April 23rd, 2015 | 36 Entries

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36 Entries for “perform”

  1. I perform my strongest always. When performing weather that is on stage or in front of my family i do it with all my heart. When performing in anything you must be at your very very best and try with everything you have got. Go with all your heart always!

    By Faith on 04.23.2015

  2. She asked to me to perform for her. I didn’t know what to say. So I made a bunch of silly noises and faces; I danced around like a marionette with my arms jagged and legs flopping. None of this worked. She still had cancer. I still didn’t know how to make her laugh. But we still enjoyed each other…

    By blahblahchoi URL on 04.23.2015

  3. Natalie Bishop had never had the opportunity to perform in front of a real audience before, and funnily enough, she wasn’t nervous about it. I caught her adding rouge to her cheeks in the dressing room, most likely preparing herself mentally to hit the highest notes as best as she did during her aria. I froze in the doorway as she did her make-up, and I knew I didn’t need any help from powder or a brush when it came to how much I was blushing just watching her.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.23.2015

  4. It was only after the applause erupted that I realized I had not taken a single breath.

    It had not taken long. He reflected and it occurred to him that perhaps the most significant moment of his entire life had taken place over the course of perhaps three minutes. Yet, he knew, with an almost hubris-like intuition, that those three minutes would exist forever.

    By BizzyCarizzy on 04.23.2015

  5. No matter how many times she had done it, standing on the stage with all eyes on her, waiting to watch as she performed was terrifying. She loved to perform for others, it made them happy and that in turn made her happy. It was just the fear of making a mistake. It hadn’t happened yet, but that meant it would happen soon, right? What if it happened today?!

    By Nicole M. on 04.23.2015

  6. Do it logan goddamit. I say to myself. Every day. Its in my head but its loud as hell.

    By Logan on 04.23.2015

  7. I perform each day in front of the world, friends, family, strangers. We dance and sing through our day as we slow inside. We curl around our own hurt damaged hearts but skip through life when others can see. Life is hard, we perform and then we die. Yup that’s my performance.

    By Emma on 04.23.2015

  8. pressure. lots of pressure to perform well. pressure from others. pressure on yourself.
    an act. an act to look like all is well. an act to look like you can do well. an act to look better than others.

    By Munkhzul on 04.23.2015

  9. dance, jump, leap, curl, bend, fall, but whatever you don’t do, is to dream for yourself. you are here only for those who give you direction and you should only bend to their whims. your own are to be hidden away and ignored. do you understand? will you obey?

    By WrittenOut on 04.23.2015

  10. Pro form pre form formless form reform

    By Jas2 on 04.23.2015

  11. The wall,
    blue and blank.
    The crowd,
    roaring in silence.
    I am the violin,
    i am the roar.

    By Alyssa Duurloo on 04.23.2015

  12. Don’t think, act.
    Take their breath away,
    I know you can.

    Jump as high as your mind
    Will take you,
    And reach the moon,
    The stars,

    Don’t think, overcome.

    By Kumquat on 04.23.2015

  13. You don’t see me at first. not surprising I’m not at the front of the stage but I see your eyes light up when you do spot me. It;s like somebody hit a switch in you. I don’t know you but you are clearly in love with me.

    By lord-Atlantis on 04.23.2015

  14. she performed when her mother said that she couldn’t have the cookie. “Children obey their parents for this is right.” a passage from the Bible. All children please do this, you and your parents will be happier, but the parents shouldn’t make the children like servants.

    By DolphinDreams on 04.24.2015

  15. Standing on stage
    Heart pounding
    Feet nailed to floor
    Too many eyes
    Not enough oxygen
    Bring mouthpiece to lips
    I can do this, I think
    as my fingers shake harder
    All I have to do is
    Quickly, flawlessly

    No pressure.

    By Julie on 04.24.2015

  16. She couldn’t do it. Performing in front of all of those people. Seeing the glow in their eyes as she began to lose her mind within the dance, the integral steps.

    By danielle husband on 04.24.2015

  17. Those who have difficulty as their try to perform their sexual desire, will tell of the frustration and shame that their have to endure, not only from their partner, but those who are privy to their situation.

    By victor walkes URL on 04.24.2015

  18. “I get to perform in a play tonight. It is called Romeo and Juliet.”

    By Brandon on 04.24.2015

  19. He straightened his bow tie, took a breath, and then put on a face-tearing smile. That, more than the shadows in the wings, more than the lion’s distant rumble in the lot, was the true terror of the show.

    He stepped onto the stage and bowed to the audience with jerky movements. “Welcome,”

    By Yona on 04.24.2015

  20. it is a show
    her self-assuredness
    her okayness
    her”I’m fines”.
    she is terrified
    but she is a god
    of performance

    By corey leigh kirby on 04.24.2015

  21. Shine and get attention. Don’t disappoint – anyone. That is how we perform. Put on a show, make them see you that way. Then you may go home and fail in private comfort.

    By ellbee on 04.24.2015

  22. The lights didn’t glare. My heartbeat didn’t accelerate. My words didn’t jumble up. It was just another day. Another mask to don.

    By kate on 04.24.2015

  23. The lights didn’t glare. My heart didn’t begin to race. I didn’t stutter as I spoke another lie. It was just another day. Another mask to don.

    By killermac on 04.24.2015

  24. Everything was a performance. As long as I could be another swiveling head, another boorish guffaw, another shameless misogynist, then life wouldn’t be business as usual.

    By asavas on 04.24.2015

  25. I perform all the time. Day in, day out. Perform for the the people watching. Family, friends, strangers. But why? Why perform when I could just be me. No display, no showing off. Just me. Utterly me. Plain old, book loving, knowledge loving, beauty hunting me. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    By Sarah URL on 04.24.2015

  26. I do not like to perform in front of a lot of people. Some people do but I don’t. :-/

    By melanie URL on 04.24.2015

  27. The opportunity to express yourself in front of others. A great way to build relationships and make friends. To sing, to dance, to read, to write, to publish, to win! You see performance every day in all aspects of life…open your eyes to performance. Appreciate effort.

    By Linda on 04.24.2015

  28. To be able to perform well in front of a crowd is a most satisfying feeling. However to perform well for an audience of one is even more exhilarating. That one on one performance is where the deep intimate connections of life are made.

    By Tracey on 04.24.2015

  29. Perform. The cello performs and so do you. The violin and the cello dance and intertwine pitches as you go about your day. You can screech or play along with the underlining tones, but either way the show goes on. Perform.

    By Drew on 04.24.2015

  30. on a stage, in a play, funny acting , actors, prizes, a wish of many students, associated with stress

    By Joanna on 04.24.2015

  31. the fact that his job, in a way, was a kind of performance, that is to say he had to perform (in a sense), often left him, to say the very least, a little bit out of sorts as often he just wanted to sit in a quiet room and get on with something.

    By Steve O URL on 04.24.2015

  32. I haven’t performed in the way I did as a child in a long time. It’s for the best – but I think I’d disagree with myself if I was much younger. Having so many eyes on you can markedly change how you view yourself later. I still feel like I have eyes on me all the time. i still look for a light on my webcam, on without my consent.

    By Zoe URL on 04.24.2015

  33. I think we all feel this great need to perform, to bring about something new and exciting and altogether unprecedented. It’s a big thing to expect every single person to do this. I think we’d benefit as a whole if we could just learn to work in a team and see that we aren’t competing to win. We can win together.

    By Elle Huang on 04.24.2015

  34. I didn’t want to get on the stage, performing in front of the rumbling crowd.
    I didn’t want to step onto the platform in my shiny black shoes, twirling and jumping in front of strangers; faces of cameras rather than people.
    I wanted to go home, to crawl back into my nook, my comfort.
    I wanted to be swallowed by blankets and books and mugs of hot cocoa, curled up with my puppy while the sun slowly set.

    But here I am, set in the spotlight. Frozen. Cold. And bright.

    By Natalia on 04.24.2015

  35. She twirled and bowed, flourishing her arms down and then back up as she straightened her back, pointing her toes as she brought her leg back. She twirled again and took a running leap, spinning on one toe. It was a graceful performance, slow and elegant.

    By grace on 04.24.2015

  36. what is being performed should always be felt from heart. no performance can ever be pretended. Every one is measured at the end by his performance in life.
    There are many people performing many roles in our life everyday, but the performance that impact us the most are the one’s that we actually feel deep within us. performance matters

    By varun on 04.24.2015