August 27th, 2012 | 337 Entries

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337 Entries for “refuse”

  1. I refuse to type any further.

    By ernonimus on 08.27.2012

  2. Its full of it; the text, the moment when I read the words that tell me I call you later I’m extremely lazy today.

    By the girl in the mirror on 08.27.2012

  3. I refuse to be hurt. I refuse to be pressured. I refuse to submit. I refuse to suffer. I refuse to be tortured. I refuse to be oppressed. I refuse to stop believing. I refuse to be told what I can not do.

    By jehaan on 08.27.2012

  4. I refuse to believe that we need to run this world with such politics. We are all human, and should be able to come together as one.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.27.2012

  5. I refuse to let you take advantage of me, i refuse to let you win, i refuse to let you have everything, i refuse you to have tahat white fuckng dres i refuse to be your little bitch i refuse you to live here any longer, i refuse to give you my allwhen you never give me anything i refuse to be taken advantage of i refuse to be your convinient friend.

    By chloe on 08.27.2012

  6. She refused to think of what he’d done as a personal affront, because, after all, it was more a reflection of his character, at least that’s what she told herself as she tried to convinced herself that she was still good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, and she stood in front of the mirror. If she said it enough times, she’d believe it.

    By Candice URL on 08.27.2012

  7. “I refuse to partake!” Screamed the princess. All her life she’s been misunderstood, forced to act all prim and proper to appeal to her father’s beliefs. She’s always been happy with sitting in her bloomers and reading a good book under the hidden willow tree in the garden. Now, her father has sent her a frilled lavender dress that will squeeze her till she can no longer breathe.

    By Amarie URL on 08.27.2012

  8. I refuse to be shot down again when I know you want me. I see your eyes. They tell me with more earnest than your words ever have. It’s not about sex, its about a relationship that I know you’re scared to admit you desire. I can’t force you, but I’m letting you know; you’re ready.

    By Emily on 08.27.2012

  9. To refuse is to not want to give in on anything asked, simply by saying no. You want to refuse certain things if they are not good and are not addint meaning in your life just refuse.

    By Johndoe on 08.27.2012

  10. He refused to let her go. She was hos all. Everything he had ever worked fot. Every battle he had won, was in her name. She refused to let him stay, but he refusednto let her go…

    By Dominick McIntyre on 08.27.2012

  11. She refused to let go. She liked hard work as much as she liked winning. Which was not very much. Don’t get her wrong, she loved winning but she hated hardwork, which is why she probably loved staying in and doing nothing, she was lazy. Not to be confused with boring. She was gorgeously stunning and had an amazing charismatic, charming personality. Everyone liked her. Well almost everyone. We all know there is always going to be girls out there. The jealous ones. Jenna wasn’t inmune to jealousy though. Everytime she saw someone she deemed better than her, which happened often, if not everyday, she would silently curse herself for not being prettier, taller, and more mysteriously enigmatic. Jenna was often called cute and adorable, she loved it but at the same time felt like what they were describing was a very small puppy. Like many girls, she had the many traits of a dog. She was a bitch, but like a puppy she was lovable, cuddly, hyper, loyal, fun and full of love. Her friends, which were not such good friends, often scorned her for her big heart. She had girlfriends that were shallow, in fact, they were so shallow that they were just sticky, dry scrapingly painful sand. She loved these friends though, because they kept her sane. They kept her from drowning in her deep and endless abyss of despair, anxiety and depression. The kept her above those treacharous, dangerous depressing waters. Her sense of humor drew many in, she was hilarious, knew how to tell a story and had the right amount of sarcasm to make everyone laugh, she made dark jokes, dry jokes and the rare perverted ones. She loved laughing and making others laugh. One thing she despised was having someone hate her. She couldnt and wouldnt live with the fact that someone, always a jealous girl , hated her. She always thought “I must of been a terrible bitch, a horrible person to this girl for her to hate me so much” and it ate at her, The guilt of having hurt someone ate her away, until she finally made peace with whoever disliked her, and those times were rare. When she met guys, she tended to automatically friendzone them, it was a subconsious selfsabotage that kept her from gettign involved and hurt. She didn’t realize it and it caused her great sadness to have been friendzon by the guys she liked, which was not many because she was picky. Because of this she had many great guyfriends that always helped her out. She had 2 girlfriends and 2 best girlfriends and a lot of guy bestfriends. Although she was nice and compasiotate and had a very big kind heart, there were times when she would switch and become a mean girl. Times were when she felt threatened or when someoned messed with those that she loved. She was rarely mean to anyone and when she was, it had been because the person had drove her past her angry point. When she didn’t like someone, she had the ability to make them paraiahs, her words got her far, people loved her and were drawn to her, she could get anyone against anyone. Because she was so talented in communicating, she could be manipulative and she could always make things work in her favor. She could get an adamant teacher to pass her after speaking to them for 5 minutes, which she only did once. She didn’t like to do these horrific things because they made her feel terrible and very guilty. She was a guilty person, despite all the good she tried to do every day. She was imperfect and had many flaws, but her goodness and many positive attributes made up for it.

    By Jenna. on 08.27.2012

  12. to refuse something is to deny any help. it makes us feel like we need to do it ourselves.

    By stephanie on 08.27.2012

  13. I refuse to give in to your chestnut eyes that never once glance past me. I refuse to surrender to your cashmere-soft arms that hold me ever so dearly.

    By Desiree J URL on 08.27.2012

  14. I tried so hard.
    I really did.
    I curled my hair,
    swiped on pink lipstick,
    squeezed into my tightest jeans.
    I met him at 7.
    He was gone by 7:30.

    I told him,
    that I loved him.
    He refused to believe it.

    By Emma on 08.27.2012

  15. I don’t refuse you perse – she said
    but you mean it, i should go – silence
    yes, well – it is the thing i’ve said
    but you are refusing me – i feel like refuse, garbage, tossed away
    well, tossing is something I must do regularly or I will get overloaded.

    By potten on 08.27.2012

  16. “No.”

    That was it, just ‘No.’

    I sat on the ground, stared at the water. Would she ever say yes?

    Refusal. It hurt.

    By darthjubjub on 08.27.2012

  17. my sister tells me i should try to do something possible
    i refuse because everything is possible. even my “impossible dream”
    my mother tells me i should settle for less
    i refuse, not because i think i deserve more, but because more is within reach
    my father tells me to step aside and let the stronger people do the important things
    i refuse because strength has nothing to do with importance
    everyone tells me to be happy with the wonderful life i currently live
    i refuse because once my dream is achieved, my life will be a million times better
    the world tells me to give up
    i refuse because i couldn’t if i tried. my dreams are far too close for that.

    By Melanie on 08.27.2012

  18. Ich will fliehen vor der Welt. Ich will das alles hinter mir lassen, den Schmerz, die Zweifel, die Angst, die Unsicherheit. Es muss doch irgendwo einen Ort geben, wo es einfach nur schön ist, wo ich mich nicht mehr mit all dem herumplagen muss ohne Aussicht auf Besserung? Wo ist dieser Ort?

    By Lisa URL on 08.27.2012

  19. She refused him with all her might. When Trevor advanced through the door towards her, all she could think of was how he had hurt her before, and how she was not going to give him the chance once more. She looked around quickly, looking for something she could use to stop him, but nothing seemed to serve.
    Trevor charged with the rage of a man insane.

    By Thiago Marchetti URL on 08.27.2012

  20. “NO! N. O. Why won’t you listen?”
    “I don’t care. I want it, and I’m having it.”
    “It’s mine! Stop taking my stuff. MINE!”
    “Go away stupid! Stuff you, it’s mine now anyway.” He stuck his tongue out as he walked away with her favourite bear, tears streaming down her anguished face.

    By Bekah URL on 08.27.2012

  21. I refuse to give up. I refuse to believe that I’m less than I am. I refuse to give up on the people that I love, and I refuse to go a single day without being thankful for what I have.

    I refuse to forget, and I refuse to stop writing. Ever.

    By Toni URL on 08.27.2012

  22. “No!” she said, “Don’t touch me!”
    “But why? I don’t understand…”
    “Please don’t…” she pleaded. “Or it’ll kill you…I have no control over it and I can’t refuse it!”

    By Lisa Shambrook on 08.27.2012

  23. i refuse to accept this fate you have handed me, life is not done my friend and we have yet to live and explore. do not waste my friend, cling to life and love, do not give up but dream and hope and live, jump and dance and sing. we have yet to live and yet to love, so do not accept this fate and fight till your dying day

    By roma on 08.27.2012

  24. The child refused to be quiet. Even with the parent pleading and cajoling. I don’t go shopping in order to listen to spoiled children scream at the top of their lungs. I walked over to them and slapped the woman.

    By Jean on 08.27.2012

  25. It’s hard to refuse someone sometimes. It’s so hard to say no, even when you want to and it’s in your best interest. You don’t want to hurt their feelings, leave them to their own devices if they need help. But you can’t hurt yourself either, and eventually you have to gather the courage to say a small word.

    By Ashi URL on 08.27.2012

  26. I refuse to accept defeat. I refuse to stay down, to give up, to forget my dreams because my plan didn’t work. I refuse do let go of what my hear wants.

    By Cris Moreira URL on 08.27.2012

  27. I refuse to look at him. He doesn’t know what he does to me and I dont want him to see it because I know he doesn’t feel the same things. I refuse to let myself keep loving him like this, he doesn’t even care anymore. I fucking love him though. and I can’t help it. Why does he have to be the one guy I actually give a shit about? Why couldn’t it be on of the others who would do anything for me? Why do I have to be such a stuck up, picky bitch.

    By Melissa on 08.27.2012

  28. I said no. I’m done. You can’t pressure me anymore. I’m breaking free of your grasp. I can finally breathe again. Who knew to little letters could feel so liberating. NO.

    By Sammy on 08.27.2012

  29. I refuse to let him go. It doesn’t matter to me what he’s done. I’ll never let go. Some may call me stupid, stubborn or just down right idiotic, but he was my brother, my anker and I wouldn’t let go. Not ever. I tell him to hang on. He tries and tries, so hard…

    By Delphine on 08.27.2012

  30. I refuse to let negativism into my life. There is to much negative thoughts and actioins in this world. Refusing to be part of it makes my life easier. I refuse to be taken for granted by letting negative thoughts into my heart. It is important to sift out negative thoughts and refuse to let them dwell in your heart and control your life.

    By Betty on 08.27.2012

  31. I refuse to be normal, oppressed, ostricized, beaten down, shoved into a box and be told what to do. I will break free and be me. There is no one like me and just because youre not always around people doesnt mean you not cool or something whatver

    By matt on 08.27.2012

  32. Refuse to take no for answer.. unless it has to do with sex… then you should listen to the no. I mean, just a thought.

    Refuse to be normal

    Refuse to stay comfortable. break out. do something new. be a better person

    just a thought

    By Becks on 08.27.2012

  33. he felt he should take it, his gut was pulling, urging him to take it, but his head was saying something different. Although the money was undeniably attractive, he knew this was not the correct avenue for his life to go down.

    By Emily on 08.27.2012

  34. i refuse to let myself fall. sometimes its hard, sometimes i just want to give up. but you have to refuse to fail. i get confused and lost but i refuse to stop moving, moving forward, moving backward, moving anywhere at all. refuse.

    By Maggie on 08.27.2012

  35. After church, I had a lot to think about. I wondered why God would refuse to allow my Uncle Art into heaven just because he loved another man. I wondered why God would refuse to allow my Aunt Mabel into heaven because she’d had an abortion after her rape. I decided to spend as much time with them now as I possibly could since I wouldn’t be seeing them in heaven. And I did.

    Everything changed in a few short weeks.

    By penny dreadful on 08.27.2012

  36. I absolutely refuse to do that. It’s not what I like to do, I rather would do something else. For example, let’s dress up and dance some ballet! And don’t you refuse, it was you who came up with that stupid idea in the first place. Come on, do as I say. Oh look, a ladybird! What do you mean, I’m quickly distracted?

    By Femke on 08.27.2012

  37. I dont want to do this. I hate pressure. just leave me alone. I want to be alone and not have your crap filling my ears. I hate pressure. I want to be alone. Leave me alone. Just leave me the crap alone. leave.

    By anonymous on 08.27.2012

  38. to obey any laws.
    to pee in a proper pee place
    to wear pants on wednesday
    to be anything but me
    to write left handed

    By Katrina on 08.27.2012

  39. I don’t want to. No. I shan’t. It’s a “never-word”. I don’t like it. It scares me.

    We Refuse Your Rights To Waiver This Bond.

    Eurgh. they say.

    By Tommo on 08.27.2012

  40. I refuse to bow down to the law of stereotypes. I am an individual. A god. I will carve my own destiny and I will carry it forth. I refuse to be pushed around.

    By Tommo on 08.27.2012