January 6th, 2014 | 98 Entries

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98 Entries for “tracking”

  1. The deer was oblivious to the hunter tailing him. The hunter was tracking him with true precise, staying far enough not to startle. the rusher into the forest they got the further away from reality seemed to go. At first the hunter had been sure he would kill his prey, eat it for dinner on a cold cold day. But as the deer danced and pranced the hunter grew fond of the delicate animal. HIs tracking quickly ebbed into observation and his stomach grumbled.

    By Trista URL on 01.07.2014

  2. Tracking a bear at the north pole on a cold winter day is treacherous business. As I am tracking him, he is also tracking me. Who is really the hunter?

    By Debbie Spriggs on 01.07.2014

  3. Is it just me or was this the word yesterday too?

    By Hannah on 01.07.2014

  4. Devan ran as silently as she could through the field, pine needles muffling her steps as she continued tracking the stag. It had been months since she last went hunting, but their father was gone again, and the hungry mouths waiting back home weren’t getting any fuller.

    By lauren on 01.07.2014

  5. I was tracking her down. It was all that mattered to me now, couldn’t even remember why it was important. The GPS on my phone beeped, I was getting close again.

    By kirsty on 01.07.2014

  6. “Tracking is the art of following a demon through the woods. A demon leaves invisible markings all though the forest as he touches the branches and licks them with his forked tongue. If you don’t look where you’re going, you might get some of it on you.” said David Caruso, licking his lips seductively.

    By Rover on 01.07.2014

  7. need to identify what I want and what I need and how to accomplish my personal and professional goals… tracking will help me to get and keep focused on those goals. I pray and believe I will be successful

    By Eric McGrier on 01.07.2014

  8. I follow you with my eyes
    my gaze, intent, as you pass me on the sidewalk
    I see where you;ve been, where you are headed
    I’ve lost sight

    By mtnslamgrass on 01.07.2014

  9. I had been tracking the footprints for about 2 weeks now. I really had no track of time, but I figured it must be around then. The footprints kept changing shape. At first they were incredibly large footprints, almost a bigfoot-like foot print. As I kept following them, about a mile or so, they changed into cat pawprints. I followed those for a few days and eventually the pawprints grew in size and appeared to morph into large bearpaw prints. On the last day of tracking, I grew very cold and tired. The prints took on a whole new shape now. They looked to me as if they were goat prints. Up until now, I could see the snow beneath the prints. But these goat prints appeared as if they had been burnt in the snow. The grass buried under the snow was black and charred. Bending down, my nose was assaulted with the smell of burning death. A part of me wanted to go back, to the peace and regularity of my life. But the other part of me was taken ahold by curiosity.

    By Shannonkeya on 01.07.2014

  10. i wasa tracking the lady from the subway when she realized that she may have someone following her. She stopped, turned around and waited till she was confident that it was untrue and moved on. How could I keep this going ?

    By trkstr67 on 01.07.2014

  11. Following something,
    using data.

    Parcels and deliveries are important
    for the continuation of the world
    for the people

    By Harriet Wollaston on 01.07.2014

  12. I mess with the large metal bracelet that sits right about the crook in my arm. It flashes bright breen every once in a while and omits a soft beeping, telling me I’m still within my limits. Some days it’s quite hard; staying confined in a tight space like this. If I happen to leave my space, they come and find me. I’m never to far from them. They track me like a hawk tracks their prey.

    By Kailey on 01.07.2014

  13. Tracking. Huh. Not the word I would have picked to describe it. But also, I’m not the one with the gun, so I probably shouldn’t be talking. Can you put that down by the way?

    By Hank on 01.07.2014

  14. Tracking devices, tracking points, keeping track–of kids, activities, keys, pets. Tracks in the snow, in the dirt, footprints at the beach. Tire tracks.

    By Vicky on 01.07.2014

  15. Im tracking my cellphone. Because it has been stolen. The only thing i can do right now is to pray. Pray that it will come back to me. This phone has been mine for several years now. Losing it feels a little sad, even though i could need a new one.

    By Thord on 01.07.2014

  16. I was tracking him through the woods. I could keep his scent as long as I was close enough to him. Then suddenly the wind picked up and i lost some of his scent. I looked up and couldn’t find him. I had been so focused on his smell that I wasn’t looking at where he was going. I put my nose b

    By Allison on 01.07.2014

  17. Tracking is like a test and out in the wilderness you’re alone but tracking is making sure you can see your footprints behind you and sometime this is sinister my darling but isn’t it nice to know that you left something behind something quantifiable that screams I am here in every trace and every whisper

    By Anastasia on 01.07.2014

  18. The wolf brought its grizzly muzzle down to the ground inhaling deeply. It caught the scent he was looking for and kept its nose to the ground slowly tracking his prey.

    By Iris URL on 01.07.2014