January 26th, 2011 | 336 Entries

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336 Entries for “relatives”

  1. My family is a fun family. They are really fun to be around.

    by kuppycakekhylee on 01.27.2011
  2. Relatives are great to have but they can be a pain. It’s nice to have them but sometimes everything goes wrong and you don’t want them around. They are good to have though. Everyone should have relatives and people around them that they love. I love having family reunions so you can see them.

  3. Relatives are brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles parents, step parents, step brothers or sisters, grandparents, or any other person that you are related to. They are important people in your life.

    by on 01.27.2011
  4. I have many relatives. From both sides of the family. I love them so much. But i’m not the only one who has relatives. Everyone does, cause if we didn’t we wouldn’t be here.

  5. my relatives i love but they dont seem to care for me cuez im alone with only a frind

  6. relitive are great they help you threw hard times and i have 17 just in my familly and i have 2 nephews and 2 necies i love them so much

  7. relatives are aunts,uncles,and cousins.

    by peyton on 01.27.2011
  8. They are someone that is your family they should always be there forr you when you nee them and they are also called family and they love and care for you

    by on 01.27.2011
  9. My family is so amazing we have some crazy times my cousins and I. They are so amazing and I cant wait till I see them again.

  10. satified

    by Mary Welzen on 01.27.2011
  11. She pushed the rake at the bed of wet leaves, shuffling for pecans. Some were wormy now, but those’d be good for the pigs.

    Back onto the riding lawn mower. Back up the frost-topped hill to home.

  12. Relatives – the word made me feel all heavy. While if you had said ‘brother’ I’d have grinned, launched into childhood memories. But relatives sound like old aunts, people one owes a duty to, that have shrivelled beyond the point of loving them.

    by joey on 01.27.2011
  13. Relatives.
    How to cope with them?
    How to…describe them?
    How to tell them
    I need out of here
    Lies, hate, cruelty
    In their world of gossip and presents
    How can they understand?

    My religion is different
    I’m just different from them all
    Not sure they like me
    Not sure I like them
    No, that isn’t true
    I like them
    I just don’t know how to deal with them

    Lift me up, let me go.
    Can’t be outfought. Ever.
    I want to live with you. You have awesome relatives.
    I want you to be mine always.
    I want you to protect me

    From my relatives.

    by Rik on 01.27.2011
  14. Christmas is one of the very few times that I get to see nearly all my relatives in one place; my father is the oldest of seven, my mother the third child out of four. I am one of three children, with three cousins on one side and 24 (26 if you count those who have passed) on the other. And some of my relatives I don’t really LIKE all that much… but I love every single one of them.

  15. relatives- you can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them. it’s a different word for “family” and no matter how formal it sounds, it’s still just that- family. your family can be close friends, too. not just those you’re related to.

  16. relatives relatives
    my relatives drive me nuts… can I get new one’s please?

    is that the purpose of family relations… to annoy you… to force you to grow?

  17. I really don’t know you. You come to my house about three times a year, eat my food, use my bathroom, and give me strange gifts I never use. When we hug, it feels like I’m embracing someone on the subway. No, not really, but almost.

    by on 01.27.2011
  18. My sister is the one who found out about it. She came in, one day – or maybe I walked in on her; it’s hard to remember sometime. And there was blood on the floor, and little pieces of the broken stained glass, with the cat rolled up in the middle, like she’d arranged herself into part of a new mosaic. It was lovely, and scary. There was a bit of a shocked silence, and then my sister said something – I don’t remember what – and we left the room, and the glass, and the cat, and we made this unspoken agreement not to tell the parentals, because no one really needed to know besides us.

  19. Duties. Obligations. There’s reciprocity. They’re good to me. I’m good to them. I know I might need them. But sometimes I do just want to be left alone.

  20. Relatives are people you love unconditionally. The same can be true of how you hate them.

  21. Family. Even friends. Any people you hold close to you. People you care about. Relatives are extremely important to help keep most people sane. Without these people life would be dreary, dull and monotonous.

    by Liam on 01.27.2011
  22. relatives
    not the best time to bring this word up with me
    knowing someone is going to die is a torturous blessing
    does that cover what i think of the word relatives at the moment?
    well i still have 20secs…
    and now i dont

  23. relatives are related to you whether by blood or by marriage. my cousins have become very close relatives to me over the past few years and sometimes can be some of the best and most trustworthy friends you will ever have.

    by charlotte on 01.27.2011

    by IVO on 01.27.2011
  25. We have a difference on that subject. Mine is better than yours, that’s what I’m sure of.

    by ba2 on 01.27.2011
  26. They say you cant choose your relatives and I know there are plenty of mine that i wish would disappear, but there are those who shine with an ethereal beauty. Those people who make your life richer for having them. they lift you up when you are down and encourage you to shine

  27. i loove and hate g-parents.well for starters i looove when its time for christmas beacause they give you cool presents. but sometimes their scared of doing stuff like once i wanted to go explore in their backyard-has woods-but he said, there might be a snake or something dangerous, so i was stuck in their house for 4 whole hours, and thats just my win-lose situation!

    by dillon on 01.27.2011
  28. relatives, they will do anything for you. They will be there for you always. You might fight and rival but you will always love them and they will always love you. The things you tell relatives sometimes you can’t tell anyone else. However some relatives smell such as old grannyis and grandmpas. Cousins can be fun and evil. Parents support all decissions and siblings are either loving or evil. Neverthe less you can always count on relatives.

    by Maria Braun on 01.27.2011
  29. I think it is good to be supportive to your relatives. Some people have more than others. Some people would like more for instance those who are an only child, those who have been bereved and those who have lost touch. I think of Oscar Wilde at this point – to lose one parent is a misfortune but to lose two is totally careless – well something like that. Have a good day and enjoy your family!

  30. itd hasrd to think about relatives you just want them to be there for you but all you get is a Christmas cardthey dont really know you so what is the pointy you can choose your friends

  31. Relatives are your family. The people you love the most, the people you like to celebrate with, the people who you go through your most painful times with. They are blood relatives, and they are the ones that mean the most to you.

    by lucy on 01.27.2011
  32. Many years ago, and still today, people in africa spread stories songs and myths to each other. these stories are then passed on by relatives, by word of mouth. Still today, african tribes are still passing on these messages, and they will continue to pass them on forever…

  33. I have a relative who I really idolise. His name is John and he is my uncle. He is tall and is very smart, and he loves sports, just like I do! When I grow up, I want to be just like him.

  34. My father died 8 months before my twin sister and I was born. My mother has been pretty distant my entire life. I’ve lived with my grandfather and friends for most of my life. I have a twin sister and a l

    by Trent on 01.27.2011
  35. Fools. I want to help them but at the same time I don’t.

    by Jake on 01.27.2011
  36. Enid mentioned that one of my cousins was driving a Lambourghini now. Although still living in Harlow, Essex. I could sense her feeling that she had somehow wounded me. A LAmbourghini I said, eyebrows arched, how discreet.

  37. Relatives I Have many. Ancient ones, ones who are alive that I see occasionally at funerals and hear about. Are we all relatives?

    by Aingeala on 01.27.2011
  38. “It’s all about relatives,” he said to me. “Comparisons. The lamp that looks dim in the sunlight will burn your eyes in the dark.”

  39. Shaniqua had fallen in love with her cousin. She loved how attractive he was, and she didn’t care what her relatives thought. She thought he was smokin’ and wished that they weren’t related so that they could have non-mutated children. The End. Sorry Miss Green. Best I could do.

    by Isaac Bartels on 01.27.2011
  40. They are the one thing you miss as you get older. Relative values. You realise you are now the relative for a whole bunch of other people, but the relationships you built your foundations on aren’t there any more. So you keep on keeping on, and stick with the ones you got. One by one, they all fade away…