June 7th, 2010 | 286 Entries

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286 Entries for “remark”

  1. Yep, I made that stupid remark: He’s not a sore loser; he’s just a loser! Why do we say things like that about people we love? Can’t ever take it back either.

    By Annie URL on 06.08.2010

  2. My remark made the room go silent. Everyone froze. They were not expecting something that witty from a young girl, who looked very poor and uneducated by the looks of her. I sure got them, because with my 14 years, I had gone to a university, become valedictorian, and I had just completed a long journey. This was my life, and how I lived it was up to me.

    By Rachel URL on 06.08.2010

  3. Those girls with their crude remarks. Hah like they even know. It’s only a little bit your fault that you have a beach ball under your shirt. It’s him. Your not the whore. It’s him it’s him it’s him.

    By Heeeeeey on 06.08.2010

  4. That was rude, I remark. A rude remark, it was.
    He stares at me like I’m mad and throws his hands up. Even YOU don’t understand all the madness in the world, he exclaims, and I shrug sadly at him.
    Please don’t look at me like that, I plead.
    I don’t want to look at you at all, he remarks.

    By Kiote on 06.08.2010

  5. smart ones. like your mom. or a comment on something. like your mom. or just a saying..? peoples make remarks every day.. the end.

    By Emily URL on 06.08.2010

  6. speak then think, or think then speak whichever it is there’s always something to say.

    By lantern on 06.08.2010

  7. Remark is a word with many connotations in modern society, many of them negative. Remark is often associated with snarky comments made to hurt in social situations. It is forgotten that remark can also be positive in the negative attitude of today’s society.

    By Roisin on 06.08.2010

  8. remarks are simple, and they matter. if you say the wrong thing, then you can hurt someone else. you need to be careful, for if you aren’t…well…lets not think about that. you can hurt someones feelings, make them feel depressed, or you can help them feel good about themselves. it all depends on what the remark is.

    By Rachel URL on 06.08.2010

  9. How rude a remark he made to me that day. I thought him a fool, but surely such a thought is my own internal rude remark. But none the less I am human, and as such, I suppose I cannot blame him.

    By Aki on 06.08.2010

  10. It isn’t very surprising that he would remark on her outfit. What was remarkable was that he would say something nice. She took it as a sign that she looked ridiculous and promptly ran inside to change. She’d deal with his wrath afterwards. No amount of torment would make her feel silly in front of the world.

    By Meredith URL on 06.08.2010

  11. A remark is just a statement. It really is not a useful word, but I won’t ask to abolish it because I have so much to say. One should not attempt to silence anyone.

    By Jacob H. URL on 06.08.2010

  12. things you say. commentary’s. things you just want to get out there. mean. bad. good. annoying. can be very annoying. keep your mouth shut? state your oppinion. sayings.

    By Jenn on 06.08.2010

  13. Funny how one simple remark can color everything else in your relationship. “Financial Stability” was the one that did it for me, sending me down into a black hole that I can’t manage to climb out of no matter how hard I try.

    By Andie on 06.08.2010

  14. when I see the word remark I think of a text and a pencil and a boring history lesson..

    By lu on 06.08.2010

  15. Often what I say is not what I mean. I forget the words I want to use all of the time. It is so frustrating to know exactly what I want to say and have the words on the tip of my tongue, but to be unable to express them

    By courtney URL on 06.08.2010

  16. she remarked “i cant believe you just said that to me! i thought you loved me! what has this marriage been to you all these years?!”

    he glanced at her and then walked out the door, mumbling an im sorry.

    She fell to the ground and began to cry terribably. watching the door, hoping the he would turn around and scream surprise, praying that this was just some horrible practical joke. but the minutes turned to hours and soon she realized that he would not be coming back.

    By Nicole on 06.08.2010

  17. it is truly remarkable that the world could be as amazing as it could. people write about man’s inhumanity towards man, but no one ever focuses on the remarkable nature of the opposite. humans are truly generous and remarkable people.

    By stephanie gramamr on 06.08.2010

  18. i make remarks when i am a bit angry or pissed of becaue i want everything to be better but it never really changes because people dont listen to your remarks when you arent sucessful yourself thats why i dont make remarks any more

    By Liza Luk on 06.08.2010

  19. I would like to remark about the world today. Society is crazy and I don’t think that I really have the ability to remark about how it is crazy, in addition I also don’t want to see like a pessimist but this world is amazing as well.

    By Cassidy on 06.08.2010

  20. Remark is a good word. I need to use it more in regular conversation.

    “Well, so-and-so remarked earlier that…”

    It’d be a good time.

    By Ellen URL on 06.08.2010

  21. So, she made this off-color remark to me the other day. After I heard it, I was appalled. After then thinking about it later that night, I realized something: she was right.

    By J-P on 06.08.2010

  22. say it again and again and maybe I’ll remember.

    By suu URL on 06.08.2010

  23. In a time of dissonance in the world; the most remarkable ability of humanity is to remark on love. Love can ensue all poison within the world. Most people remark on its fallacy.

    By Blake on 06.08.2010

  24. An offhand comment. Did you mean it as a compliment? Did you really feel the need to give your 2 cents? It doesn’t matter because just like you, the words you so hastily threw at me are gone forever.

    By Ian S on 06.08.2010

  25. re mark is sorta like remake??? can i make a remark on your remake?? can i be remarkable? perhaps we are all remarkable, but perhaps more remarkable the less remarks we make. sorta like proclaim, don’t claim.

    By ra ra on 06.08.2010

  26. its annoying how people give remarks about random things all the time, people are so nosy, they butt into anything! stop giving remarks and commenting on stuff, live and let live! thank you. stupid people.

    By Malak on 06.08.2010

  27. The remark hurts worse than the slap that follows it. Every time. My heart feels the crippling crush of his words before my nerves feel the sharp sting of his hand. I am worthless.

    By Willow URL on 06.08.2010

  28. I once remarked that a man is nothing without a castle to call his home. However, I have since found that a mans home is his castle. A mans home is where his heart is. Therefore, a mans heart is a castle.

    By Anthony on 06.08.2010

  29. Something someone says about someone? b-b-but i dont know how to explain!
    ‘she make a nasty remark about me’

    By beth on 06.08.2010

  30. It was his snide remark that ticked her off. Who does he think he is, throwing his weight about like that? Nelly wiped a tear from her face and walked away, trying to look indifferent but failing miserably. If only she was stronger..

    By May on 06.08.2010

  31. To get a casual remark, or just silence in return, is something makes being emotionally open and expressive so fearful.

    By amylee URL on 06.08.2010

  32. Some one once told me something. Nothing importent just a remark. A passing thought about something I was staring at. so intensily. It consumed my mind. And someone had the nerve to comment. Just a passing word a remark.

    By nikki on 06.08.2010

  33. That’s such a lame remark. You can do better than that. I know you can, but then again, you can’t come up with anything else. I don’t even know why you try when you know I’m just gonna win.

    By Alyssa on 06.08.2010

  34. reply. to respond. to have a witty response. he remarked upon the colour of trousers on the floor. teal. i have some apple juice in the freezer. don’t ask why. just don’t touch it.

    By Isabelle on 06.08.2010

  35. remark. “i already happened across this word one once already.” i remarked as i typed away, still complying to write about the prompt word given.

    By abella URL on 06.08.2010

  36. Remark, what a funny word really. The best use of a remark is in conversation, generally after a primary speaker has said something, the secondary speaker will reply with a remark. Remarks are of common use in conversation in western society.

    By Tom Smith on 06.08.2010

  37. I remarked in my head about the unfairness of the situation because I knew doing out loud would only make it worse. I longed to scream how unfair it was. To scream it at the top of my lungs…

    By caity URL on 06.08.2010

  38. I’ve made a few remarks that I wish I could take back in my time, but we don’t possess that power. Each remark leaves a mark, and I guess we all have to live with the bruises and scars.

    By Ryan Quinn on 06.08.2010

  39. I think that remarks leave a lasting impression. They can make someones day or lower someones spirits. If you have the chance to leave someone with a remark that brightens their day, then do it.

    By Nicole on 06.08.2010

  40. Remark brings with it a certain cynical undertone. When someone remarks about something, it’s usually because they think they have something witty or snappy to say about it.

    By John Cigaratti URL on 06.08.2010