January 5th, 2014 | 101 Entries

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101 Entries for “revenue”

  1. He had never seen so much money in his life. What are you even supposed to do with it all? Charity was an option. College debt was a better one. Family? What they don’t tell you about money is that it causes fucking stress.

    By parillog URL on 01.05.2014

  2. Its interesting what will drive people to make mistakes. Does it matter? Its a number. But people throw away so much more, more of their lives, more in importance. It is gone, for a statistic. Is that silly? Or am I the one that is wrong.

    By parillog URL on 01.05.2014

  3. revenue bevenue avenue
    money power wallstreet
    who cares about revenue anyways
    fuck the system
    fuck revenue
    just do what you love and don’t think about the cash
    this poem is revenue hey
    revenue is what you make it or want it to be
    oh revenue, that word
    how it slips so easily off the tongues of greedy businessmen
    all clad in suits and italian ties

    By Jungmin Lee on 01.05.2014

  4. I have nothing…
    nada, can’t think of anything to write
    I don’t like this word

    By Ladywolfrider URL on 01.05.2014

  5. revenue finance cost-to-benefit
    what’s gained what’s lost
    my mind travels to this always
    never answering
    the ultimate question
    what path loses least?

    By Melanie on 01.05.2014

  6. You’ve got to do what you can, Kalysta.

    That’s what her mother had always told her. Use what you have, because everyone else will. There are takers in this world, and if you’re not one of them you’ll be in a world of hurt. But, if you use all your assets, you’ll survive.

    Be a survivor, Kal.

    And she had become one.

    By Courka URL on 01.05.2014

  7. “Make the sell,” James Peters said, putting a finger down on the map laid out across his oak desk. “If you do, there’s a large bonus in it for you.”
    He took another long drag from his cigar, and patted Andrew on the shoulder. “I’ve invested a lot in you, Drew. Let’s make this one stick, okay?”

    By Jonny1424 URL on 01.05.2014

  8. She thought of the emotional capital that she thought she had seen in him. She thought of the scars and the wounds that she kept with him, seeing the pain as some sort of revenue in which she could cash in later – to prove that she did her time, to prove that she was worthy. Some things she wasn’t ready to talk about. She was only bankrupt.

    By Katrina on 01.05.2014

  9. She thought of the emotional capital she had invested in him. She thought of the carefully protected hurts, allowed to heal only to be reopened. She had thought that building up this revenue of wounds would make her worthy for later. Later. Torn and broken, only of her own doing. Bankrupt.

    By Deirdra URL on 01.05.2014

  10. Revenue is up this quarter!
    The people on the listening end of the conference call cheered! Hooray for bonuses!
    Then the bosses came back and said there would be no bonuses!
    Oh no, the people said. I guess I should be a terrible nasty person and kick the dog. That’s the only bonus I get!!

    By Rover URL on 01.05.2014

  11. can you ever have enough? Is it mine or is this just a way to talk about money for corporate entities without having to entertain the idea that it should belong to me (us.)
    I’m going to take it away from them!!!

    By Joshua Mothner on 01.05.2014

  12. Revenue is needed in order to stay afloat and see your dreams surface.

    By Adrian George Nicolae URL on 01.05.2014

  13. Inward towards the slightly caving attitude he continually projected in his life, was a falling splatter of hope. Like flecks of snow falling through the summer sky to be singed by a stream of hot tropical wind.

    By Oz Nolem URL on 01.05.2014

  14. Inward towards the slightly caving attitude he continually projected in his life, was a falling revenue of hope. Like flecks of snow falling through the summer sky to be singed by a stream of hot tropical wind. #revenue #oneword

    By Oz Nolem URL on 01.05.2014

  15. value money return work well done compensation important

    By Karen Slater on 01.05.2014

  16. The government considers taxes a form of revenue. I guess any incoming money can be considered revenue. Doesn’t have anything to do with profits though…

    By just a girl URL on 01.05.2014

  17. He could feel the seat drip from his forehead as he made the calculations. Was he going to make it through this week? What inside him inspired him to buy this shop? He hardly made ends meet with the nearly-negative revenue the store brought in every quarter.

    By Lanna Rosse URL on 01.05.2014

  18. The price of living is going up. So is the price of dying. The price of merely sitting in a single spot, unmoving, unshaking, unthinking is so far the same as it was 100 years ago. Bastards trying to drive revenue.

    By Christian on 01.05.2014

  19. The amount of money that a person or business brings in would be a technical definition, but more figuratively it could be whatever a person brings into life as a source of enrichment, sustenance, or way to add to living.

    By Lisa on 01.05.2014

  20. We will pull in more revenue if we play the game. Don’t fucking make me regret making you my partner. Go talk to McAllister and find out when the next big deal is going down. Go, go now.

    By Casey URL on 01.05.2014

  21. avenue revenge revlon. There she was, in the middle of the revenue. Revenueing her ideas, she was pretty happy, she had made the right decisions.

    By emily on 01.05.2014

  22. Politis had grown used to the irritation of having to run a number of legitimate businesses in order to mask his real revenue streams. So long as you were armed with a good lawyer and a couple of mugs willing to fudge some paperwork for the price of a promotion, stealing from the punters was a far easier way to make money.

    By pip333 URL on 01.05.2014

  23. “Why would I do that? Why did you think I’d ever consider doing that? I’m not as stupid as you think. I’d never do something that I could never gain from in the long run.”

    By Karen Michelle Victoriano URL on 01.05.2014

  24. we need money
    now now now
    don’t think just do
    make the money make you
    it’s all we want and all we need
    money wont grow on trees
    frick frick

    By Kat on 01.05.2014

  25. Revenue is what you get when you sell something. Always ask for revenue never profit for movie deals. Umm not old.enough to get more out of revenue the word

    By janie on 01.05.2014

  26. A middle aged man, black suit, black tie, white collared shirt. He’s tired, he’s coming home and starting a pot of coffee. He works hard, he works a job he does not enjoy, but he has the revenue he needs.

    By Heather on 01.05.2014

  27. buying, selling, money, capital. moguls, jerks, drive. misfortune, greed. take take take

    By Kylie URL on 01.05.2014

  28. He grew to know María under the circumstances of a hot summer night and the sounds of intoxicating rhythms from the Afro Cuban band and their heartbroken violinist.

    By Kalen Goodluck URL on 01.05.2014

  29. wtf is this why what what have you done i am so done with life no dont jump! you cant stop me !*jumps off building* there see what you have done you caused me to die beacause of this word that nobody knows you uncultured swine you know what never mind im sure you are quite smart

    By jasmine URL on 01.05.2014

  30. re-venue is more like what I’d like to write about. A fresh place, a fresh view for what I’m working on these days.
    Just don’t want to trade my old problems for new ones.

    By Tea Monkey URL on 01.05.2014

  31. Money.
    More than you’ll ever need
    All the money surrounds you,
    Suffocates you
    Fills you with feelings of love
    That are truly empty
    But you must collect
    You must gain.

    By Megan on 01.05.2014

  32. wait, can I do this one over? That “your money or your life” book (now a financial integrity and free website) has a phrase about revenue that has stuck in my head:
    Am I making a liviing or a dying?
    Maybe I need a re-venue.

    By Tea Monkey URL on 01.05.2014

  33. Money. Greed. Monster. Poop. V+ sorry, I already wrote for this one and creative for this has been zapped. Poops.

    By Megan URL on 01.05.2014

  34. After a few months, the revenue stopped too. We were left all alone, penniless, stuck in a house that we couldn’t seem to sell.

    By WearyWater URL on 01.05.2014

  35. money, taxes, possessions, wealth

    By Kyla Rountree URL on 01.05.2014

  36. the clock is ticking time away
    tick one, tick two
    fuck, they need to hurry up
    the police are on their way
    we only have sixty more seconds
    all of this, for the sake of criminal revenue

    By nova on 01.05.2014

  37. I can;t belive it’s taking this long. I’ve spent countless hours becoming the man I thought I needed to be, working as hard as I possibly could, and for what? I look around and I see success in every avenue of life, but the time it has taken for me to enjoy even the slightest feeling of pleasure escaped with that last transaction. God save me.

    By Dylan James on 01.05.2014

  38. She knew nothing about that side of the business, so the men sitting across the desk from her, with their spreadsheets and spruiking numbers – costs, revenue – or lack thereof – came as a bit of a shock. She had no idea of the mess they were in and this was only the start.

    By Amimee URL on 01.05.2014

  39. “what do we do”
    “we do what we can do, we try and make a difference”
    “but how can we with no income. no jobs”
    “we’ll get by think of all the good”

    By william berkery on 01.06.2014

  40. Cold calloused hands dole out fearful resources,
    seamstresses tie it together
    Knots of things to gather and devour
    Endlessness in its true form

    By R. L on 01.06.2014