August 16th, 2011 | 1,002 Entries

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1,002 Entries for “repeat”

  1. I already wrote this one. Forget repeating it.

    Repeat your mistakes until you learn from them.

    By Ashley. URL on 08.16.2011

  2. the act of life in general, always doing things over and over again until we are so bound by the same old same old that we can never forget it even if we tried. insanity if we let it be without control.

    By Jerian URL on 08.16.2011

  3. It seems like life repeats over and over again every day. Does history repeat itself? Am I repeating something someone else has done? Am I ever doing anything “original”? Has anyone ever done anything that’s not a repeat?

    By Megan Douglas URL on 08.16.2011

  4. Dreary Days

    Wake up
    so early
    pink-streaked grey
    another start to another day

    Cock crow
    and here i go
    I do not know
    how much longer I can go

    wake up
    live another day
    think of past
    and future

    if only not to think of now
    and the shaddows
    in the corner of my mind
    then to bed


    By Taysha on 08.16.2011

  5. I repeat myself way to often in my head. I constantly repeat memories, emotions, thoughts…i’m continually analyzing everything.
    I always try to do this although i hate it, to avoid repeating the same mistakes.
    But sometimes i should try, just to stop repeating, and just forgetting

    By Marilú URL on 08.16.2011

  6. I think of chorus and band. I think of the simple melodies and rhythms, and I think of the difficult ones that it takes a few minutes to figure out. Repeat over and over until you get it right or until you know it for sure. It’s like a mantra, and the music becomes a part of you.

    By Mandy on 08.16.2011

  7. I just can’t think with all this fog in my head
    I keep repeating myself
    I keep repeating myself
    I can’t stop it
    It just flows naturally
    just flows naturally
    all the time in the world cant stop me
    I will repeat myself forever
    I will repeat myself forever

    By Caroline Mowry on 08.16.2011

  8. repeating the past. Something that will never last. To do something over and over. I am stranded in the never ending cycle. The pounding of the gongs in my head repeats… repeats… repeats. It tells me of the passing time I will never get back. The choices that I made too hastily. The decisions I never should have made. Despair. But alas a Light. I had seen it before but I ignored it. Thank God it came back. Thank God that it repeated itself. Thank God it did not give up when I ignored it the first time. Repetition. Repetition saved me. Thank God. Thank God. Repeating the inevitable joy of the love that has always existed for me. His blood that was shed. His repeating, loving, blood. Forgiveness.

    By Dallas Horsley on 08.16.2011

  9. i reapet what you have told me over and over again but i cant stand it you took my life from my i repeat it over and over in my head what happened i hate it i love i t i hate it i love it i hate it i love it

    By jenni on 08.16.2011

  10. el mismo nombre que alguna vez mi alma hirio es posible que en la mañana cuando mre el cuerpo su recuerdo me mate yo no se ya

    By larsis55 on 08.16.2011

  11. I am repeating a song in my head. and it’s very annoying. and i don’t know what else to write here because i have no imagination. But that’s okay because i’m talking to a cool person named Tony and he’s playing the guitar and totally ignoring me which is impossible. And I got this whole thing from the word Repeat. Yes. That is correct.

    By melissa URL on 08.16.2011

  12. The song was good enough, Alec would admit to that. He figured he’d put it on his playlist later. What he didn’t like about it was the fact that Magnus had it on repeat, and had turned it up as lout as it would go.

    By Raegan on 08.16.2011

  13. This is a repeat of the first time I came on this site. I wrote about Pete and Repeat, that joke that was circulating when I was a kid. However I can’t remember how it goes now. But life repeats itself over and over again.

    By Jenn URL on 08.16.2011

  14. Ding. Ding. Ding. She was so sick of that ( ) bell. She ran out to the counter with a stiff smile plastered on her face.

    Hi. How can I help you?

    All she got in return was a challenging glare.

    This was not going to be a good day.

    By EmilyH URL on 08.16.2011

  15. HI hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

    By Kevin on 08.16.2011

  16. always, just keep going. again and again and again. a playlist -everlasting songs for joy and happinesss. repetition. again and again. go, keep going. say it over and over. make it clearer – louder- braver. make it stronger, make it more you. repeat.

    By Victoria on 08.16.2011

  17. each time i blink i see the frames
    hidden images without a name
    one by one their story is spread
    repeated again, again and again.

    By Riki Daniel URL on 08.16.2011

  18. Repeat.Repeat.Repeat.

    By Summer on 08.16.2011

  19. Repeat Songs and stuff like if you really like one, repeat it. Some people wish they could repeat life. That stinks. Everyone should live life so they feel like they have no need to repeat it. You know? I wouldn’t like to repeat my life. I’d be too scared that it wouldn’t be as great as it is now! But i do like to repeat songs. My favorite songs! I love songs!

    By JB on 08.16.2011

  20. you always repeat your questions. who knows if it is to get a point across or you just cant comprehend my answer but it is causing a stress on our relationship that im struggeling with.

    By Chelsea on 08.16.2011

  21. repeat is word that u can write over and over again and agian. it is used in various types of topics and sentences. REPEAT

    By tyler on 08.16.2011

  22. pete and repeat were sitting in a boat. pete fell out. who was left? REPEAT!
    pete and repeat were sitting in a boat. pete fell out. who was left?

    By bill catbread URL on 08.16.2011

  23. repeat what i said yeah repeat it. re pe pe pe pe at

    By andre on 08.16.2011

  24. repeat again cursive once more magic monotony forever now why habit habit exercise. mexicans. hats. red. colour. vermillion. chameleon.lawn. green. Taschi

    By Sunjana on 08.16.2011

  25. repeat can be a word where u use it over and over again.
    duck duck
    hello. hello?
    its very simple and common
    it is very DIFFERENT

    By TJB on 08.16.2011

  26. I already wrote about “repeat”… so I guess I’m repeating myself right now. This is stilly. Anyways, I hate it when someone says something and you don’t really care enough to say something back, but they think you didn’t hear them so they keep repeating themselves until you respond.

    By mpooles URL on 08.16.2011

  27. Rewind, repeat, cry. Rewind again then repeat. repeat, repeat repeat, it never changes. Just the same life, on repeat

    By Amanda Schiferl on 08.16.2011

  28. Went out dancing with the girls, and I could not get the song that had played out of my mind. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Help me! It’s as if I’m hooked to it; like a drug. I feel it running through my veins. Sending chills up and down my spine. With such carefulness yet sending me into a world of chaos.

    By Ema Velazkez on 08.16.2011

  29. repeat repeat repeat repeat FUCK THE SYSTEM

    they did the same, didnt they?

    By Fluffy on 08.16.2011

  30. I constantly repeat stories to my best friend. It’s becaus ei have a horriible memory. And when i have an interesting story i just want to tell people and see how they react. So i end up telling her the same story atleast five times without a doubtt.

    By Amanda Baskin on 08.16.2011

  31. I repeat, I don’t know what you’re talking about. How absurd to think you’d cornered the market on me, gotten me down to some shamble of science. You have no idea who I am, where I’ve been or how I’ve become something more since then. Repeating your point won’t get you anywhere.

    By Laura on 08.16.2011

  32. i love you like a love song baby and i keep hitting repeat repeat repeat
    say it to me over and over
    repeat my name
    repeat the third grade
    repeat steps one through three

    By gab on 08.16.2011

  33. repeating is the method of which someone goes on and on and on about something and then doesn’t ever quit and also repeating has something to do with circles and cubes and infinity and oh there was that one smart scientist who is asian and his name was like michi ocohsadfasdfsb… or something, anyway haven’t you noticed it’s hard to pronounce his name but he’s extremely smart and the news guys tend to consult him about things he had no idea about adn probably had to research before going on the news channel? Hahaha, time’s up, got to go, yay for this thing!

    By Nicholas on 08.16.2011

  34. please repeat the question? I dont think I understand what you are asking me to do? Sometimes repeating something can be one of the most annoying things, but everyone must repeat something in their lives.

    By Miranda on 08.16.2011

  35. Repeat, is this the only word that they show? I want another word. nother word, nother word, nother word, nother word, nother word. I will keep repeating myself until there is another word on the screen. Nother word, nother word, nother word, nother word, nother word, nother word, nother word, nother word, nother word, nother word, nother word, nother word, nother word, nother word. I know what you are thinking to yourselves right now. HOW THE HECK IS THIS PERSON WRITING SO MUCH?! The answer is quite simply this, I am the fastest writer to ever live, ever live, ever live, ever live, ever live, ever llive. You thought I forgot to repeat myself. HUH? Heck no, I would never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever repeat myself. Now, that’s just rude. Fin <—- yeah, that's right, I know French.

    By Jill on 08.16.2011

  36. repeat all the words you can say because you can forget how you are knowing what you want to say

    By lola on 08.16.2011

  37. There, History repeats like the thoughts of patients with Alzheimer’s, unable to remember their past, their pain; like a blind man, refusing to learn the terrain where he lives, leaving his home everyday, lost beyond words, to the feeling where emotions become to brittle to even form with the cold, everything numb, like a stray cat in winters worst worst, that lost its hair like an Alzheimer’s patient looses their mind, mind, mind, mind,

    By drew URL on 08.16.2011

  38. “Can you repeat that?”
    “I told you, there’s a python in our garage!”
    “… and you decided to call 9-1-1”
    “I mean, who else do I call”
    “Fair point”

    By Alexandria URL on 08.16.2011

  39. over and over and over again i do the same exercise. the same pattern. the same troublesome actions i get yelled at for. songs can do this on the radio and it drives me nuts, but when drops of water do it its lovely

    By Sophia on 08.16.2011

  40. pete and repeat were sitting on a fence. pete fell off and who was left? repeat….

    pete and repeat were sitting on a fence. pete fell off and who was left? repeat…

    it’s a joke my dad has told me ever since i was little.

    he would make me answer the question. then he would repeat himself.

    it use to irritate me so much until i was older and figured it out.

    By Journey on 08.16.2011