January 5th, 2013 | 233 Entries

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233 Entries for “experience”

  1. it has rather been one since this year began. Love, luck, work and drama, lots and lots of drama. It’s insane when i look back at it, that i survived. Sitting through this new years I have no idea where I am headed.

    By Kanzul on 01.06.2013

  2. A particular instance of personally encountering or undergoing something. I have had many experiences in my life, and I’ve been fortunate enough that the majority of them were good experiences.

    By AnnieB on 01.06.2013

  3. Something you attain over time in one area….expertise…..valuable knowledge…..acquisition of a large body of work or knowledge……know how

    By Cammie on 01.06.2013

  4. Experience has been defined as “what you get when you don’t get what you want”. In that case, in my writing career I’ve had plenty of experience. It was usually spelled REJECTION. Maybe this year will be the year to change all that? I can but hope…

    By The Mad Woman In The Attic on 01.06.2013

  5. white flags

    the heart of a snowstorm
    on a white ledge
    how could i know
    you were so cuffed to
    the run-out tide

    i nearly froze to death myself
    chasing you
    scars under my shirt
    like jailhouse tatts
    but theyre fuck all brother

    is it colder there
    than here?

    the flakes drift in silence
    we walk in a crooked line
    daring the cold to choke us
    murmuring danny boy
    to short-rein the chatter

    your mother’s heart is broken
    the phone call turned it solid white
    her white hair
    falls around her blue lips
    everything else i can bear

    we mark you absent
    turn our gaze inward
    as climbers must
    i tell no one that i knew

    yet we pray
    for sight of your hurricane lamp
    high and swinging in blurred distance
    till no one feels
    the wind, the cold

    By david URL on 01.06.2013

  6. I long to go. I long to live, to leave, and to know what it means to be a human being in this vast expanse of a world. But my fear, my responsibility, my rationality, they hold me back and say, “No no, don’t dare dream of such things. How will you live? How will you survive in your travels, your fantasies?”


    By Sister Ginger on 01.06.2013

  7. it takes experience. everything does. to know yourself is really the most important thing. i still cannot claim to know myself, after spending these years alone in this body.

    By Sophie URL on 01.06.2013

  8. Of all the experiences I’ve had the pleasure of enduring in my life there are those that stick with you.
    Wether it’s with friends by you’re side or the overcoming of obstacles by yourself, what seems to define great experiences is fighting an uphill battle, overcoming fears and come out on top of the mountain just in time to see dawn break overhead.

    By Tikke on 01.06.2013

  9. Experience the magic and excitement…. There’s nothing you can buy or wrap with a bow that is a better gift than the gift of experience. Teach, Show, Persuade to live on the edge

    By Erin on 01.06.2013

  10. It was meaningless. Cold, but warm. Soft yet terrifying. I sat and looked at what I had done. What we had done.

    By Sarah on 01.06.2013

  11. Words of wisdom, of a woman with true experience echoed in my ears as I climbed this mountain of what seemed like no end. “Never forget your roots.” The words hit me like a brick as I realized the true meaning. She didn’t mean like my family, the people that formed who I am today. She literally meant roots. A crushing tearing ripping sound

    By Moosecat on 01.06.2013

  12. He was defined by not many, but just one experience. His overwhelming guilt was only rivalled by his overwhelming shame. Before that day, that perfectly miserable day, you would of guessed he was happy. You’d be wrong, but at least he used to be a good actor.

    By Matt Burke on 01.06.2013

  13. I have no experience in writing, only a passionate desire to write as much as is physically possible. I may not be any good, it may never take me anywhere in life, but it will never cease to be fascinating and oh so rewarding and I will always write. Always.

    By Kerry on 01.06.2013

  14. When something has happened to you and you learn from it or points you get to level up your pokemon or minecraft character. Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are bad depending on the event in question, and some can involve a complete life upheaval. PRAISE TO CTHULU!

    By Rosie Garwood. on 01.06.2013

  15. i’ve had many different experiences throughout my life, some good, some bad. but they all changed me, made me who i am. you cant go through life without experiences. they shape us into who we are meant to be.

    By kerry on 01.06.2013

  16. She leaned in against his form, unsure of how he would feel about her. His arms wrapped easily around her waist as he dropped gentle kisses over her skin, following a track down her neck and over her shoulder. She sighed lightly, unable to hold back the soft groan that left her throat. The feeling in her gut, the heat, was a new experience.

    By Serryphae URL on 01.06.2013

  17. Experiences are always the greatest with other people. It doesn’t matter how shitty an experience is if you have good company who makes you laugh. Every day we experience things we don’t even realize are going to be significant.

    By Mo on 01.06.2013

  18. Experience is such a vast word. Well it has to be really I suppose, as it contains within it many worlds. Like a Russian doll word. With many layers. And many learnings. Experience is a pupil crouched at a desk, absorbed in a book. Experience is a barefoot traveller in a strange country. Experience is hands digging in to new food. Experience is new sensations, realisations, revelations, all tearing off another layer of wrapping on the gift of the world.

    By siobhan347 URL on 01.06.2013

  19. We are who we are based on our experiences.

    By Charles Gee on 01.06.2013

  20. How many of you want to be writers? Most hands shot up.

    You know the difference between a writer and storyteller? Professor Miller looked dwarfish, bent forward to peer between us, his elbow on the table, thumbnail on his chin. The table was a big ellipse, and he sat in the middle, at the tip of the minor axis. No one spoke.

    A writer wants to write, and looks for something to say. A storyteller wants to say something, and finds a way to write it. Now I ask, how many of you want to be writers?

    Students look at each other, confused. A blonde girl with a notepad raises her hand and then lowers it.

    He didn’t harp on the usual check-your-grammar, show-not-tell, know-your-characters. “This is not what love *is*,” he said, tapping a story with his knuckles. Or: “Have you met someone who’s mentally depraved, Julie?” His eyes were earnest and hard to look into.

    I couldn’t finish my second story for the class. “If it’s the day before it’s due, and you’re tearing out your hair, just Drop Everything and Live,” he said, “Go to a party or whatever you young people do nowadays. Better a late story than an empty one.”

    I got a N on my transcript: No grade. Office of the Registrar says: A “N” grade is the result of incomplete assignments, deferred due to unforeseeable circumstances. Once requirements have been satisfied (arranged individually with the instructor), the professor can change an “N” grade to the appropriate grade. If no change has been made by the last day of the next semester, a “N” grade automatically becomes a “F.”

    In Professor Miller’s office on the last day: “I don’t get math majors often. I’m sure you have something to say that the literary ones can’t. Life of a mathematician, perhaps? What drives you to writing?”

    I shook my head. I couldn’t admit a mid-college crisis because admitting it made it real. I was still in one piece. Math was just a… obsessive twin brother I needed to get away from. For a while.

    “You’re right. I’m just trying to write before I have a story to tell.” The girl with a scar on her face wrote about “passion.” It made my “passion for mathematics” feel a lie.

    I went home for Christmas break. Listened to the adults converse, my baby cousins go “choo-choo” over the train set. Adult conversations seem more interesting with new ears. Like classical music, I didn’t appreciate until dad circled notes in Bach’s canons: “Look, you translate these notes over in time and in pitch: an exact copy.”

    How to get experience? “Drop everything and Live.” It felt funny, writing “Get more experiences” as a new year’s resolution. It reminded me of the Buddhist group I used to attend with Mom, where they would chant and then sit in a circle to “share experiences.”

    But you couldn’t get any more specific than “experience,” could you? If you could quantify it, write down a definition, then Living would be a matter of reading, and you could learn it in a book. The very idea of experience was supposed to be, you don’t know it until you have it.

    By Holden URL on 01.06.2013

  21. The most brutal of teachers. but you learn. my god, do you learn. this is a quote by C.S. Lewis, and it really inspires me. Not inspires, but it is just so true. From experience you learn so much, but it can hurt trumendously…

    By Judith on 01.06.2013

  22. When I was younger I thought I knew everything. Now I’m a little bit older but I still don’t know much. But the things I do know I’ve learned from experience. We don’t always like what we learn from it. It hurts hard sometimes. But in the end it is the best teacher.

    By Joan on 01.06.2013

  23. Experience. What do I know? Here, now. Or not. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Maybe.

    By May on 01.06.2013

  24. Experience? For what? A job? Life? You can’t have experience if you don’t have a job. However, you can’t get a job if you don’t have experience. It’s an infinite loop of hollowness.

    By Fran Loncar on 01.06.2013

  25. One must gain experience, for without experience, you know only that what you’ve known since birth. I don’t believe in tabula rasa. Some things have been decided by DNA and such stuff. But experience is everything else.

    By Judith on 01.06.2013

  26. he fucked me. when i closed my eyes
    i did not see heaven, or nirvana,
    not even the devil himself.
    i saw a little boy trying to prove
    his worth, the blandest sight of them all.

    By isa on 01.06.2013

  27. It is aLL. iT IS all I want. To share my perception with another. To strive to experience and strive and experience some more to search eachothers eyes for thought and frequency for a mirror of oneself. to be truly understood. Let me live, let me laugh mutually. and be held for no other reason then to be as close as one can be to let my heart beat in to the palm of another and fel the warmth of a cheek on my shoulder. SPEAK DEEPLY I need more.

    By unwindingwords URL on 01.06.2013

  28. this is beyond my experience,
    words flowing into paintings
    becoming life, life becoming a dream
    experience the wonders & the riches
    to ecstasy, the agony
    the ugly & the beauty
    of this experience.

    By Sean Clements on 01.06.2013

  29. There is without a doubt,
    a huge pit.
    in the centre of my stomach.
    and its eating me whole.
    god damn.
    it hurts.
    I couldn’t sleep.
    correction, I can’t sleep
    because of it.
    it feels like a black whole.
    concern and worry take over my facial expressions.
    its hard to swallow,
    with this lump in my stomach.
    why do I feel like this?!
    i don’t want to be around anyone.
    I think it might be time to distance myself,
    and disappear for a while.
    I’m sorry.
    hopefully i’m still good enough for you.
    my temper cannot be helped.
    my head falls heavy.
    i’ve lost all hope.

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 01.06.2013

  30. Life is all about experience.
    We experience things as we live. We cannot live without experiencing. We experience input from all five senses constantly, and we experience things that happen to and around us.

    By Gwyn_Paige on 01.06.2013

  31. Make sure you actually experience things in stead of only talking and writing about it!

    By Lotte on 01.06.2013

  32. We have experience through our daily lives. We can learn it, we can practice it, we can share it. It can get you a job, or keep you from getting a job. Experience can totally change your life and your perspective of life and how people are. It can make you act differently or inspire you to do something totally awesome and new. It can be boring, it can be exciting. DO something with it.

    By Emily Geiger URL on 01.06.2013

  33. Experience is a personal thing, varying as much as each fingerprint on this planet. It’s controlled by hormones, environment, genetics and so much more yet appears so extraordinarily real to the experiencer themself. In a way that is what makes it so invaluable, the fact that experience is thoroughly subjective and pretty unique

    By Sarah on 01.06.2013