June 10th, 2018 | 28 Entries

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28 Entries for “hazardous”

  1. One word is hazardous enough for all of us. Is there an inherent hazard in writing unknown words on an Internet website? Yes, this is quite hazardous, but what the hell! I can do this. I fear hazardous situations, but I persevere. That’s the ticket!

    By michaelbuzz on 06.10.2018

  2. The chemicals glowed in the tube. She was not sure how much of the last ingridient she had poured in, goddamit, she should have measured more carefully. Was it 15 g or 16 g?

    By Fran Hunne URL on 06.10.2018

  3. “Warning: Tiny particles maybe hazardous to children. Do not hand them over without supervision,” read the mother on the back of a Lego blocks pack and smiled. Her twenty year old son was not so fragile anymore.

    By Shalini on 06.10.2018

  4. She swerved around the cone, jolting back to the present. Fuck. Don’t drive under the influence of nostalgia. It’s dangerous business. She shook her head to get some sense back into it. Focus. Get back to the road.

    By Bridget Grace on 06.10.2018

  5. everything is hazardous to some degree. Handing animals, holding kids, walking to the shops. Everyone sees some things as majorly hazardous like sharks where as cows are more hazardous and more likely to kill you. id rather cuddle a cow though.

    By Erin on 06.10.2018

  6. Toxic materials, bad for you and harmful to your overall health. Chemicals that can seriously hurt you. Hazmat suits, protection from the chemicals or hurtful substances.

    By Kate on 06.10.2018

  7. “Look, man,” said Marty, “I’m not here to judge you. But I’m pretty sure I told you that drinking toxic waste is super hazardous to your health.”

    Michelle burped loudly. Flecks of green and black flecked her lips. She smiled and lowered the can. “Hey,” she said. “I bet you if I chug another pound of this, I’ll get X-ray vision.”

    “How about cancer? You want that as a superpower?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.10.2018

  8. Hazardous
    Place is dust
    Should we rust
    Double diced
    Sticky rice
    Crust on the bus
    Stuff does what
    Stuff does
    Does this pus wound
    Look infected to you?
    Should we prove
    What men prove
    When women move
    Closer to the heart
    From hearth to hearth

    By kanjuro on 06.10.2018

  9. Everything can be hazardous in some way simple things like holding a baby can result in manslaughter or walking to the shops. some are obvious like sharks where as cows are actually more dangerous and more likely to kill you. id rather cuddle a cow though.

    By erin1769 on 06.10.2018

  10. It is a hazardous relationship. She was abusive, I wanted to be abused. It was a nightmare waiting to happen. Tomorrow I will do something to make her mad. Tomorrow I will pay the price for my folly. It is a hazardous relationship, but for how much longer I can take this strain will depend on my constitution. I have my safety training, but will it be enough to survive.

    By Chuck K. URL on 06.10.2018

  11. Liam tripped over the trash pile and sprawled to the ground. Turning to look back at what made him fall over, he saw neon letters spelling out “Hazardous Materials: Dispose Immediately” on the side of a ripped plastic bag.

    By Amber on 06.10.2018

  12. He was like that. – Inconspicuously, on a level most people didn’t understand. ..Even if they mistakenly thought they did! But that’s what kept him near the boy precisely, maybe.


    a/n: sorry if this’ unsatisfying any way, my brain is on low-power regime…. again; *very*
    do excuse me

    By t_meword on 06.10.2018

  13. watch for sharp edges. limbs dangling over the phantom ridge.
    below, the fires dance, bare their teeth. the night grows cold.
    the moon becomes a frozen silver for the wolves to gaze at.

    By batteryman on 06.10.2018

  14. This could be hazardous to your health. Smoking. Or having sex. Or jumping out of a plane. What else? Breathing the air next to a factory. Driving through the red tape. There are more hazardous things than I have listed. Look on a menu at the fast food drive thru.

    By Constance on 06.10.2018

  15. There was a construction site that said to stay away but i couldnt, it was just too interesting to look away. too interesting to NOT walk towards. there was this glowing green light coming out of what seemed like a sewer hole

    By Hope Alcorn on 06.10.2018

  16. there was this sewer hole, with green glowing light coming out of it. what was in there? why was it there? am i imagining this? i had to go see what all this was about. the hole was behind a row of orange cones but what did i care. frick the police am i right? so there i am, peering into this giant green glowing hole in the middle of an empty road in the middle of the night. theres a bunch of dirt all around me, a couple construction machines and an unfinished building behind me. the street is lit with one far away emanating street light. a large figure starts to approach me from behind

    By Hope on 06.10.2018

  17. I just wrote a love letter including a part about the hazardous path we are walking on. Somehow being born into this world we should have know exactly where to go. But growing up we probably lost ourselves on the hazardous path of life.

    By lyell grunberg URL on 06.10.2018

  18. “That is not a wise thing to do!” Jenny cautioned, as two of her friends suggested climbing over a barbed wire fence since they were late and the front door of the school was already shut. “It’s too hazardous.”

    “Aw come on, it won’t hurt,” Anna said and swung a leg up.

    By Ru Yi URL on 06.10.2018

  19. what a fucked up mess
    this unconscious coupling
    is too hazardous
    my meal milieu
    to awake sleeping untrue
    the mind missed the words kissed
    what we say is hazardous

    By Matt m. on 06.10.2018

  20. The road away from the town was hazardous, abounding with squamous, hateful things that avoided the light. She was a lonely traveler who was foolish enough to go out as the day went down to twilight and a cold chill filled the air.

    That was a mistake.

    As she screamed, she was swarmed by countless unnamable things. She would never be seen again, save for a rumor of a hideously mutated creature that cried out in the night in a feminine voice.

    By Disturb Not on 06.11.2018

  21. Health hazards related to beauty products are countless.

    By Shalini on 06.11.2018

  22. She smelled something. She sniffed again. “Do you smell that?”
    He continued to watch TV. “Huh?”
    “Mark, do you smell that?”
    He rolled his eyes and sniffed, then looked taken aback. “Oh. I do.”
    “Linda, hush.”

    By Bridget Grace on 06.11.2018

  23. The Blob inches closer to me.

    “I just wanna feel you,” it sighs. The surface of it jiggles just like my thighs.

    And the hazardous part? I kind of want it to touch me too.

    By T. Gap URL on 06.11.2018

  24. This case hit close to home for her. She received a tip that a company was manipulating and stealing from people who were elderly or disabled. The red flags were subtle so the person who called in the tip felt that she was his only hope; no one else believed him, and he had absolutely no concrete proof.

    As a PI, she did not have to abide by the same rules and red tape as her detective friends. She would investigate hunches that were not evidence-backed because she believed strongly that a person’s gut instincts sometimes comprehend the big picture of a puzzle even when their mind cannot see the specific pieces. She didn’t think this way because she believed invisible forces can show you the way. She believed it was the science of how a brain works; the difference between a person’s left hemisphere and their right hemisphere. She thought it was careless to ignore hunches, even though there is no exact science to them and they very well could be wrong……. They could be right.

    She needed someone tech-savvy for this next part. She went back and forth as to whether she should call him. She knew he had the skills and would be willing to help, but their relationship was complicated. He thought she was fearlessness and was impressed by her resolve in hazardous situations, but he also cared about her and had a strong compulsion to keep her from harm. Her initial reaction was always to call him, but she was conflicted much like he was. She loved including him on her adventures, but she also cared about him and didn’t want him to worry or to create any problems for him. He was a detective bound by rules and red tape, and she didn’t like putting him in conflicted situations.

    Maybe she would go online and try to teach herself the necessary tech skills. But that would take too long and she would never be able to cover her tracks as well as he could. This case was too important to botch. If her hunch was right, these were the worst kinds of people. They would strategically get close to a person posing as a home care aid, learn their secrets and weaknesses, make them feel safe, and then take them for everything they own without ever being caught. It was normally easy for her to remain objective throughout a case and just follow where the clues lead, but now she found that she had to continually remind herself not to jump to conclusions and to focus on the facts. She couldn’t stop herself from thinking of her mom in that scenario- being deceived and taken advantage of. Her entire body was overtaken by anger within seconds. Without thinking, she picked up the phone and called him.

    By okayfine on 06.11.2018

  25. It’s hazardous to take risks, I thought, for most of my life but I’ve realized now that’s its hazardous not to. I didn’t understand that making mistakes was not the end of me, that mistakes didn’t negate my reason for being. It was in fact, hazardous to hold such views. I just didn’t know.

    By jassy on 06.11.2018

  26. It’s a dangerous situation you find yourself in. Leaning over a precipice, as though you might fall into their eyes and never resurface. It’s poison on their breath, poison and desire and the promises of maybe. It’s terrifying, it’s dangerous, you could get hurt. Do you lean in? Do you dare?

    By Aria on 06.11.2018

  27. If something isn’t hazardous is “safe” by default. Is the gap between safe and hazardous wide or narrow? Is there a gap at all? Is the level of hazard actually subjective and based on the knowledge and intelligence of the individuals acknowledging the hazard?

    By Kristian Pierce on 06.11.2018

  28. The fence was hazardous. Sharp barbed wire was strung along it, rags of fabric could be seen where people had tried to get through. And failed. Every so often, you could hear an electric sizzle as water dripped onto it. You watched silently as yet another poor person tried to squeeze through the fence. You opened your mouth, but no words could come out. You were silenced by the fence.

    By ML on 06.11.2018