April 16th, 2010 | 247 Entries

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247 Entries for “potato”

  1. Potato head
    Potato oral sex
    Baked and boiled, they march in line
    toward the ginger hair savage queen
    and her portly minions
    Season them
    slice them
    Potato, we are your heaven


    By Adam URL on 04.17.2010

  2. Once upon a time, there lived a man on a potato farm. This man did not particularly like potatoes, but his wife did, so he pretended. “Potatoes are good for you,” she said. The potato farmer just shrugged. If that was the kind of sacrifice he had to make for his beloved, that was fine with him.

    By Boston on 04.17.2010

  3. So there was this potato and he liked to call himself Fred. He had a few yellow grimy things growing about but he still had friends. Even though he was a little dirty and spotty he was still ok. One day he got boiled…. and cut in two. He tasted alright, but that was the end of Fred!

    By Lauren on 04.17.2010

  4. if you were given 10 dollars to survive off of for the next month potatos would be an excellent choice – high in protein and so many different types of recipes

    By sunny on 04.17.2010

  5. I love potatoes they are the best thing ever. Such a versatile ingredient, it can be mashed, stewed, roasted, baked, almost any manner of cooking can be applied to the all-powerful potato. I wish more people in the world realized the awesomeness of the potato, so that way I can find a tasty hyb-

    By Karanok on 04.17.2010

  6. “You have a face like a potato,” said Kyle.

    “Well, your dick looks like a circus peanut,” said Amanda.

    Then Amanda punched Kyle in the gut. Kyle fell to the ground.

    “Who is the freak now, a**hole?” asked Amanda.

    By vladdytrout on 04.17.2010

  7. I got a potato in my pocket from the market. With my extra 14 pesos, I go to buy other trinkets from the market. I also buy some ice cream. Mint-chip is my favorite flavor!

    By Tayler on 04.17.2010