January 6th, 2013 | 198 Entries

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198 Entries for “reference”

  1. libraries, past employers, no family
    always at the end of any decent factual non fiction book
    various pop cultural references from decades long past
    in cartoons that have long past their prime

    By Sean Clements on 01.07.2013

  2. You look over at the girl you love. She is in your bed, wearing nothing but the skimpy underwear you gave to her. You love every inch of her. You want to touch every inch of her. As you reach out and brush her smooth skin she stirs. You don’t want to wake her but you love her – and it feels wrong to spend even one waking moment without her.

    By Nadia URL on 01.07.2013

  3. reference , if we speak @ technical level , reference is considered as the standard based on which other physical or any parameter shall be measured. for example the height of a building or the depth is always measured with REFERENCE to the zero level.
    Coming out of the box of technology, at a very normal scale , “reference”, depicts the root . For ex: we get to know something , or we get to prepare some research with reference to some material.

    By sajal on 01.07.2013

  4. My mind is a vehicle for reference! Creation as well I suppose, but largely I use it for reference. It seems to be the rare person that thinks and acts creatively. But maybe that’s just the people I know and am around. Actually I know some very creative people…. What am I even saying?

    By Nico on 01.07.2013

  5. We aren’t made to recall what’s been past –
    just for reference, we’ve been here before, and there, and back there too.
    The bus driver, just pounding past while the outside rains down, down, down.
    You’d think that maybe we’d stop, ask directions, see where we are going, but no.
    We’re careening out of control, heading for somewhere else, someplace that we haven’t been yet, and that we won’t be able to fully appreciate until we’re too far gone in time, and the reference point comes up once again.

    By Thirteen URL on 01.07.2013

  6. There was very little to reference as how to be a lady. Shannon just took it from her minds-eye and imagined the most glamourous, beautiful and fierce drag queen she’d ever seen…and then pumped it up! She was the queen of her own imagination. No references neededed.

    By s on 01.07.2013

  7. Her hands trailed over the dusty reference books in the library. It wasn’t something she could help. The feeling of the old, leather bound spines made a tingle go down her own spine, made her feel warm as she pulled out an old encyclopedia and let it fall open to a random page. The pages were yellowed and bent, old and dusty. Nobody used these anymore, not with the internet.

    By Serryphae URL on 01.07.2013

  8. a term we see a lot when coming to write term papers and even receiving employment. A reference can also be made to other items in conversation.

    By lea on 01.07.2013

  9. Each song tonight and every night is a reference to a memory, a box full of memories. Each lyric, key, note, and sigh of the singer’s voice is a reminder of an experience, a thought, a memory.

    By Jac on 01.07.2013

  10. When people reference certain things they don’t necessarily know what they’re talking about. They aren’t referencing facts, they’re referencing opinions. They don’t know what or who they’re talking about. References should be factual and meaningful.

    By Miranda on 01.07.2013

  11. it is a place that we go to to look up something. i am a reference to context. we are happy as we are and we need a reference in life. i need to refer to something and its you. i love referring to your spacious time and its amazing when one refers to other things to get a jist on how things work. i love referring as it easies the place.

    By guntas on 01.07.2013

  12. i use reference as context to refer to something that i have done or intended to do. we all use reference as a word to help us communicate something that is similar or well explanatory of a smaller circumstance.

    By guntas on 01.07.2013

  13. You need a reference to apply for a job.
    You need them to tell people that you’re a good, reliable person.

    By Ryan on 01.07.2013

  14. A reference. I need a reference. A referral. I hate that I can’t checkout reference books from the library. Dammit, those are the best ones! This needs to change. Maybe I’ll write to Obama about it…

    By BrooklynCupcake URL on 01.07.2013

  15. you took it away when i thought it couldn’t end, slapped my six year old self with the frozen truth of who you really were, and left me without a point of reference.

    By crissle URL on 01.07.2013

  16. i need a reference
    some past love from someone
    proving i’m still valid
    proving i am worthy
    to prove i should exist
    love gone
    love gone

    By camillewren on 01.07.2013

  17. The last part of the application asked for references. I had never had a job before, and it was only making burgers. They would never call them anyway. I gave them three names…Mr. Shen Anigan, Ms. May Ham, and Ms. Kay Ahs.

    By mere URL on 01.07.2013

  18. I carry that 3×5 inch index card with me everywhere I go. Since the accident I just can’t remember things like phone numbers, addresses, or even people’s names. Without the card, I’d be drowning in the world.

    By nedra URL on 01.07.2013

  19. a point in space, time, thought, that reminds someone or to go back to something. a point of understanding in order to define or show by example that one is sharing the human experience as a way to share a commonality with the world.

    By Dustimus URL on 01.07.2013

  20. little did he know that this is the reference that would make a difference. It was a common mistake to think that nothing mattered in life. That one little name on one little paper couldn’t keep from getting someone thrown in jail or made a fool of or convicted for stealing ten-thousand dollars. Little did he know that this reference would change his life.

    By sara on 01.07.2013

  21. she referenced me by name, first.

    for such lips to pass this ugly and awkward word with such grace, i immediately fell… in love.

    she knew me. by name.

    By Muze URL on 01.07.2013

  22. A reference is a cornerstone upon which to rest an idea. A “frame of reference” so to speak. When we base our assumptions on faulty references, it can lead to all kinds of problems. God should be our number one reference. His Word is unchanging.

    By club20 on 01.07.2013

  23. someone to vouch for me. tell you the same things that i would, but because they are not me, they are more trustworthy? someone that is willing to say, yes i journeyed with this person, and this is what happened. this is what you will feel when you journey with this person, and you can trust me although i am a stranger. promise.

    By janine on 01.07.2013

  24. tacos… sex, drugs, and tacos… boats n hoes…look at dat booty
    why am i in college?

    By Andrea URL on 01.07.2013

  25. i’ll just see you tomorrow,
    he told me.
    (or when you grow a
    heart, he
    means, on the margins.)

    By isa on 01.07.2013

  26. In reference to your referral, I must say that to adding wieners to the h’orderves would simply be an atrocious idea. The thought of men and women stuffing their faces is far too dreadful prospect. I’ll refer you to page 2 of h’orderve parties.

    By John Komarek on 01.07.2013

  27. reference is something that people use to describe the situatuion that they are in, for example a refernce could be anything from pop culture to a place. this is a terrible thing that I am writing right now, it could be a reference to my poor creative writing skills.

    By tara on 01.07.2013

  28. It was a late october evening, in the early hours of the evening. The reference Library. Toronto. 2012. I, 24, male, hooded sweatshirt looking at the score for Into The Woods. You, late 20s to early 30s, male, librarian, red glasses. We shared a look.

    By Benjie on 01.07.2013

  29. “I need a new word… I need a new life” she thought bitterly to herself as she stared at the never changing computer screen, while blowing on her newly painted nails to dry them. “everything’s the same. It’s all just…a waste.”
    Rebekah longed more than anything to make something of herself and to make a difference in the world, but at times, life seemed so dark and grey and pointless that at 17, she didn’t know how. She wanted rainbows and knights in shining armor and dragons, yet all she was getting was rain and fear and the most she could do to help was give a dollar to the homeless man dressed as santa who stood on the corner of her street. Life often didn’t even seem worth living, but seeing as she lived in fear and boredom (simultaneously), she was too afraid to kill herself. Too afraid that it would be boring.
    One night, not long ago, she padded downstairs. It was a chilly night, one that she would not forget. She was barefoot, wearing shorts and a tank top, even though it was december. She walked cautiously, trying not to let the floor creak and wake her parents. She opened the medicine cabinet and pulled out the little white bottle. 72. 72 pills of off-brand Benadryl was al it would take to get the job done. “Man up” she whispered furiously to herself. Suddenly, she noticed something moving in the corner of her eye. She turned, startled, and saw a young girl, barefoot, shivering, with a handful of little pink pills. The girl’s chestnut curls were wild from sleeping, and her freckles stood out more prominently than usual against her pale face. “Not tonight” her reflection whispered forcefully, her blue eyes growing large. “go back to bed.”

    By Nolonger on 01.07.2013

  30. it’s all too easy to forget that some things are required. You want to just write, and flow along. but.. you get interrupted. there are things you have to find, to look for. there are some things you don’t know yourself. It’s ok. It’s not bad. It’s ok to depend on something else for reference. everything can’t be known by one person, and certainly not you. it’s ok.

    By claire on 01.07.2013

  31. For future reference,

    Tell me that I’m pretty and tell me that I’m kind
    Petty compliments like these can’t change my state of mind

    You can see I’m in a rut and I am losing all face
    But you think that you can fix me and return me to my grace

    You can take me dancing and introduce to boys
    But I don’t think depression has anything to do with poise

    Because to be a lady I need the appropriate charms
    I should have diamonds in my hair and ribbons tied across my arms

    I must wear my smile like a lovely pink sash
    And promise not to show the rips it covers on my dress

    Really, I can’t see how this is changing my head space
    I am just a bleeding limb all patched up with lace

    But I guess you don’t take notice at how often I cry
    I suppose it’s better that I’ll be pretty when I die

    By Perri on 01.07.2013

  32. At point at which you are reminded of what is true. the source is reputable. You hope anyways. It’s up to you.

    By Andrew on 01.07.2013

  33. ”May the force be with you” he said, knowing how much Jimmy loved Star Wars. Jimmy gave him an angry look. Of course, this kid is too smart to be convinced to do this thing so easily. Ugh, he’s way beyond where he was at that stage in his life.

    By .Theo on 01.07.2013

  34. Don’t hesitate to reference that small detail of your life that made a huge difference in how it all turned out. It isn’t just the perfect storms that have the ability to change fate….

    By Erin on 01.07.2013

  35. The word reference can often be used as a source to look back upon. Dictionaries and encyclopedias come to my mind when I see this word. References apply to finding jobs and getting into college as well. It’s a source of info.

    By Mackenzie on 01.07.2013

  36. I was once used as a reference by an assoicate of mine so that he could apply for an apartment. On my way to reccomending him, because for some reason i had to do this in person or the great HAMA JE LA TEMPO would throw me in a fire pit. That being said i approaced HAMA and he forcefully told me that i was not an acceptable reference and immediately throw me into the pit. On my way to my fiery grave i recalled that i was 100% water. So, as the flames licked at my water a transformed into steam and rose(?) from the pit. HAMA JE LA TEMPO was so impressed that he gave my associate the apartment at a discounted rate and i was from then on known as Nimbus. My associate and I never associate anymore.

    By Shay on 01.07.2013

  37. Looking through dictionaries and encyclopedias can be tedious, but I love it. The reference section, for some, is burdened with bare facts, no imagination, no beauty, nothing to cater to the mind, but for me it’s a world that is constantly growing and expanding.

    By Kimberly on 01.07.2013

  38. Reference to nothing, actually

    By Ult on 01.07.2013