December 21st, 2010 | 356 Entries

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356 Entries for “rejection”

  1. Who cares. It’s what I’d like to think whenever it happens. Screw ’em all. Who cares what they think. Does anyone actually think this way? Is the advice yet another platitude? Would I be a better person if I didn’t care? Or does caring make me the person I am? I kinda like me … do I hope it does.

    By Fookie URL on 12.22.2010

  2. I fee it all around me, as do most others, always. Most feel it necessary to project it towads the ones around them, whom otrwise may be a likely candidate for friendship, simply in order to achieve higher social status.

    By Sara Bjarnason on 12.22.2010

  3. rejection is probably the worst fear people in general has these days, no one has ever been free of this feeling regarding the complicatedness of relationships in general, isn’t it hard?

    By Who on 12.22.2010

  4. hurts people’s feelings, but makes us understand its not okay to hurt others. there is always something better and worth your time next.

    By v on 12.22.2010

  5. Rejection is a horrible thing. I am yet to feel it but I know when I do I will be very upset. However rejection could make you a stronger person; every cloud has a silver lining darling.

    By TA URL on 12.22.2010


    By ***SANDSTARR*** on 12.22.2010

  7. go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go gog g o go
    go go go go go go go gog go go go go go go go gogo

    By SoliBlues on 12.22.2010

  8. I had never felt rejected before, I was having a nice life with Grandma and Grandad i love them dearly. Upon meeting my daughters dad i never felt more rejection before that.

    By Sarah URL on 12.22.2010

  9. What a great word to be given. The one time I come here to try and forget everything.
    To forget how afraid I am of this one stupid word. From that one stupid person that I’ve already been rejected by. Who is nothing more than a representation of all the pain and hurt and demons that used to control me. I just want freedom! REAL FREEDOM!
    Everytime you come into my life it all comes rushing back. Knocking me down like a tidal wave. You broke my soul and spirit. To this day, even as I lay with the man that I will marry, I wonder if you ever meant any of the crap you told me, and the possibility that you didn’t still kills me. You are the razor.

    By shelby on 12.22.2010

  10. The awesome thing about Christianity is that no one is rejected. Christ will turn no one away. His sacrifice was for all people everywhere. He only requires that we forsake all others and follow Him alone for salvation, realizing that we cannot save ourselves.

    By Chris Huff URL on 12.22.2010

  11. R e j e c t i o n…
    The End.
    Of your life.

    You won’t always be rejected. There’s something and someone out there waiting for you. They/It won’t reject you.

    By zeena on 12.22.2010

  12. I’ve already spoken of my fear of rejection. Whether it be rejected from a boy, a job interview, or even my parents, it hurts every way you look at it. One day I’ll learn to get over it.

    By Beverly URL on 12.22.2010

  13. it doesn’t happen to me too often. so when it does happen, it hurts. For this reason, I do the rejecting these days. Its better that way.

    By dunc on 12.22.2010

  14. rejection hurts
    it’s difficult to deal with
    rejection makes you want to give up
    learn that rejection gives you an opportunity to make yourself a better person
    find out who you are what you are good at
    be someone in a position where rejection is impossible.

    By Bobbie on 12.22.2010

  15. the pain of it – that moment when you realise all that coughing into his beer and muttering about it’s not you, darling, it’s me, I just need a bit more space and you know then that he’s bonking some floozie and you will spend the evening snivelling.

    By joey URL on 12.22.2010

  16. Sad. Terrible, confusing. How could anyone have to go through the sorrows and pain caused by rejection? But no, there are many people who suffer it daily. Perhaps we should focus on helping one another. “Love is a revolution”.

    By Pippen Snifferdoo on 12.22.2010

  17. really really sucks. there’s nothing you can do about it and makes you feel horrible about yourself. Some people’s worst nightmare. You can be rejected from a lot of things. people, schools, jobs, life in general, etc.

    By Lo on 12.22.2010

  18. The rejection forms are over there. Yes, right there, to the right, do you see them? No, the pink ones, yes, that’s right. Just fill it in and give it to me, and I’ll file it for you.

    Thank you.

    By Morrica URL on 12.22.2010

  19. Oh, gods, rejection. worst thing in the world. LIke, literally and without peer the WORST thing I can think of. NOt being wanted. Not being accepted. Not being good enough. Um. This is unpleasant and not a lot of fun. Nightmares. Loads of nightmares.
    And all based on the idea that i’m not good enough.

    By Lyn Thorne-Alder URL on 12.22.2010

  20. i feel this every day. even when im not formally rejected i still feel it. its not really the world rejecting me but me rejecting me. everything i do, say, even how i feel. It a sad life but one ive become accustomed to.

    By gypsi42 on 12.22.2010

  21. Dear rejection,
    You surround me always. You are behind me and before me. Most fear you, while the rest loathe you. I have began to smile at your visits. You have yet to disappoint. You bring me what I need instead of what I want. You are the footpath to fate.

    By Ingrid URL on 12.22.2010

  22. Oh man, if this is what I receive… Totally and completely, I mean… I think I’ll be crushed… ._. And it will be really hard not to blame myself. I could have chosen to stay silent, but I didn’t… Ah, the pressure… Please, please understand me and my feelings. Don’t break my heart.

    By Red Ruby Rae URL on 12.22.2010

  23. Molly nervously opened the letter from the publisher. Her heart beat a little faster as she unfolded the paper inside. Then her spirits sank as she realized it

    By tea on 12.22.2010

  24. Rejection is a word that makes me sad. It makes people feel unwanted and lonely. If you are rejected by a group of peers it could be devestating to someones self worth. It will make you feel as if your aren’t good enought to be included.

    By regina on 12.22.2010

  25. all of us are engaged in rejection
    we want to seek a perfection by everyone
    and loose sight of the one opinion that matters,
    our own.
    rejection deteriorates out mind.
    withers us into a chameleon
    changing with every person who comes along
    lacking confidence. your not like them
    and theyll tell you your wrong
    what they fail to see is the beauty of difference
    that were and the same species
    but the the unique qualities we have
    is what makes us beautiful. acceptance is key
    rejection is throwing away change due to fear
    fear of unkown and beating ourselves up.

    By brittany devillers on 12.22.2010

  26. The feeling of rejection is very hard for people of our age (13). WE do not simply take it as well as others but who cares, Right? Who needs Boys? (No offense)

    By RaeRae URL on 12.22.2010

  27. I often feel rejected by my female friends because they think i’m not that much of a feminist. I think girls are dramatic and downright stupid and i hate belonging to that gender. I’ve never been rejected by a man/guy. feel good about that.

    By Mae URL on 12.22.2010

  28. Why would you leave me like this. I was the one that could love you better than the rest. Or at least that’s what I thought. I loved you and you left me in pieces. I won’t cry over you I won’t die

    By Jocelyn on 12.22.2010

  29. When he talks to her instead of me, as I sit beside them and pretend I don’t notice.
    When he stops looking at me and instead looks into her eyes.
    When I look away because I can’t stand to let them see how it hurts me.

    By Adina on 12.22.2010

  30. rejection how am i supposed to know what it feels like? nobody has even asked me out. but i wonder what it feels like? im still so young, ive got time. dont rush life, ecspecially these years. i dont wanna grow up. it will be nice in a way but there’s so many responsibilities

    By Madison on 12.22.2010

  31. I hate rejection. it scares me senseless. I don’t even try. I cant bring myself to. So I just sit idly and go through the premeditations. Like bouncing a basket ball but never taking a shot at the net, ’cause I actually do do that in gym class.

    By Lyddie J URL on 12.22.2010

  32. Rejection is shitty like a tit with hair
    and women who are pretty are my despair
    so i masturbate with lotion or soap
    That, not obama, is my only hope

    By Mo Chou on 12.22.2010

  33. I could reject this little one. Even though I didn’t feel I was ready for it. Maybe it’s selfish but I loved this small being with all of my heart and I wanted to cherish and coddle and take care of it, no matter the consequences.

    By Moira URL on 12.22.2010

  34. REjection is tough, especially when It comes from someone you;ve known for 8 years. I’ve known him longer than I haven’t he liked me at one point..and i’ve liked him since the day we met. you know who he rejected me for? a skank, because she would lay down on her back for him after prom. they don”t even talk anymore.

    By lindsay on 12.22.2010

  35. Rejection is shitty like a tit with hair
    And women who are pretty are the cause of my despair
    So i masturbate when chopsticks or lotion to compensate
    The lack of punani that come by to fornicate

    By Kingtucky URL on 12.22.2010

  36. Rejection never bothered me when I was human, why would it now? Just because I choose not to be a monster? Just because my body needs the blood to survive, doesn’t mean I need to hunt frivolously. Ofcourse my tastebuds crave that wondrous warm sweetness but I can get that from any bloodbank. I will not kill for the hell of it. Reject me. That’s fine. I will only hunt when it is someone who deserves to die. Just cause I’m no longer human, doesn’t mean I can not be humane.

    By Cat URL on 12.22.2010