June 8th, 2018 | 32 Entries

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32 Entries for “reveal”

  1. ´´ Reveal the minutes up to me by writing before the bell and thinking it is not up´´, said the writer.
    ´´The bell will chime within a minutes time´´, replied the computer.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 06.08.2018

  2. It was revealed to me, as I suddenly saw for the first time what had been haunting me for so long – that by forcing myself, pressuring myself to act, I was paralyzing myself with pressure. With a deep breath I took in what was around me, and felt as though it was the first breath I had taken in a long time.

    By Charlie URL on 06.08.2018

  3. She had been sculpted since she was a little girl to be the perfect weapon. She had learned to conform to each person’s idea of perfection, just like they intended. Now that they had molded her into a useful tool, they would send her on missions. She would get close to her targets, gain their trust, make them fall for her, and then line them up for the people pulling her strings. This was not a happy life, but it was all she knew.

    But her next mission did not unfold like the others. Her newest target would sometimes take her completely off guard, but not in the normal way where she could just adapt, recover, and keep the facade going. Normally, people only saw the image that she portrayed, and she was an expert at altering the image as needed, but he was different. He didn’t seem to care as much about the image. She felt that he wanted to know her (the real her); he would encourage her and spend time trying to get her to think about what she wanted. No one in her life had ever done that, and it created a terrifying vulnerability that she had never experienced. She had been in some pretty dicey situations with her line of work, but this vulnerability scared the hell out of her- partly because of how she felt about him and partly because she finally understood something heartbreaking about herself. Growing up the way she did had somehow separated her from herself, and she had locked up the “real her” long ago.

    She wanted to reveal the truth to him and confess that she was there to steal from him. She played it in her mind a thousand ways. She thought of trying to play it corny to keep it light and say something like, “I came here to steal from you, but you stole my heart instead.” Every scenario she imagined made her hate herself. If he thought she was a terrible person and could never forgive her, she would hate herself. If he was totally understanding and forgiving, she would hate herself because she believed he deserved more than a broken thief.

    By okayfine on 06.08.2018

  4. when the work got revealed i was mildly surprised. I just wrote for firefighter yesterday and was not expecting to see a new word. I was proved wrong. This reveals how life surprises you! or just our puny brain trying to make sense of all the randomness in this world.

    By Shanmuga on 06.08.2018

  5. She turned around and looked at her reflection. “Oh my god.”
    The stylist blanched slightly. “Yes?”
    “Yeah, oh, totally. I love this.”
    “Oh, good,” she watched the woman’s shoulders relax.

    By Bridget Grace on 06.08.2018

  6. The reveal for me is in what I’ll do next. Even I don’t know what I’m capable of at this point. One thing is for certain, and this is that I’m unable to remain focused right now. Just trying to get something out and hopefully, the point of what I’m trying to do will reveal itself.

    By Joe on 06.08.2018

  7. i think there are a lot of mysteries in the world and oftentimes, we want answers, we want things to be revealed. but revelation is a strange thing, it’s something we largely determine ourselves. that is, the moment that is Epiphany is decided by ourselves, by whoever wants to decide it rather than it being unshakeable reality.

    By Neomi on 06.08.2018

  8. reveal a sad truth. reveal what you have been trying to uncover for months for years. take the time to think about why? why would you reveal anything in the first place? why put your self in that predicament?

    By cass on 06.08.2018

  9. We were now waiting for the reveal, and trust me when I say that she. Kept. Us. Waiting. Oh, my GOODNESS, did she expect us to be patient. We were all sitting around the tiny, cramped dressing room, our feet bouncing up and down and our tongues fluttering around our dry lips. It was warm and uncomfortable, and I just wanted to see the damn dress.

    “Leila, c’mon!” I barked. “I don’t even think your bride’s gonna wait this long for you!”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.08.2018

  10. underneath the last dove’s curtains,
    the still pulse of a why.
    the tao of the rushing water underneath the dancing lily,
    underneath the flesh and bones that tie all things together.
    the song that has no name or beginning
    the sparrow’s eye waiting
    beneath the curve
    of the hours

    By batteryman on 06.08.2018

  11. the parents were very exited when they found out there babys gender at the gender reveal party.when they found out the gender there faces lit up ,because it was a boy

    By Vivian Rodriguez on 06.08.2018

  12. ‘Look look’, she said.
    What was she now going to reveal, I wondered. She was pointing to a small but growing patch of vegetation. I couldn’t understand why now I saw it. When you peal back your eyes, see through someone else’s eyes, a whole new world opens out.

    By Meredyth URL on 06.08.2018

  13. The curtain was drawn, revealing a large and somewhat awkward seal lion. He balanced a ball on his nose. The crowd was not sure whether to clap or to hold their breaths. Some people did both.

    By Jacob Malicky on 06.08.2018

  14. “Part of the trick lies in how you reveal it,” said the magician.

    By Shalini on 06.09.2018

  15. 1reveal=Reproduciable Exactness Volition’s Expose Accentuating Limits/Lucidity

    By Garz on 06.09.2018

  16. She felt very anxious. But it had to be done, today, no longer could she keep her secret. Today she had to show them. She feared their reaction, the loss of friendship and love, being treated as somethind other, something monstruous.

    By Fran Hunne URL on 06.09.2018

  17. He couldn’t reveal the kid beyond the flimsy costume, because that wasn’t him. – Pretend to be himself while (..pretending) not being himself to pretend to not be himself? Yes. He could easily do that often..!

    By t_meword on 06.09.2018

  18. For how much he loved the truth, he was full of hiding. Hiding, acting, lying… He was always in a shadow, and could very well add one thing to it.

    By t_meword on 06.09.2018

  19. Whenever it’s the time for a true entrance, the ‘finale’, or thinking “Aah, they must have realised by now!” he can feel a rush, of pure joy, and social pride.

    By t_meword on 06.09.2018

  20. He couldn’t let her in. Wasn’t entirely *convinced* of it, but vaguely felt a certainty, like it was a most basic thing for humanity, nurtured by people around him (except for one; one thing that didn’t fit)…

    By t_meword on 06.09.2018

  21. There was no Grail. It was all just an empty chase, meant to be amusing. – Deaths and changed lives included. Chasing after half-real shadows. …Impossibly simplistic.

    By t_meword on 06.09.2018

  22. He knew. He didn’t want others to know. – Reasonably did, at first.
    But that proved to be a *waste* of information. Everything was much better like this. ..Although the truth, would be a reward of honour.

    By t_meword on 06.09.2018

  23. As he held it up, the cool and bright shine gave birth to a bloody glean, which slowly bled into space. … Now what?
    Something worldchanging was in his palm, and he was the same as couple of minutes ago.

    By t_meword on 06.09.2018

  24. And what about the dress!! It couldn’t have functioned as a disguise, oh dear. The- things you could glimpse… *That* was daring in many more than one sense.

    By t_meword on 06.09.2018

  25. People collected, someone was dangerously smiling at the centre of the view. That was it, it was coming. Strings, breaths and purple melancholy.

    By t_meword on 06.09.2018

  26. We’ve learned one thing today. – Someone has a word preference!

    By t_meword on 06.09.2018

  27. The door opened to reveal the truth. But then in a blink it shut again and the young mage was outside in the rain and fog and mist. The grass barely visible around his feet. He yelled and a soft whisper responded.

    “Jone. You’ve got to find me.”

    By Christopher Adkins on 06.09.2018

  28. The man pulled back the curtain. She gasped at what she saw. An overwhelming sensation crept through her body as she comprehended what was in front of her. She trembled as she found the words to

    By Tamara Bisseker on 06.09.2018

  29. The Reveal was upon them, nothing they could do but wait sitting on their living room hugging each other and waiting for them to arrive, for them to take them away and finish what they were supposed to. Their eyes started to close, going away with their conciousness

    By Bramsy on 06.09.2018

  30. What is our true nature ? The things we have deep inside of us define who we are. Who the real us is. The point of reveal these things is to discover who we really are

    By lyell grunberg URL on 06.09.2018

  31. They waited for the big reveal. Pink balloons or blue frosting. No one at the baby shower expected the spiders to come spilling out of the cake. Or the walls to weep blood. I guess that’s what happens when you’re expecting the anti-Christ.

    By Aimee A. on 06.09.2018

  32. He revealed everything at he doorstep like a flasher. And she smiled, invited him in saying ‘I wondered when you would realise that is all I wanted.’ He couldn’t understand what she meant, he could only wonder if this is what it felt like to be born and naked for the first time in the world, cold and shivering and looking for comfort, if this is why all babies cry when they are brought from the womb into the hospital ward all slimey and dirty in the steril place, scared and feeling that the only thing they are able to do is cry out.

    By Flyderkov URL on 06.09.2018