June 7th, 2018 | 12 Entries

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12 Entries for “firefighter”

  1. She wasn’t a firefighter for any noble reason. Not for most people, at least. She signed up because she loved the heat. She loved feeling the fire lap against her arms, legs, and face. She loved squelching it with her own two hands. She loved being in charge of something so vicious.

    By Abby Jelly URL on 06.07.2018

  2. She watched the trucks whiz by, the air filled with sirens. Other people we stopping on their days to watch the parade of emergency vehicles as well.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 06.07.2018

  3. One day a child accidentally set his family’s apartment on fire. Luckily, a close neighbor was a firefighter and was able to put the fire out before it spread. However, the child was burned, but not severely . The parents watched the child more carefully and the child never forgot what the firefighter did for him and his family. In fact, he became a firefighter himself when he grew up and the former neighbor was his captain.

    By Cynthia Coleman URL on 06.07.2018

  4. Flames filling my home and I only run from the fire spilling into the rooms.
    The light billowing from behind the door only intensifying.
    Smoke creeps through the cracks.
    Spilling over the ceiling and threatening me with suffocation.
    I watched as the windows become dark.
    I lay on the ground growing increasingly still.
    Hoping, wishing, praying for someone to rescue me.

    By Sonny URL on 06.07.2018

  5. The team was neck deep in this controversy. They called in the big shots to help in the firefighting. They could be called firefighters or crisis handlers.

    By Shanmuga URL on 06.07.2018

  6. The fireman bursts into the burnt doors. The ashes, he noticed, flew like Autumn leaves. He rushed up the stairs with a look of sadness on his face; as this house was all too familiar. The old photos of his family were stained with smoke, and he assumed the worst.

    By manda on 06.07.2018

  7. The fire truck roared down the road sirens blazing before coming to a back breaking stop halt in front of the burning building. A team firefighters leaped out of the fire engine and began assembling their tools. Lieutenant Carter equipped the high pressure water hose, and Lieutenant Smith grabbed his fire ax and oxygen mask, and the new guy grabbed his gasoline canister. “It’s time to fight fire with fire!” he shouted as he doused his own body with his jerrycan and ignited himself before sprinting, burning and screaming into the building.

    There multiple fatalities that day and an investigation was launched.

    By Fair Enough URL on 06.07.2018

  8. When she allowed herself to dream, uninterrupted by pesky reality checks, she would dream of being right in the middle of the action. She would imagine herself piloting a helicopter to fight raging wildfires. She would make crazy, daring maneuvers because she believed in her gut she could pull them off. Strangely enough, she felt most in her element during life or death situations.

    Then, she would snap back to reality and continue investigating her new lead. For now, her PI cases would have to save her from boredom.

    By okayfine on 06.07.2018

  9. She sat at the window, waiting patiently for her owner. She felt a little nervous, as the scent and the air got hotter and weird. She meowed silently out of the window. A big bearded man looked inside, with something he cut the window pane and grabbed the kitten. Her owner was nowhere to be seen.

    By Fran Hunne URL on 06.07.2018

  10. Do you want to be an actor, or an astronaut, or a firefighter? Do you want a job where you work at day, or where you pull an all-nighter? Or do you feel like being a nomad on the street with a pipe and a cigarette lighter?

    Do you want to save the world, or cure a bad disease? Or do you want to be an idler and live a life of ease?

    None of these answers are wrong, you know. You don’t need to actually belong, you know.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.07.2018

  11. The firefighter stood up, grabbing his knee while the sharp pain was shocking his leg. He grabbed the door again, feeling the heat through his gloves like a soft summer heat and pushed up with all the strength he had left, releasing the boy and his sister.

    By Bramsy URL on 06.07.2018

  12. 1firefighter=Flames Ignite Recursively Exhaust Finder Insinuates Great Head To Extinguish Reaction

    By Garz on 06.07.2018