August 16th, 2011 | 1,002 Entries

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1,002 Entries for “repeat”

  1. I find myself repeating everything. My mistakes, my words, my patterns seem set in stone, there’s no real way of recognizing whicha re my patterns and which are just conincidence.

    By Tamara on 08.17.2011

  2. Your name
    is on repeat
    in my head
    in my head
    Your name
    Your name
    is on repeat
    is on repeat
    In my head
    your name
    is on repeat.

    By Julie URL on 08.17.2011

  3. repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat.

    By hannahjean on 08.17.2011

  4. Again or “herhalen” as the Dutch say it. It’s a simple word but there’s a slight change it will be misspelled by the less educated. If you’re learning something like a phrase it can help you to remember it better if you repeat it.

    By Simone on 08.17.2011

  5. Again and again. Over and over. Never seeming to get anywhere. The hopeless search for something that will never be found. No forward motion.

    By Emily Balding on 08.17.2011

  6. repeat, repeat, repeat. sometimes i feel like my favorite song is on repeat and it’s the soundtrack to my life. sometimes i feel like the worst song in the whole world is on and it is going to just repeat, repeat, repeat… and then the worst day will just repeat, repeat, repeat. but mostly when i’m with you it’s my favorite song that repeats.

    By Rae on 08.17.2011

  7. Repeat. Repeating again. Repeating the thoughts that i pushed back so far away. Thoughts i never thought would hurt this bad. But throught the wind and the rain i can now clearly see that they would won day help me get back to who i was.

    By Micaela URL on 08.17.2011

  8. most people don’t like to repeat themselves. i don’t find a problem with it. i would rather repeat myself than have someone make a mistake or ruin something because i was too stubborn to say what i’ve just said. there’s truth to the fact that not listening to someone when they are talking to you is rude, however, not repeating yourself is just selfish and silly.

    By BrownSugarBritches URL on 08.17.2011

  9. Repeat repeat repeat.
    There is nothing one can do in a cycle. Over and over again, you can’t get out of it.
    Nothing to do. You’ll be stuck in that loop forever and all you will do is scream to get out.
    Don’t look to God to save you. He’s the one who put you there.

    By Lucas URL on 08.17.2011

  10. repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat

    By lindsay judge on 08.17.2011

  11. repeat is repeating about repeating about repeating what I said and wrote about repeating and repeating over and over again till you get tired of repeating what I wrote about repeating and getting tired of repeating and repeating things over and over and over till you get tired of it all.

    By Diana on 08.17.2011

  12. repeat is laundry, housework, dishes – actions every day – repeat that don’t go anywhere


    By DB on 08.17.2011

  13. There are a lot of things in life I wish I could repeat. Old times with friends, family, lovers. I wish I could go back to high school and appreciate it a little more. I wish I could go back and cherish some of the moments I didn’t realize were important until after they had already passed. There’s a lot I’d like to repeat

    By Kylie on 08.17.2011

  14. Q: Pete and Repeat are sitting on a fence, pete fell off, who’s sitting on the fence?

    A: Repeat

    Love this joke from my childhood!

    By Jess on 08.17.2011

  15. again two times maybe more do over try again right now tomorrow the day after the same thing again maybe again after that again and again and again keep doing it all the same things just keep doing them again dont stop dont stop again and again and again keep doing it twice three times keep going

    By caitlin on 08.17.2011

  16. De javu.

    The hand of time stops and ticks backwards. You, and your frown and goodbyes, melting back into a smile. A forced smile, but a smile nevertheless. Faster. Tick faster. Repeat everything. Return to where it all began. Repeat us.

    The ticking stops, we’re in a cafe with sleep in our eyes, strangers in the same room.

    You smile.

    “Have I met you before?”

    By isabellesc on 08.17.2011

  17. repeats are awful. bane of my life, i had one there on monday. disaster! it’s my own fault for having to do medicine though. least i get a second chance. you can never tell when youve done enough, no matter how much time you have, you’ll always beg for more.

    By Catherine on 08.17.2011

  18. the same mistakes. once and twice and don’t look back but make sure to learn from it if you don’t you’re in for a terrible time. that’s what life is all about. ctrl alt delete repeat.

    By m on 08.17.2011

  19. Repeat can be a command and it is a verb. Repeat means repetitive. Repeat can also be similar to replay, which is to play back.

    By anne on 08.17.2011

  20. Rinse and repeat. Wipe the tears off and keep the napkin in your hands to wait for the next round. Because everything is falling, everything is changing and where the hell do I go from here? I want to get out of here but I don’t know if I’m ready for it. Oh…deep breath, let’s go.

    By Kiso URL on 08.17.2011

  21. Do not repeat the mistake I did. Learn from it and you will be fine. Believe me, you won’t regret.

    By Azlan URL on 08.17.2011

  22. to do over to do again repeat is to learn from mistakes by doing this repeat is to capture a memory a feeling to repeat is to not give up up repeat is when engraving a though you repeat it repeat is to do

    By alissa jade on 08.17.2011

  23. Hurt- I just got rejected from an interview for employment and it hurts. I feel my self-worth just drop to a low point. I know I will pick myself up, but it does not erase the fact that it hurts.

    By bob on 08.17.2011

  24. “Can you repeat that?”
    “There’s a python! A python in our garage!”
    “… so you called 9-1-1?”
    “Who else would I call?
    “Fair point.”
    “So, can you help…?”
    “Probably not.”
    “What do I do?”
    “um… keep it?”

    By Alex URL on 08.17.2011

  25. pete and repeat are sitting in a boat, pete falls out, who’s left? how often do i repeat myself to attempt to be heard. I like the repeat function when I find a great song. three peat? repetition can be brain numbing.

    By David on 08.17.2011

  26. My iPod. Always on repeat. Always playing over and over. The playlist that I love, the one that makes me feel safe, the one with your name on it.

    By Tristan on 08.17.2011

  27. Again, you want me to tell you again, have you not been listening to a word I have said. What have you been hearing? Where has you mind been?

    By jeanelaine URL on 08.17.2011

  28. repeat, repetition. There is no thought just mindless repetition as people do things again and again. the matrix, except no script, no writing, I am not an anarchist or a crazy person starting to destroy the world with my thoughts I am just a person tired of the mindless repetition of every day life. tired of the beuracracy and the pointless mechanical argueing that is how the USA and the world works. Why can’t we all just go back to simpler times. Free Speech, the pursuit of hapiness, it doesn’t have to be racial issues and the tea party, bipartisanship and the shut down of the government. We could work together. but We wont. Repetition. Of fights not worth fighting about things not worth fighting about. Its Utterly pointless and we should stop immidietly. I am repeating these 60 seconds because the website messed up but even so, my point remains clear. Repition, repition repition repititon, it gets boring no?

    By John Doe on 08.17.2011

  29. So many time I find that I have to repeat myself. I repeat what I say. I repeat what I do. All the repetition is getting old. I don’t want to repeat repeat anymore.

    By luvntxgurl URL on 08.17.2011

  30. repeating. the world is in a constant cycle. relationships repeat. wars repeat. even fashion repeats. we never learn from our mistakes, they just keep occurring. let’s repeat happiness not misery.

    By matison Sieren-Card on 08.17.2011

  31. When I repeat myself, I want you to hear what I am saying, not only listen, but really hear and understand what point I am trying to get across. This concept also follows with music on repeat. When I put songs on repeat, I really ‘hear’ what the lyrics say. Put everything and anything on repeat a few times, and the world will have a better understanding of what was truly meant. Although many things are left to be interpreted, as long as we are objective, we can use this mechanism to better understand things presented to us.

    By Elise on 08.17.2011

  32. The song kept repeating inside of her head as she tried to concentrate. Nevertheless, the same musical refrain continued to play over and over again, keeping her mind away from what she was trying to do. She groaned, and laid her head back against her chair, trying to chase the music from her brain. It shouldn’t be this hard to work.

    By Lassie on 08.17.2011

  33. one one repeat one one repeat after me one one again and again repeat after me

    By Idalia Berenice URL on 08.17.2011

  34. The same thing happening over and over. It’s like going insane. can’t stop it it keeps going. Maybe like a circle and everything just keeps well repeating and there’s nothing we can do about it.

    By Andi on 08.17.2011

  35. i wait for things to change but nothing ever does. it’s the same drip drop of the water. i try to hear emotion see expression. all i can do is repeat. repeat others. repeat their emotions back to them. where am i? where are my thoughts

    By sara URL on 08.17.2011

  36. whatd he say whatd he say, rappin again today? nothin new story true, todays jus like every other day

    By gerald on 08.17.2011

  37. over and over and over and over. the samething.over. again. more than once. repeats sometimes aren’t worth it. over. and over and over. two times. three times. Four times. again, and again. wastes of time. over. again. over and over.

    By Kennedy on 08.17.2011

  38. my mother always tells me things over and over again, just like the character Holden (from The Catcher in the Rye). I think they both do this to emphasize their points, but it is still annoying, no matter what the motive. My mother only really seems to use this technique when she is angry at me, and wants me to listen to her; apparently, i don’t normally listen to her.

    By Keaton Corder-Swanson on 08.17.2011

  39. over and over again. in this never-ending cycle of waking up, driving down the lake shore, smoking cigarettes, sunlight peaking through my tired lids, to sit at a desk all day, staring at a computer screen, reading meaningless stories about people i will never know or be affected by, to driving home, smoking, sunlight hurting tired eyes, to a home where i can rest with a new castle and my love.

    By Cate H. on 08.17.2011

  40. again and again I watch repeats of friends every single day, I’ve seen them all so many times and yet I keep watching!!! I can’t really think of anything else to say without repeating myself ironically enough. I did just watch friends, for about the millionth time.

    By Jenn on 08.17.2011