April 18th, 2010 | 249 Entries

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249 Entries for “propel”

  1. She tried to propel down the side of the building, but the line got caught around the ledge of a window. The only thing she could do was move around until it came loose.

    By Mandy on 04.19.2010

  2. I kicked and kicked, but my legs couldn’t propel me through the water. The net caught me and I felt as helpless as a fish, except I couldn’t breathe underwater. I knew that I shouldn’t struggle, that I should conserve my oxygen, but I couldn’t help it. Before I knew it, I became peacefu…

    By Doug McIntire URL on 04.19.2010

  3. It is the energy of the Universe that I feel at my back pushing me forward. Pushing me into a future that is full of promise, and love and enthusiasm. Go on, propel me toward it.

    By JA on 04.19.2010

  4. why do we all need to be propelled to do something we actually want to do?
    Why can’t we just do it take our chances, live our life?

    By Elisa on 04.19.2010

  5. I’m propelled by bionics. Over fences. Over cars. Over buildings. And it makes the coolest sound when I do.

    By Steve Austin URL on 04.19.2010

  6. yeah, it came from a packet of water flavoring.

    By oneword URL on 04.20.2010

  7. Acceleration is very valuable when you want to go fast, but do you know how valuable friction is? If the road were frictionless the fastest engine would get you nowhere.

    By Ben C URL on 04.20.2010

  8. I’ve somehow been propelled into the world of 24.

    By Brian Kessler URL on 04.20.2010

  9. here we go

    By admin URL on 04.21.2010