December 24th, 2014 | 45 Entries

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45 Entries for “regrowth”

  1. He left me broken
    with shards to spare
    cutting deeper, deeper
    into the deepest despair
    but I will grow one day
    a weed in the crack
    and he will not stop me
    from my regrowth

    By Sasaki on 12.24.2014

  2. As a rather backhanded Christmas present, Mario gave Lorenzo a trip to a special salon for a “regrowth program.” Apparently, the bald spot on the back of Lorenzo’s head had gotten bad enough to generate several jokes from rather sardonic family members, one such example being, “So I suppose you can reflect the sun back into space with that thing and slow down global warming?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.24.2014

  3. It’s uncertain whether the regrowth was normal. No one had seen any thing quite like it. In previous cases it was only known to dry out and eventually fall off leaving the patient with permanently mottled skin. Mathilde found the strange barnacle like growths horrifyingly unsightly, while her brother Adam found them grotesquely attractive, and could not keep himself from swiping the fleshy pods off his sister’s arms, only to watch them grow back half the size and twice as densely packed as the previous clusters.

    By Erica on 12.24.2014

  4. We stamper up hills, climbing.
    The road takes me higher
    The road takes us higher.
    We are calling the nature to come forth with us, as we move,
    as we express our being.

    Terrified, we struggle.
    We give birth in the womb of sorrow
    We are emotional, but now is the time for regrowth.

    By Anthony Ross - on 12.24.2014

  5. The pain was devastating, but the contract had been sealed. Glowing eyes looked down at me, mocking me, and I stupidly stared back at them while my arm steamed and throbbed. For all the torture, it was worth it, I knew that.

    By Windsinger on 12.24.2014

  6. reptilian appendages discarded in the leaves
    a figure of a skeleton, not hearts worn on the sleeves

    By Craw on 12.24.2014

  7. regrowth should only replace the old. otherwise, how can we all sustain?

    By Fransisca on 12.24.2014

  8. but i don’t want it to grow again
    don’t want to forge
    I just want to live in this moment as i was
    all this
    before any of this happened
    before my wold as i knew it changed for ever
    because that’s not how my life was supposed to go.
    not in the slightest

    By Paige Harrington on 12.24.2014

  9. It was a transitional time in her life, marked with sudden insights and a veritable fountain of creativity. All at once, she experienced a regrowth in her passions. Suddenly growing up didn’t seem like such a scary thing.

    By WearyWater URL on 12.24.2014

  10. Manicured to bloom robustly.

    By Swing through on 12.24.2014

  11. “I must congratulate you on your success,” she said, trailing her fingers through the now knee-high stems. “The state of regrowth is most impressive,”
    Geronym, her recently appointed high gardener, flushed with pride. “Thank you, your majesty, but I’m afraid I can’t take all the credit; her highness’ advice has been invaluable. No one knows these gardens like she does,”
    The queen hummed in agreement. “Leliah has always had a gift,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 12.25.2014

  12. Now is the time for growth.The time for growth is always now because if you are not growing you are dying and what’s the point of that?

    By Tracey on 12.25.2014

  13. Life has a full range of growth patterns. How we live, how we learn, how we grow in each stage.
    When you reach a certain age, I do believe we look back and see our mistakes, and we have a chance to be apart of a regrowth of life. I am fully in that stage now.

    By YvetteWhite on 12.25.2014

  14. I am going through regrowth right now, I can’t wait to get through to the other end. Regrowing myself has been going since september: Everything has a season and seasons begin and end.

    By Imogen URL on 12.25.2014

  15. Santa sat at Mrs Claus’ dressing table with a determined look on his rosy red face.
    “Lets do this.”
    He lifted the scalpel to his beard and attempted to hack a chunk of his frosty and ragged beard off. 2 hours later it was all gone and Santa looked a good deal younger to his delight. Then all of the sudden there was a big poof of smoke and suddenly his beard had regrown 3 times longer!
    “Damn. Should of used the chainsaw.”


    By SIXTYSECONDSGO on 12.25.2014

  16. It is just not possible to think of rising after a fall, leave the thought of going ahead, moving forward and making things happen all over again. Regrowth is a though process and it requires efforts.

    By aniketnik URL on 12.25.2014

  17. To grow again, to get bigger, to increase again, starting over, new growth, new chance, many people regrow

    By Mirjana Weekley on 12.25.2014

  18. To grow again, get bigger, starting over, new growth, many people regrow

    By Mirjana Weekley on 12.25.2014

  19. The turkey on the table, the main attraction, the one and only, the one that cant be replaced.So when it started growing feathers and coming alive,it really ruined that family’s christmas.

    By BUSHYSTINKS on 12.25.2014

  20. She cut the rose bush down to the ground thinking it was done. But come Spring she saw a regrowth that showed her that new life was bursting forth giving her hope for the future.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 12.25.2014

  21. Sometimes the seedling would recline in the afternoon sun and wonder why the weeds had come.

    “They’re just trying to be friendly,” said the hibiscus.

    The seedling shrugged. It was Christmas.

    By Jon URL on 12.25.2014

  22. a lizard’s tail, a branch, shaved beards. I interrogate these cells, “How?” For I want to unlock their secret so that I may apply it to my heart.

    By dominguez URL on 12.25.2014

  23. There wasn’t any time for regrowth in the jungles, when everything was being torn down at such a rapid rate. The bulldozers were too fast and intense on the jungle floor, and the men behind them knew they were on a time limit, and their pay was stuck to the levels of destruction they could make.

    By Rmund on 12.25.2014

  24. Regrowth of a man is a much more trickier than a tree’s. You see, throwing yourself on the ground along with your full plate of grilled cheese anf potatoes in a middle of a party breaks much more than the plate and family ties. It results in a cousin who cuts down your awarded cherry tree of your wife’s awarded garden and your life goes tumbling down from there. The tree, of course, never quite grows back the same. Your wife, on the other hand, stops blosdoming alltogether.

    By lulu on 12.25.2014


    By DONNA QUINN on 12.25.2014

  26. the process of rebuilding yourself when you have nothing left–when you have become a pile of shambles that seems to be irreparable. i suppose it’s not a very pleasant word, for who truly enjoys putting oneself back into one piece? its damned hard.

    By h.c.park on 12.25.2014

  27. Regrowth only comes to hair and fingernails. I wish we could regenerate limbs. That would be sweet. I would donate my digits to science if that were the case. Anything for progress.

    By dan URL on 12.25.2014

  28. I am waiting. I have grown tired, my skin thick and knitted with silvery scars. I am waiting, and in my waiting I remember her hair, threaded through with gold. The memories grow back, now, some altered, some the same. Here, wings unfurling from her spine in great swathes of feather and bone; there, her tired eyes. She is her sunrise and my morning.

    By Sol on 12.25.2014

  29. I’d like to be reborn as a person. It’s difficult to maintain myself emotionally and physically because I often lose track of how to take care of myself, so I’d like to start over. I want to grow again and get rid of all of the fucked up things that have attached themselves to me.

    By bruisyorange on 12.25.2014

  30. Everything had burned in the night.

    As they stepped out into the black rain of burned branches, Mia’s hand flew up to catch the gasp that had escaped. Feet smudged the ashes across the path that used to lead to her home, turning it an ashy grey rather than a deep brown. Luna, the wolf, sneezed beside Mia and crumpled what was left of a rare Mongola flower, now a pile of ash and dying embers.

    The animals had all taken shelter with her in the cave that was just beyond the fire’s reach; the predators were too frightened to hunt in the light of the bright orange glow, so for one night there had been peace among them. Mortal enemies even snuggled together to keep out fear. No one had slept, though, since the glowing and crackling around them hissed too loudly in their ears.

    Their eyes could see nothing left of the forest, not one dew-dropped flower or crunchy green leaf. The animals turned to Mia, whose other hand was neatly tucked against her chest. Noticing their stares, she looked down and slowly peeled back her hand, careful not to jostle the precious gift inside. It had already started to give off a faint golden glow, and a light green stalk peered out from the small patch of dirt in her hand. Their last Hope. As she marveled at this tiny ray of gold and green, Mia remembered the Prince’s last words- “You must find the heart of the forest and place it there, and you must do it before they return.”

    Mia looked back at her friends, a fierce purple spark in her eyes. “We must hurry.”

    By Julie on 12.25.2014

  31. To get bigger, to rise again, a lot of kids go through a regrowth

    By Mirjana Weekley on 12.25.2014

  32. His mostly violet eyes gazed down at his people – the pride of the United States of Japan. It had taken some time, and many sacrifices, but they finally did it. He finally won.

    Britannia was lost to the past, and the world was reborn under his rule.

    There was no preying on the weak.

    The regrowth of a nation – no, a world – was under his jurisdiction.

    He would make sure that his efforts were not wasted.

    His eyes gleamed – one violet, one red – as applause and cheers waved off the silence.

    And sadly, he jolted awake to the golden eyes of C.C. gazing down at him.


    They fill you with hope, only to let you down.

    By A Paper Flower on 12.25.2014

  33. that’s what i saw this past year as, a growth. no not a growth, like a new chance for me to grow, like a regrowth. regrowth.

    By Abigail W on 12.25.2014

  34. Old growth forests, littered with life giving decay. Paving the way for their kin. Rotting, decaying, blossoming. Cyclic. Die to live.
    An entire forest, slain by man, will grow again. Regrowth after the fire. Sprout from the ashes.
    Slash and burn, humans. Nice try.

    By Yamuna on 12.25.2014

  35. i am sowing seeds from fruit of past labours that long expired, in the hopes that the new fruit will be even sweeter. the seeds need the soil (a conducive work environment), the air (enough to breathe) and the sun (the inspiration of many a poet.)

    By Miki on 12.25.2014

  36. Jamie looked out over the City. The people of the Realm where going on about their lives. Each knowing they’re a little safer now from the dangers of the human world. Maybe eventually Jamie will be able to see the City as home and become the person she was suppose to be.

    By Sammie on 12.25.2014

  37. They say that many trees grows from the ashes of a forest fire; that it takes a cleansing of fire for a period of regrowth. In my city , Purity, the elders use this idea when dealing with criminals. No one knows what really goes on in our capital, but according to all the rumors, it is certainly not pleasant.
    Of the 3 cities, it is our leaders who are most concerned with cleaniness. Our twin city, Beauty, are simply concered with the appearance. And the third live in darkness. Their city is called Beast.

    By Katacomb on 12.25.2014

  38. growing takes a lot. honestly it’s the most exhausting part of living. growing. and it happens at any age. 1-98, it doesn’t end. and once you’ve gone through one stage. that’s called regrowth.

    By joc on 12.25.2014

  39. to begin again… to start over.. to look to the future… to be reborn.. joy!!! and peace!!!

    By Connie Shafer on 12.25.2014

  40. the open wound on her spine becomes a hard, maroon scab, itching and crunching on her back as she rolls her shoulders and washes her hair. that scab peels and stings under the harsh torrent of scalding water, becomes thin and pink and fleshy, glistening on her back like muscle peaking through the skin. finally scar tissue folds over the tender petals of skin and forms a seal, a symbol of something that has ended, and a new thing that will begin and begin and begin.

    By Aura on 12.25.2014