October 17th, 2009 | 304 Entries

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304 Entries for “caring”

  1. is about those people and things around you.

    By Anonymous on 10.18.2009

  2. J’eus la chance de rencontrer,

    By McTernell on 10.18.2009

  3. like me hahaha. wa na ka masurat lolu la anu man kuno it caring na word? d ko man g in nga mulay ahahha. anu man nga oneword cge la tak surat d man ngani ak nakaintindi tak hhmuuun :))

    By lalallaa on 10.18.2009

  4. The nurse is caring for the patient.
    The doctor is also caring for the patient.
    But what of the patient’s own flesh and blood? Where are they in his time of need? The bed and chimes of machines reverberate in the empty cold room, where he lies, all alone, for yet another day.

    By ~willow~ on 10.18.2009

  5. I’m done caring for him.
    I can’t wait on him hand and foot any longer.
    I was in love with him once.
    This is just pushing it!
    Surely he can’t expect me to go on.
    He can’t.
    I won’t.
    But, I’m afraid, I will.

    By Raiya Moon on 10.18.2009

  6. My family, my heart, my patients, every one of you I’ve never met. There’s a place in my soul for all of you. I care for your well-being. I care for your happiness. I care for your life.

    By Tiffany Myers on 10.18.2009

  7. I not a caring person. I have a splinter of ice embedded deep in my heart. People and their problems are curiosities to me. I watch them flail about like dying fish with nothing more than morbid curiosity.

    By xxx on 10.18.2009

  8. caring is a thing that happens between people who have a great respect for one another. It’s also a thing that humans feel towards their possessions. Animals also care for their own welfare.

    By Burt on 10.18.2009

  9. I never cared a lot. Never. Why even bother? It’s not like things are for ever, are they? So why care about them in the first place?

    I guess it’s up to everyone for himself. Has life a meaning? If you can answer this question with a “yes”, you have a reason to care.

    Otherwise, you’re like me.

    So fuck it.

    By TurningKnobs on 10.18.2009

  10. SO why should I? Be kind and caring and responsible, I mean? That was she’s said, over and over, since I was little. Back to the womb, maybe. But cold is better. Cruel is better. Hell, evil is best of all.

    By NikB on 10.18.2009

  11. the bullet loaded in the gun slowly with a click. the hammer pulled back and snapped against the ass-end causing an explosion through the neighborhood. launched at 600 mph it went sailing through the air and into a window, landing straight between the eyes of a business man at his breakfast table.

    By on 10.18.2009

  12. Caring for a loved one. What does that mean. Recognizing what they need and want and providing it with loving kindness.

    By Chris G on 10.18.2009

  13. Caring about other people is nice. But also caring about your appearance is good. You could say that because you care for your appearance, you are caring for other people so they get to look at something nice.

    By Abbie on 10.18.2009

  14. Die Sorge um jemanden zu tragen ist keine einfache Sache. Soll man sich vollkommen aufopfern und alles geben um demjenigen zu helfen? Oder soll man helfen aber auch darauf achten, dass deswegen nicht das eigene Leben aus den Fugen ger

    By Liyah on 10.18.2009

  15. sharing and hoping and dreaming, positive exchange of love without reference to sex. motherly, fathering, brotherly, sisterly – family.

    By moog on 10.18.2009

  16. Betty was a caring person. Everyone told her so and she believed it. She would look out for her elderly neighbors and whe would welcome newcomers in the nieghborhood. But Betty had problems herself.

    By JoeUnion on 10.18.2009

  17. Caring is something that we as humans have the ability to do. It shows other people that we are capable of feeling about how they feel. We want to know if they are in pain, or sad, or happy. We want to know this so that we will be able to help them whatever the situation may be or possibly even share the situation with them.

    By Jordan/ on 10.18.2009

  18. Conflict of interests. Humanity would need a common enemy before we can stop hating eachother

    By Kamereon Alexandre Smoot on 10.18.2009

  19. itsazing how caring my mother is, despite how rude i to her all the time. some things just can’t be explained. the mother-son bond is one such bond. it takes a lot to be unconditionally caring and that’s what my mother is. i doubt if even lovers can be as caring

    By arcopol on 10.18.2009

  20. caring and sharing. mother theresa epitome of caring. caring something the world needs right now. caring heals hurt. elders need caring. we are caring lesser and lesser these days.

    By Snigs on 10.18.2009

  21. my friend famili. Jesus he cares about me. a nyhow nomatther what append or what I do. I love. I hate. He cares about me anyhow. I care about my famiy and mom caares about me, she loves to show me that she cares, drive me and

    By Helene on 10.18.2009

  22. i was caring for my sick father when he became ill. I would get the things he needed to make his days better. I would tend to him and help him with all the things he needed. It was sad to see him go. I miss him dearly. Love you dad.

    By Wes on 10.18.2009

  23. caring sharing caring community

    By paravent on 10.18.2009

  24. Wished i knew how to be more caring and sensitive to the people around me. I want to be able to do more for those who need the TLC that’s absent from their lives.

    By sab on 10.18.2009