June 6th, 2010 | 223 Entries

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223 Entries for “science”

  1. Science is nice. Nice and free. Science is freedom. To think about us. The world. Everything. Science is what will release us from our puny minds…. embrace science. Science is what will set you free…

    By Yel. on 06.07.2010

  2. two shining clear lenses in silver circles bent lower over a microscope
    and all life splayed out legs spread pussy wheezing breathing and a baby crawls out

    By zak URL on 06.07.2010

  3. Science is the backbone of all modern advancements. It explores the vast unknown with logic and understanding.

    By Bren on 06.07.2010

  4. I hate science. I made a B+ in my last science class because I failed the final exam. I hate math too, but for some reason I can make that work enough to where I made As in both semesters.

    By imshort123 URL on 06.07.2010

  5. can be the man’s salvation or man’s damnation. Allows me to write on the computer this very second! Were we better before or after its heyday?

    By Stephany Fisher on 06.07.2010

  6. ewwww my lease favorite subject… especially biology. Chem is okay because you get to blow things up, and earth science really comes in handy, but biology is just muck muck muck… gross… all those dissections really aren’t fun… none of the girls will touch the dead things even though they’re not really that gross… they’ve been dead for awhile.

    By Rebekah on 06.07.2010

  7. I fell asleep in physics class all the time because it was after lunch. It’s too bad. I think I would have really enjoyed physics had I been able to concentrate. Inertia is an interesting concept.

    By heatherteaching URL on 06.07.2010

  8. the bane of my existence. honestly, leave it to the pros. i think of green leaves and beakers and concepts i don’t understand. i’m a music major. I DON’T NEED THIS. people should learn about what they’re interested in. and that’s that.

    By Jessica on 06.07.2010

  9. there’s a science to everything i suppose. beyond the common exchange of words and glances, there is a complicated structure that holds everything together. the entire world runs on an engine – love.

    By Austin Sens URL on 06.07.2010

  10. Science is important.

    By Maximilian on 06.07.2010

  11. she blinded me with science. literally and figuratively. the compound was not supposed to explode like that.

    By Social Tyler URL on 06.07.2010

  12. your mad
    it just doesn’t quit compute
    i love you
    but your lingering

    By Kimberly on 06.07.2010

  13. i already wrote one of these. anonymously. let’s just say i hate everything about science. and that’s that. sure, it’s necessary, and sure, the reason i’m typing this is because of science, but i don’t care, and i don’t want to have to know that. music and english and creativity all the way <3

    By Jess URL on 06.07.2010

  14. the way people would think of things, is it real or not real we go forth and try to find out about science. science has many flaws and imperfections that people try to find, the things we are trying to find are the truths about our everyday world. is it fiction or non fiction science tells us. nothing is impossible, we just aren’t there yet.

    By Giang Nguyen on 06.07.2010

  15. Im not particularly sure what I;m supposed to do on this website but it sound quite interesting seeing as the only time i ever work effectively is under deadlines, but this get saved or what? Oh well at least worst case scenario ill learned to type faster. oh and science sucks.

    By Dan Haney on 06.07.2010

  16. My degree, the answer to everything… or most things! It asks questions, and tries to find the answers. It’s interesting, I love it.

    By Jennifer Mace on 06.07.2010

  17. Science is the logical answer to religion. No one knows how we were created yet, but religious stories aren’t looking convincing.

    By Jacob H. URL on 06.07.2010

  18. I want to make a career in this area. it is the persuit of knowledge. evolution is not a theory, it is a fact. we just don’t know the specifics. science is wonderful, it is how we discover the world around us

    By Rachel on 06.07.2010

  19. The world was bleak; the skies gray and the atmosphere murky. The sky cried out with acid and the ground errupted with lava while the oceans spat oil sludge onto the shore. A single roach skittered across a desserted road and hid within a dead tree. A lone emaciated wolf scampered by a building holding the last few humans that would walked the earth. It whined every few minutes holding its injured paw. The beast fell onto the ground with weak whimpers. He struggled to stand, but could not muster up the strength. He cried out louder as the acid stung his starved form. The dirty little girl looked out the small window and felt tears pour down his face. This, this was prosperity?! This is what the mixture of greed and science brought.

    By Megan Hickman URL on 06.07.2010

  20. i hate science. chemistry, physics, biology. i hate them. hate them all. rawr. science sucks to the core. you know why? cuz i kept failing no matter how hard i studied for it. lol. hmph. go die.

    By mady on 06.07.2010

  21. science is something i don’t understand. science is too difficult. i know some stuff about sci-fcic movies, but it’s not enough
    science on the other hand makes the world a better place. technology is

    By fda on 06.07.2010

  22. science makes the world a better place. science is technology. even though i don’t undestand it some people do and that makes me happy, cause i can take the advantage of their labor. how long can i write now…bla bla baanda baag’fja’sdjofa’sdjfa; jd’ajf\asdjf \

    By fda on 06.07.2010

  23. science…it is the best thing man has created. it gives us reason, and it is the reason which makes us believe, and so science is a belief.

    By Prateek Sehgal URL on 06.07.2010