December 24th, 2014 | 45 Entries

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45 Entries for “regrowth”

  1. her hair was getting longer again, and unevenly in the case of her bangs. they were all tufted and strands of hair stuck out from where they shouldnt have. “it’s just a haircut,” they said. “it won’t make you look homeless!”

    By rhey quaza on 12.25.2014

  2. He sat rigid in his crisp white coat, unsmiling, and I watched as a tiny bead of sweat bloomed from his forehead. He looked at his charts, then up at me through his glasses. I swished my bare legs against the wax paper and awkwardly felt my nipples harden, why they kept these rooms so cold but only gave us paper gowns to wear, I had never understood. Then he let out a brief sigh that pickeled my insides.
    “It’s back, Caroline.”

    By Laura on 12.26.2014

  3. to reinvent yourself is a unique human quality. we are able to do thing again. over and over to be reborn. how wonderful that is. that separates us from other species.

    By barb on 12.26.2014

  4. i really dont know anything about tegrowth. is it like a regeneration? or some flower stuff? or is it about teenagers?? i honestly have no idea. it may be about adults, but this idea is unlikely to me.

    By maybe Emma on 12.26.2014

  5. Regrowth is an action that comes from inside, when people really want to change and be better.

    By netuno45 on 12.26.2014