October 16th, 2009 | 486 Entries

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486 Entries for “reveal”

  1. a perfect circle or was it tool? i don

    By Anonymous on 09.29.2009

  2. peel off, skin tight
    leather, jet black, midnight grey

    Breathe in, exhale impulse,

    release; reveal.

    By Alfie on 09.29.2009

  3. right now I’m thinking about revealing my body, revealing my emotions and motivations. There is always an element of surprise in revealing as doubt and supposition is removed, repleaced with more data and questions.

    By Nahna on 09.29.2009

  4. I won’t ask you to reveal your plans to me, mother sighed. Just be careful, will you? You have a habit of doing whatever comes into your head, and it’s not always such a great idea. What comes into your head can be such an unwelcome visitor!

    By Anonymous on 09.29.2009

  5. Reaveal … what ? A secret, a dream, a whisper i heard, the meaning of life. A little single word, so much inside, inside and around. Thinking while the clock is ticking. Writing with my kids cheering and supporting me.

    By Flavia on 09.29.2009

  6. SHe pulled off the mask, revealing whom she really was, and, with that, her true intentions.

    “Clarise?” He gasped, dropping the knife he’d been clutching, prepared o use it in self defense.

    “Yes, Rob. Its me.” She cried, flining away the gun that’d been in her hand.

    “But you’re dead… you have been for a year.” He cried.

    “No,” She said. “I haven’t been. That was my semi-evil half twin Trixie.

    “… what…?”

    Gotta love those soap operas.

    By Carly, The Soap Opera Hater on 09.29.2009