January 26th, 2011 | 336 Entries

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336 Entries for “relatives”

  1. Eeek! My relatives are a bunch of loud hungry humans! I love them all. At my house there is a rule during dinner….one foot on the floor. If you don’t eat in a hurry, you might not get anything at all. I love family reunions!

  2. You can’t choose who your relatives are, which explains a lot. Admit it, you’ve had that sensation when you are looking across the table wondering how in the world you can be related to that lunatic on the other side. Then, you realize, they are thinking the same thing.

  3. I dislike relatives, they’re so nosy and inconsiderate. ‘Do you have a boyfriend yet?’ ‘You’ve lost/gained so much weight!’ ‘You’ve grown taller.’ No shit. Time flies, people change. Good god. I hate relatives especially during holidays.

    by Sarah B on 01.27.2011
  4. I have a secret: my relatives are aliens. I’m not sure exactly which planet they come from. It’s a big secret or something. In fact, they won’t even admit they are aliens. I’ve just always known.

    by Sonia M. on 01.27.2011
  5. when we met here was faint recognition of what lay behind us – the unknown features of the past remained hidden as though behind a burka screen allowing only the passage of gleaming recognition

  6. Everyone is either blessed or cursed with “relatives”. You don’t have the luxury of picking them for yourself. I have been blessed.

    by Linda Vice on 01.27.2011
  7. family. austere. gay- I realize that’s unfair on a slew of levels, but gay. genetics don’t make love for a stranger a necessity. ha ha- understand I’m usually not quite so hateful. but yep..

  8. Relatives are what tie us to Earth and tell us that we have someone who will always be there to love us.

    by Emma on 01.27.2011
  9. I have no relatives.

    Or for that matter no one I relate to.

    it’s ok.

    i’ll live


  10. i love my relatives. i am an only child, but my cousins mean so much to be as they are like my siblings. my aunts, uncles, and grandparents are also a huge part of my life. family will always come first for me.

    by jenn on 01.27.2011
  11. I have very few relatives left in my life. And of those few, I’ve spoken to none in rencent years. This is thier choice as I have opened myself up for being close to all of them (this would include my mother).

  12. I have some funny relatives. Some of them are very quiet, but some of them are really loud. We get together on holidays. My favorite holiday is Easter because we go to church and then have a big meal! My sisters and I play with our cousins. We usually have over fifty relatives come over on Easter.

  13. I was actually just thinking about this. My friends, they stress me out a lot. 2 people I can always talk to are my cousins, Melissa and Jessica. Without them I would be super tight… I love my family so much, even though they are super weird.

    by Gina on 01.27.2011
  14. My relatives are fun and awesome. There nice but they live in Virgina. We don’t get to see them often.

  15. everyone in the world has a relative. it maybe a cousin a mom or dad. Some relatives may live mear you others can live anywhere around the world. my favorite relative is my sister Caitlan she is awesome. i love her. my others all live in my home.

  16. there the craziest people i know! i love them to pieces and dont know what i would do without them, they mean the world to me. Sometimes i cant even believe that they have my blood but deep down i know im just like them!

  17. they are nice it depends on who iam talking bout

  18. Relatives are people who are related to you. They know you by heart. And they are other members in your family. Some are nice very nice or really mean. And some are retarded.

  19. relatives is a word i do not us that often so i guess ya well ok that is all i have to say.

  20. relatives are the people who hold us together, they are the bond that is never breaking. what happens when they start to fade away? do we fade away as well? or do we become stronger? one day, my mother told me that I wasn’t good enough. That day, I faded away. I am still faded, I am still a shadow. I will be a shadow until I have the support that I once had again.

    by Sarah on 01.27.2011
  21. I have a lot of relatives and i love them. We have such crazy adventures ecspecialy when we are camping. do you have crazy adventures with your relatives?

    by on 01.27.2011
  22. Relatives often do things for you that no one else could do. We should all be thankful to have relatives in our lives. We all need to also do things for relatives that no one else can do for them.

  23. my family is very odd. but we always love eachother cause thats who we are. we go through good times and bad but were always there for one another

  24. I love my relatives. More specifically, my cousins. Ew, not like that, you sicko! Just kidding. In seriousness, they’re like… the brothers and sisters I never had. Which is kind of a good thing… Imagine mom going through that pain multiple time

    by Diana on 01.27.2011
  25. relitives are like family and family is imporntant so you should think of family when you thimk of relitives so ya relitives are imporntant… family is the best thing u will ever get !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. my relatives are realy nice. the make me happy and we allways have fun playing a sport. we play football and paintball

  27. Relatives are sometimes nice but they can be mean when their mad. i have alot of relatives around everywhere i dont even no most of them.

  28. Aunt Christina was a mystery, an unknown figure from holidays and birthdays of my childhood. The uncles always were distinctly obnoxiousness but she slipped into the background, present but aloof.

  29. they nice

  30. relatives are important. Without realtives we would be pretty much by ourselves.

  31. You gotta love them. Those cackling, gossiping, hugging and overly-inquisitive group of relatives who always show up only at weddings and funerals. They want to know everything about you in a five minute span, and then spend the rest of the time regaling you with pictures and storries of your 3rd cousin once removed that you last saw when you were two.

  32. you can’t choose your relatives, or so the saying goes. you can, however, choose how to view them, how to react to the many things they say and do, some of them quite dumb, or how not to react. you can also choose how much baggage from them you wish to carry. the less the better.

  33. Relatives are a pain, most of the times. Unless they’re like Aunt Ellen. She’s the most awesome aunt anyone could ask for. At least, that was what Meg had thought for as long as she could remember. While other kids were complaining about having to go over to a relative’s house for Thanksgiving or Christmas, Meg would secretly be happy because that meant she got to meet Aunt Ellen.

    by Bramblepath on 01.27.2011
  34. my relatives are very interesting. When I think of the word relatives I think of my cousin first because we could be sisters. We look alike, we sometimes act alike, we are so much the same in so many ways.

    by Morgan on 01.27.2011
  35. i love my family, i value family. relatives are not family. relatives are friends of family, therefore i do not care.

    by ina on 01.27.2011
  36. My family is huge and we have gotten along mostly for a long time. Things have been shaken up lately with affairs and broken trusts, sadly. I miss the way things were. I want peace again. I want everyone to love and be accepting of one another.

  37. I crouch beneath my desk, hands over my ears. My music is turned up as loud as it will go, but I still hear them. Screaming, always screaming. Whenever we’re alone, they shout and they fight and I wonder how much longer it could go on. I wonder if that’s what I’m going to be like, five years, ten years down the line. Will I be the one out there, screaming? Or will I still be hiding and pretending everything is perfect?

  38. You can choose your shoes, and you can choose your cheeseburgers,” thought Rex, “but your relatives are stuck to you like toe cheeseburgers.”

  39. Oh! Family are fun and you can’t do without, whether they love you too much or give you a clout. Mum and Dads don’t come free but I’m so glad that they had me. Thanks much love xx

  40. i have many relatives in my family. relatives are so much fun! especially when you get to meet them for the first time! most of them are friendly. which is good. and a relative is somone that will be by your side at all times.