April 17th, 2010 | 258 Entries

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258 Entries for “reflection”

  1. India

    By Dilip on 04.18.2010

  2. look inside for self reflection or look into the mirror for your reflection. but what does this reflection see? is it reality or just a dream. a reflection in the water or in the mirror is us. just learn to see the reflection in others eyes.

    By matthew on 04.18.2010

  3. in the mirror of my mind before me i stumble reclusively alone and willing for tomorro

    By roxanne on 04.18.2010

  4. Reflection, I see myself
    I see others and what they are
    Dive deep underground
    Assumptions of your own
    Truth, lies all hide
    You and yours alone

    By Jennifer on 04.18.2010

  5. The other side

    By Daniel on 04.18.2010

  6. she looked over the water. threw a rock because she knew this wasn’t it. this wasn’t her she was seeing. no, this was just a shell of a person waiting until their being was once again full of the liquid that sustained her life. so she threw another rock and watched as the ripples touched her toes.

    By Jenson Avery on 04.18.2010

  7. reflection in the mirror
    i see what i fear
    emptiness in my eyes
    as i see what i despise
    i woke and then i said
    oh god this is serious bed head

    By kristin on 04.18.2010

  8. reflection. on the past. reflection of oh oh i can not think of anything to write. i better reflect and see if i can get a reflection of what i want to write. oh no. time is

    By ko on 04.18.2010

  9. reflection on the water and fell in after about a minute and had not time to remember what was going on. i was staring at myself for a moment and then i suddently feel into myself and got lost. i was feeling the water going up my nose and trying to choke me. i couldn’t breathe and wonderd yhow i could do that to myself

    By none. on 04.18.2010

  10. Reflecion. Jedes Mal, wenn ich das Wort Reflexion auf Deutsch oder auf Spanisch schreibe, ¸berlege ich wieder, ob es mit x oder mit kt geschrieben wird. Ich glaube, bei den letzten Malen hat mir die Rechtsschreibkontrolle immer x angezeigt, aber so ganz sicher bin ich mir immer noch nicht. Wer weifl, was das reflektiert?

    By Lisa URL on 04.18.2010

  11. My reflection’s shadow
    knows what I used to know
    this is his gift and his curse
    all at the same time

    He still hasn’t met you
    His heart is still so blue
    But when you meet him you’ll fix it
    then you’ll break it again
    Like you did to me.

    By Copland on 04.18.2010

  12. She stares at the window, trying to see past the mirrored image of herself against the glass. But she cannot. The possibilities of the future are dimmed by the dried blood on her forehead, flaking onto her nose and falling onto the windowsill. It is caked under her fingernails. He might be gone, but the marks he made will be with her forever. No matter how they tell her to forget him, she cannot. She sees reminders of him in every part of her, within and without. The baby kicks, and she sucks in her breath. Only a few more months now, and her future will be settled.

    By Bekkah on 04.18.2010

  13. Reflections of light passing through, all over and around our dance floor. The bumps and beats…music flowing, moves our bodies to the melody of techno. Every one in their own trance, hearing and seeing different things. Moving different limbs.

    By Bianca on 04.18.2010


    By Taylor on 04.18.2010

  15. On reflection I find that this exercise is both amusing and educational. Whether it helps my writing remains to be seen, or not, by no one in particular.

    By dingo on 04.18.2010

  16. detection, faces uknown and known. Not sure what im seeing infront of me, whats being shown? glassed, glazed over water, my loved ones, someones brother mother and daughter. truth, god, age, youth. Im right here my reflections living proof.

    By Gabriel T Flores III on 04.18.2010

  17. The pine trees made for an eerie reflection on the lake’s surface, like menacing giants, until they were shattered by the wake of a jet ski skipping across the mirror.

    By Andie on 04.18.2010

  18. i see my reflection in the mirror. i dont even recognize who it is. i simply stare at the face. is it me? tear stains are covering my face and the dirt makes it look muddy. Why me? and why now? I miss the old me who wasnt covered with mud and tears and pain…

    By Kalia on 04.18.2010