December 21st, 2010 | 356 Entries

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356 Entries for “rejection”

  1. is the harshest thing when you are in love with a person or a job. Rejection is something you cannot change no matter how hard you try. I was rejected by a boy once and now I will not trust another up. Another time I rejected a guy but it felt worse than being rejected.

    By Lucy on 12.22.2010

  2. Rejection is a synonym for pain. It cracks something deep inside, and leaves you fearing the next crack will make it all break. Perhaps you are the problem?

    By Faith on 12.22.2010

  3. My biggest fear. I only applied to one college because I had guaranteed admission to it. I have never told a guy I liked them unless they told me first. I have never made the first move. I only apply for jobs that I know I can get through my friends. My fear of rejection is taking over my life. Ugh.

    By Nicole URL on 12.22.2010

  4. Rejection can take many form. Most of the time rejection comes from stupidity, and people who don’t take the time to get to know the person they’re rejecting. But sometimes, rejection comes from somewhere deeper.

    By ChangeItIs on 12.22.2010

  5. Oh, it can’t be rejection again! Is it the only word you have in store today? Also I don’t find it very inspiring I’m afraid. Couldn’t it be hatred, or love, or joy, or Christmas? I’d have a lot to say about Christmas! Shame…

    By ChangeItIs on 12.22.2010

  6. is not fun.

    By bicksn on 12.22.2010

  7. I´ve no idea about what is rejection perhaps is something related to the rejects, I remind a rock group called Cocney Rejects.

    By arnau on 12.22.2010

  8. it was such a terrible word. people didn’t like it, it meant they didn’t want you, didn’t want anything to do with you. but i prefer rejection. i like knowing they don’t want to do this instead of just waiting around for something to change when it won’t, instead of wasting my time and theirs.

    By Sera URL on 12.22.2010

  9. rejection is the feeling of nothingness

    By himali on 12.22.2010

  10. Injektionen sind eher selten hier. Meist werden Globuli und Tropfen verabreicht. Keiner weiß, wie es funktioniert. Aber es funktioniert. Den meisten wachsen davon Flügel. Nur mit den Federn funktioniert es irgendwie noch nicht richtig. Federbuschkraut, Werbelblätter, Horizontie …

    By Eli URL on 12.22.2010

  11. i am rejected so i am here. If i dont be rejected i will be among my friends. But if you dont feeel rejected you can continue to be among your friends. That is my problem, that should be solved.

    By mdemir on 12.22.2010

  12. Thi

    By Jessie on 12.22.2010

  13. Anything which gives a sense of being less than what you think you are. Being rejected is probably the biggest hit life can throw at you. The feeling of not being required by someone, or something pushes a person to depression.

    By Nishtha on 12.22.2010

  14. Rejection sucks. I never asked anyone out ever because I didn’t want to be rejected. I always made the boy ask me out. and it did happen a lot! and so I suppose I rejected a lot of people. I feel a bit bad, but not as bad as I would have felt if I were rejected.

    By Courtney on 12.22.2010

  15. I fear rejection everyday. I fear it so much that I lie to others to make them like me. I fear it so much that, to avoid it, I have destroyed lives, people’s feelings and my own perceptions. Now I fear rejection from myself. I see all the things I do to others, how I seem to not care at all, and I have started to reject myself. I feel like a blackhole.

    By Jess URL on 12.22.2010

  16. There is nothing like rejection. I am told that burns are the worst pain a body can experience. Rejection is a burn to the soul.

    By onewordwasheard URL on 12.22.2010

  17. Again, rejected, dejected, wandering the streets. And all for an old penny farthing.

    Lamplight only serves to show me the powdery rain.

    And all is shiny and wet.

    By Tatti Dorjan URL on 12.22.2010

  18. You stare at me as I say the words you never wanted to hear. my eyes begin to fill and threaten to spill. You watch me as I cry. You wish I had never come by.

    By Chrissy URL on 12.22.2010

  19. Rejection is a place I guess I’ve been before. I mean to be honest, I’m not even completely sure what it means. Rejection like when you have too many damn things overdue on your library card even though you turned them in so they won’t let you check out books? Rejection like going to a party and leaving without having talked to anyone? Dirty windows make up the whole of my existance, I always feel like I’m on the outside looking in even if I was on the inside standing in a corner. I can’t actually tell because all I’m looking at is the window, and it’s too dirty to even tell me which side I’m on. And here I thought windows were supposed to show you something important.

    By Alex on 12.22.2010

    I think everyone’s afraid of rejection in some way… hmm.

    By marella r. URL on 12.22.2010

  21. It hurts but it’s a natural thing of life. People get rejected, people get accepted. It’s the law of opposites and all that, for every one person who is taken, another is discarded. There are enough people, enough things in the world for not everyone to realize this. But it’s not a bad thing, it’s just a fact that hurts to accept.

    By Jennifer Lee on 12.22.2010

  22. Some people fear rejection, as if it was the worst thing in the world. But rejection can only be beaten by exposure to it and to fear itself.

    By Carlos Manu on 12.22.2010

  23. help, it is a word that is based upon repulsion, the dark side of the power of attraction. A very visceral word; has redeeming social value if there are respect for it.

    By Paul Ranney on 12.22.2010

  24. It’s a tough thing to face rejection from every which way but loose. I haven’t coped very well so far, when my last boyfriend didn’t accept my proposal I… snapped. People aren’t really prone to rejection when they are in multiple bin bags… who’d have thunk it?

    By Rebecca URL on 12.22.2010

  25. oh i know all too much about rejection…..i pour my heart out to this chick cause she makes me happy after my whore of an ex ruined my life and now she wont give me the time of day..fml….

    By scott on 12.22.2010

  26. Hurts like a motherfucker, doesn’t it? That said it’s so much a part of how we become who we are, who we’re going to be. It’s the rejection that turns us into the people that at some point in the future, someone will want, and love, and cherish, and ultimately accept. But again rejection is a motherfucker.

    By Charles on 12.22.2010

  27. typically a negative word. I do not believe in it much. It is weak. It builds strength to overcome rejection. Yes it hurts.

    By Scott URL on 12.22.2010

  28. i can’t even begin to think about that day. it was grey and never meant to happen. however, i’m moving on. away from it all. goodbye. stop. light. white. try again.

    By alexander on 12.22.2010

  29. Rejection can take a myriad of different forms. IMO, rejection is one of the most hurtful things a person can experience in their lifetime. The path to true happiness for most people lies in knowing their peers accept and respect them for who they truly are as opposed to the face they present to the world.

    By Jenny on 12.22.2010

  30. Everyday when i look outside the window i think about that time i was in the market and wanted a paticular apricot, it was so new and red and fresh. Round and supple it was ready to belong in my hand. When my fingers grazed the ripe flesh, they chilled and started. When the fruit finally rested on my palm, i couldn’t believe how beautiful it was on one side, and how treacherously brown and rotted it had become on the other.

    By Casey Pierce on 12.22.2010

  31. rejection happens socially and it’s the worst feeling i’ve ever felt. i didn’t have a particularily terrible childhood either in terms of rejection, but i think once you’ve experienced it, you’ll always live in fear of it. people do ridiculous things to avoid rejection and to fit in (e.g. wear a stupid hat because everyone else does) or if they feel rejection they can do stupid things because of it e.g. suicide.

    By anna on 12.22.2010

  32. He leaned in, confident that it was the right time. Pursed lips. Anticipation. She moved away. The rejection cut to the core, like a blade to the flesh. He drew back, hurt.

    By John on 12.22.2010

  33. Rejection is a feeling despised by virtually all, but if you really think about it, if we never experienced rejection, we would never be able to fully appreciate acceptance. So, thank you, rejection, for making a simple “yes” that much sweeter.

    By Jaysa on 12.22.2010

  34. too much rejection, my love. no love injection, oh no.

    By Vanessa on 12.22.2010

  35. I have a friend that got rejected when he asked out a girl. His name was mark wickman.He cried when he got rejected. Now he is mad at me for writing this story so ill stop saying things about mark wickman.

    By Tyler Lind URL on 12.22.2010

  36. What I fear a lot, but not most. Rejection is far better than the uncertainty that comes before it. Closure is a synonym. A nice one. One that takes away the fear.

    By Just Eloise on 12.22.2010

  37. Oh this is a sad word. I mean, who wants to write about rejection? So, I’m going to reject this word. Yeah, that’s right, rejection. I’m rejecting you. Now do you feel what it feels when you thrust yourself upon others?

    By Jonathan on 12.22.2010

  38. Let me throw one back at you, rejection. I’m not going to write about you because you’re not good enough. Painful, huh? See how it feels to be rejected.

    By Jonathan C. URL on 12.22.2010

  39. is someting we all have to face… it can be a harsh reality for some, and for others its more of a thing they do to people, aha if you are rejected, take it as positively as possible and use it as fuel to move on. end of story.

    By Tim Snelgrove on 12.22.2010

  40. omg i cant believe he did that to me i feel so bad i loved him or could have he was so cute dagnow i eel like an idiot shit what is everyone guna say about this i bet hes guna look at me now i and never wat to talk to me again or see him. ill never forget this. he probably told all his friends by now this is so embarrassing for me blah blah blha i guess that wat it would feel like if this actually happen to me. but i had an awesome boyfriends in hischool brand

    By malika on 12.22.2010