March 26th, 2017 | 47 Entries

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47 Entries for “resident”

  1. “Excuse me,” piped up the lanky taxman, “is there an actual person living in this house?”

    “I’m the resident,” growled Charlene, the cigarette smoke thick against her lips. She was on her tenth cigarette of the day, and the arrival of this bureaucratic bastard on her property was not a welcome sight.

    The tax collector stared almost ominously at Charlene, then at her dilapidated home. What it lacked in aesthetics, she thought, it made up for in personality.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.26.2017

  2. to belong to a group or area.
    part ownership
    temporary, able to change
    residing in area

    By sm1l3r on 03.26.2017

  3. what does teh word residnet mean to me the word resident means you live in that certain area or you belong to that certain area sometimes

    By Shorty_2001 (jo) on 03.26.2017

  4. I am a proud resident of this complex, how dare you try to kick me out?!
    Sir, I understand you are pissed but you should know that you shouldn’t fuck your wife on your balcony…
    Sir…there are kids that live here

    By Matthew Bartee on 03.26.2017

  5. Our resident Animal Man, resident Artist, resident cyborg of a man, made of swearing, sass, beers, and concoctions of powders, fungi, and slick ideas.

    By Zoe URL on 03.26.2017

  6. I am a resident of my house, a resident of this earth. I like it here; I learn a lot, and it is quiet. There are also a lot of books nearby I can read.

    By Westleigh on 03.26.2017

  7. I have spent so many years feeling the distance. The closest of people were nearby yet with a chasm between us. In trying to grow, I strangled the part in me that assumed I had a place in conversation, the part of me that thought it was appropriate to discuss myself in any other way than an anecdote to someone else’s life to make them feel less alone. The rest was fluff, desperate hands reaching from my throat to grab hold of some thread of connection. I wrapped my fingers around her neck and stared into her eyes as they dulled over, hands made of every time the words ‘I’m so glad I understand you so well’ stabbed through my eardrums, and the utter abandonment felt with the realization that they in fact did not understand, and never did. Having killed her who relentlessly tried to bridge the gap, I took up home in a brick one-room handmade with the same fingers; walls strong enough for me to lean on, enough support surely I never need more.
    Red walls freeze and scrape at my skin, and can’t ever come close to a warm shoulder on my cheek.

    But you have made a home here.

    In this little one-room, will it come down to a lease run out -a year, a year and a half?-, or eviction?

    How rough these walls will be after something so soft.

    By Ai URL on 03.26.2017

  8. The resident was panting loudly, the only other sound coming from the footsteps just outside the door. He had been so silent, but apparently, hiding had never been enough.

    By Andréanne on 03.26.2017

  9. Heart is a resident of love, close relations, some sweet and some sour memories.

    By Priyanka Chauhan on 03.26.2017

  10. That was what we called him. No one knew what his real name was, so everyone just referred to him as “the resident.”
    The first time I saw him was when I moved into the complex, he was smoking a cigarette outside. Didn’t look at me, didn’t offer to help me carry my stuff. But that was fine, I didn’t ask him to.

    By Del on 03.26.2017

  11. The resident of house is like your soul. It stays with you because it’s the only place it has to live. When you die, it flies into nothingness.

    By Anna on 03.26.2017

  12. person that lives in a house, owns a house part of a family, Not homeless. has a house, resides and lives in it . not alone

    By Terri on 03.26.2017

  13. So long ago
    You became a resident of my heart
    The first time I saw you, 4th grade
    I felt a longing inside I’d never known before
    You were beautiful to me
    Like a fairy tale, magic, mystery
    The world changed for me that day
    Then you moved away
    The first time I felt my soul tortured
    When I got home from school
    Tossed myself upon my bed
    Tears from an unknown river flowed
    Years go by, rarely I think of you
    Then 7th grade, you come back
    And my heart knew immediately
    From it, you’d never gone away
    the enchantment, the hex, the spell
    whatever sorcery you wielded
    still my spirit you did compel
    Yet time and fate cruelly repeating
    Again, you departed
    Where healing had begun
    My spirit’s scab was torn away
    My love bleeding, sorrow’s rain
    Decades later, you still come to mind
    On lonely nights when my feelings
    Walk the hallways of their history
    I pay a visit to your room in my heart
    You’re still there

    By poetwarrior on 03.26.2017

  14. As a resident of this world, I must live my life in a meaningful way so that I don’t have regrets the day it ends.

    By Janaki Srinivasan URL on 03.26.2017

  15. you foster position in my yellow rooms
    your voices is cadence like gauze curtains
    pulled back in the wind, into yellow room
    like this, your words and mine fit together
    your words become the surface of my skin
    my painted concrete walls
    your words are a puff, are planetary rings around me
    like this my body breathes with the breath of my

    By Saudade on 03.27.2017

  16. resident of the moon hotel, there are three pools and a bleached whale skeleton hanging in the main lobby

    By linet on 03.27.2017

  17. there was a resident, who saw through
    the shame and the guilt of the city
    therein, innervated the soul noone knew
    protested against the epidome
    of relectuctant christmas chiimeny’s
    where familys fought over the simplest
    steeps of tea.

    everybody has their own god
    full throttle, belifs,
    religious theifs
    some belived the thin air, and fancy cod.

    pull out the rod and fish for bliss
    is the only and last tip thatll will glid a kiss!

    By Milad URL on 03.27.2017

  18. She shifted the bags on her hips, trying to reach the button without dropping anything. She almost had it when the door swung open quickly and nearly knocked her in the face. “Oh dear god!”

    By Bridget Grace on 03.27.2017

  19. The resident artist sat alone in his tree house, his pencil to his lip and his notebook open in front of him. He had a far away expression on his face. Finally, he started to jot down some words on the paper. “monkey” “far away” “Moonshine”.

    Jenx looked away from the screen and towards her teacher. The other students looked as confused as she felt. “Those words don’t mean anything do they?”

    The teacher scolded her. “How are we to know? Do you understand the creative process? He is writing something great.” Jenx shrugged and looked at the next screen, viewing other specimens from Earth. She still felt a nagging sense that the words meant something.

    When the teacher called them, she gave a final glance at the screen of the resident artist. He was standing behind his table and staring directly at the camera. For a second, it seemed their eyes met and Jenx felt strange. She wondered if he knew that he was being watched.

    By chanpheng URL on 03.27.2017

  20. I am a resident of San Antonio. When I first moved to Texas, I really didn’t want to become a Texan. I had very negative stereotypes of the ignorant redneck Texan cowboy who hates anyone different than themselves. But my new hometown broke all those views for me. I love my city now and am proud to say that I live in San Antonio.

    By Andrew on 03.27.2017

  21. “I’ve forgotten my pass, you see,” he said. But the stonewall of a face didn’t crack with recognition. He fumbled to remember a few facts he could use as proof, but the adrenaline clouded the pool of his memory.

    By ml on 03.27.2017

  22. She was the only resident who couldn’t afford her rent consistently. That is why she began sleeping with the landlord. She knew she couldn’t handle being out on the streets again. She felt that she was happier giving up her dignity than having nowhere to call her own.

    By Outsider on 03.27.2017

  23. she was a resident . Residents are curious . curious are residents . Residents are like presidents but not the same so residents are plain , plain as day !!

    By grace URL on 03.27.2017

  24. I am a resident of the hotel of love-
    And you are the one who gave me lease;
    I cannot leave
    It’s too addicting
    You’re always around
    And i’m always surrounded
    I’m never alone
    even if sometimes I feel alone
    But I know you’re there
    Not too far away.
    It’s a rollercoaster of emotions
    Trying to upkeep
    And keep it all glued together
    But I know,
    That It’ll work out
    I never want to leave.

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 03.27.2017

  25. Many years he had waited, and nothing had changed. A chasm of despair and loneliness created only by the separation of society surrounded his whole being. The arms that longed to be held by flesh and blood scratched against the invisible barrier clouding his vision. It only grew thicker as seconds ticked by. Each tick of a clock that he couldn’t find, drove a nail into his heart, until enough had gone by that the very essence of his soul was no longer visible. It was covered and mutilated by the cold-blooded lonesome demon whose purpose was to force the submission of emotion. In reality, creating the thing the demon longed for the most, a companion. One who felt as though he did. Frenzied words ripped themselves out of his throat clinging to a newfound partner, silence. Brutish creatures who once looked as he did, had eyes that followed him everywhere. Their convenient mouths were not twisted into a perpetual sneer, but into a look of alienation and callousness. A patient knock filled with a somehow irresistible contagion of hope penetrated the fog surrounding him. From his makeshift pillow of rolled, tattered clothing and a blanket of crumpled paper he opened his eyes fully for the first time in years. He dragged his mutilated body toward the entrance of his cardboard castle. He grabbed the brush he had bought with the money he received for almost dying for his country, and tried to brush the gnarled greasy rat’s nest which he called his hair. With apprehension building and the continued knock of hope pounding on his heart, he grabbed the door. He opened it not only to the empty doorstep of his home, but to shining of the sun and the brisk clicking of the expensive shoes worn only by impatient women. For he was no longer a resident of loneliness, but a citizen of the world.

    By OMcClary21 on 03.27.2017

  26. The resident plans to move again. The current locale will never work out. The only comforting thought is the likelihood of seeing some cashed out equity in selling the house as more of the area develops. Becomes desirable. Other thoughts are not so kind and actually rather disquieting: like the inevitable break-up if one wishes to go and another wishes to stay. An end is coming that much is clear whether it takes one or more several years. It’s a story that circles back on itself time and time again for the resident could be like any other who’s faced a similar choice and had to move on.

    By Atlas URL on 03.27.2017

  27. A resident looks outside the window, watching the children play outside. She remembers her childhood, the times she was the one, running around without a care in the world. She was a child back then, not a single worry on her mind. It was different now.. Everything was. She would never be this careless again. She would never feel at home. That time was over. What was to come, was unclear.

    By orangefish2 on 03.27.2017

  28. i am the resident of the glass prison of my own dreams . can it be any more obvious when false pride is the norm and reality is the dr

    By deepu narayan on 03.27.2017

  29. A person who lives somewhere permanently or on a long-term basis.

    By Breasia M. on 03.27.2017

  30. Someone who lives in a house.

    By Adrian on 03.27.2017

  31. a neighbor

    By cedrez on 03.27.2017

  32. We have a new resident in the neighborhood.

    By Jerome Carr on 03.27.2017

  33. Resident can me someone can live at a certain house for a long period of time.

    By Kaliya on 03.27.2017

  34. 1.a person who lives somewhere permanently or on a long-term basis.

    By G'Ameka on 03.27.2017

  35. a person who lives somewhere permanently or on a long-term basis.

    By Amariya on 03.27.2017

  36. A person who lives somewhere permanently or on a long-term basis.

    By tyrece on 03.27.2017

  37. a population of a particular area.

    By xavier URL on 03.27.2017

  38. I couldn’t figure anything out for “resident”.

    By Jada Engel on 03.27.2017

  39. a house
    person who owns the house

    By jayden riley on 03.27.2017

  40. A person who lives somewhere permanently or on a long-term basis.
    A medical graduate engaged in specialized practice under supervision in a hospital.

    By Dayle on 03.27.2017