June 8th, 2010 | 317 Entries

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317 Entries for “hawk”

  1. The hawk flew down to his master and they went to the open fields where they saw nothing and went back home.

    By Erin URL on 06.09.2010

  2. Wheeling, screeching
    What is it now?
    Looking below I see nothing
    A stray cat, small in size,
    hides from the raptors gaze.
    I am hungry, I am strong
    I dive and miss,
    But I know I shall win
    For I am the hunter
    and it is my prey

    By Missy URL on 06.09.2010

  3. the lazy redtail circled over the field. its eyes glinted in the harsh sun as it grabbed updrafts and rode the currents and drifted aimlessly through the air.

    By Max King URL on 06.09.2010

  4. The bird circled and circled and circled and circled watching something on the ground. I followed it with my eye as it completed its 5th circuit then PLOP out of the sky a pile of white goo missed my by an inch. A lucky day I think.

    By Gen URL on 06.09.2010

  5. The hawk !

    By Acfad on 06.09.2010

  6. I wish i could fly as high as a hawk, be feared by others and be able to escape with my big strong wings. I want to be a hawk so i can be as free as can be. Feared and power, love for freedom.

    By Jeverly on 06.09.2010

  7. Every once and while, I see a hawk in my yard. He swoops from the unknown sky.

    By Michael URL on 06.09.2010

  8. the Hawker looked out across the field and bodies that populated it, he wondered if he was to blame for this carnage but decided against it. He merely profited from it, he didn’t cause the hate that killed these people.

    By Popov on 06.09.2010

  9. The hawk squacked as it circled overhead. It foreshadowed my death. I dashed through the forest, trying to run as fast as i could from my captors. As i stopped to catch my breath, adrenaline rushing through my vains; i heard a noise. I turned..a minute too late. He leaped and grabbed my shoulders, bringing me down with him.Sucking the blood as fast as he could. I knew this was it. My last breath. And the Hawk descended to devour what was left of me.

    By Ashleigh URL on 06.09.2010

  10. the hawk soars through the air as it stares down at the ground, with its piercing eyes, on the constant hunt for prey. what does it see? it sees me.. but i saw it before it saw me, and as i watch it gliding gracefully, yet hauntingly, i realize how thankful i am not to be the little helpless mouse it may choose for breakfast.

    By sarah on 06.09.2010

  11. it soared through the air, flying around. its eyes were a golden brown, the color of syrup…. only making my hunger worse. life isnt easy stuck in the middle of the desert with two broken legs.

    By sawnick URL on 06.09.2010

  12. a loud,fast bird

    By juliana on 06.09.2010

  13. vuela sobre cielos azules, con imponencia y arrogancia, sus alas escriben su destino mientras vuela sobre verdes montañas de esperanza

    By Alfonso on 06.09.2010

  14. hawk hovers above its prey anxious and deciding when to drop. knowing that it must be a precise drop with talons ready for one target, no time to flinch or move. these are the moments when impluse, calculation and decision are key… you have to commit… dive and never look back

    By Cat on 06.09.2010

  15. A hawk was crouched on its nest above the flats. From its perspective, it could see the smallest movement of an insect.

    By johnnnyFAU@gmail.com on 06.09.2010

  16. there was once a huge hawk at the top of a building in manhattan. i was in central park and it was perched (with its family, i believe) at the top of a building. i live in the suburbs, so i thought it was funny how many people were so fascinated by watching it.

    By Sarah on 06.09.2010

  17. one day I was sitting on the playground at school. I saw a gorgeous hawk flying low over the trees with something long and rubbery in its talons. I thought it was a hose, but why would a hawk be carrying a hose? It was a snake.

    By SareyB URL on 06.09.2010

  18. fall colors, my brother’s college, cool guys streaming past that I could never hope to even look at me. I stand on the tips of my toes…

    By caity URL on 06.09.2010

  19. flying through the trees circling around and around looking and eying its pray swooping in for the kill

    By Chrissy on 06.09.2010

  20. A hawk is a beautiful creature that flies mystically throughout the sky. This bird is fearless and metaphorical in terms of how humans should live their lives–without fear and flying into the unknown.

    By Rae on 06.09.2010

  21. there is a hawk in the sky and he is leading me to colorado. i see him over my car, on the gas pump accross the way, and it my soul, soaring around bravely. i see him helping me.

    By Lindsey on 06.09.2010

  22. so free to fly up in the sky…on the top of the food chain, i am really living the life everybody dreams of.

    By guada on 06.09.2010

  23. khbdlkdlkslksldkbsldkblsklsdkfj A really big bird.

    By heatherteaching URL on 06.09.2010

  24. The hawk soared high above the girl, casting a shadow over the snow covered ground. It was beautiful, its wings spread high, as it looked for a mouse to prey on. The winter was almost over, but the hawk never cared. Up high, where he was, it was warm, and he was comfortable.

    By Rachel URL on 06.09.2010

  25. I watch my life with the eyes of a hawk. A paraplegic hawk.

    What am I going to do? Life does what it wants. I take the life it gives me or I get off at this stop. I can only fashion these little details it leaves in my hands to mold.

    I call it MY life. I’m only the 49 percent share holder.

    By Tyler Ann Klein URL on 06.09.2010

  26. The hawk landed on the ground with a claw full of mouse. It was already dead. Eating it would be a horrible idea, but hawks don’t know that. The mouse had eaten poison.

    By J Arcidiacono on 06.09.2010

  27. Sell me something that I don’t really need….the power of Costco.

    By suu URL on 06.09.2010

  28. My eyes where following you like a hawk. I watched you every morning through my apartment while you watched television.

    By deadutante URL on 06.09.2010

  29. omigosh i can see a hawk its flying in the sky and as about to attack a bird “WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!” I yelled and the bird was grabbed and eaten “SADNESSS” i said

    By khyfkfh on 06.09.2010

  30. we chose to fly over the valleys of our parents morals
    and laid ourselves to rest upon the plateaus of our barbed wire arms
    and the glass shattered with the alarm clocks screech
    we hit the windows thinking they were doorways
    to a life we always wanted.

    By Andrew Norman on 06.09.2010

  31. The the power and force of a hawk is one and individual needs to witness to understand. Those strong wings, the sharp beak, the watchful eye…..all seem to say, “I am above you.”

    By Willow URL on 06.09.2010

  32. hawk was definitely the word of yesterday, because i definitely already wrote about it, and i’m not any fonder of it then i was at the time. AHHHH JACK CUNNINGHAM.

    that’s all.

    also, hawk.

    By Jess URL on 06.09.2010

  33. there was a blank hawk in the sky that looked down and decided to kill it’s prey. the prey was out searching for food for his family – a little fox – a new father – trying to make his new little family safe and secure and healthy with some good food. but when the hawk swooped down, it took the fox for a loop and the fox

    By elizabeth on 06.09.2010

  34. she wore a hawk feather hat. Is that even allowed? Aren’t they in danger or something, or is that falcons? What about eagles? Would eagle feather be less bold? I shoudl know this.

    By zkalioznes on 06.09.2010

  35. I have already written about a hawk: JonathonToews, who leads the NHL in points this post season and looks to bring Chicago its first Stanley Cup since 1961.

    By Pat on 06.09.2010

  36. stephen hawking was superman. i never really watched superman though I was more of a fan of batman. batman was a total badass. he had the rough history and was actually incredibly intelligeng PLUS was super sexy. i never was into the tight.

    By Caitie B. on 06.09.2010

  37. Out of the crystal sky the hawk circled looking for it’s prey. The girl had sensed many hours ago that something was tracking her so she had taken precautions … she wore rain coloured clothing and moved slowly among the bracken.

    By Willow Goodman URL on 06.09.2010