana on 01.06.2014

  21. Its a place. Where things happen. Or may not happen. Or happening? Who knows? Its meeting. Loving. Hating. Cursing. R’s and V’s. Vowels maybe even. But nothing completely. Just what it is. Rev up? Or not. Whatever you want. Right back at you.

    By Danya on 01.06.2014