January 6th, 2013 | 198 Entries

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198 Entries for “reference”

  1. We were in the same room, only yards separating us. I didn’t feel judgement coming from the chair in the corner as she talked, and I sympathized. More than ever, it felt like we were the same. I looked up from the words, and I saw my reflection sitting in her place. Three years tore us apart, but we mended the seams without trouble. My heart hurt as her’s beat, and I said all I could.

    “It’s gonna be okay.”

    By Marissa URL on 01.06.2013

  2. Whether by the temptation to bite into the poison of an innocent apple. Or pricking your finger from a fascination of the beauty of a silver thread spinner. By being drowned with the disbelief in fairy fantasies. Smashing head first into your wonderland. Betting your soul for the chance of true love with someone not of your kind. Facing stronger foes for crowning King of the Jungle. Dreams of dying a fairytale and never being saved.

    By JaneDoe on 01.06.2013

  3. there is a time in your life when you say
    those dreams i once had were pretty ridiculous
    i’ve been looking at my parents mistakes
    as a reference point
    to figure out what i don’t want to become
    but then you realize
    by trying to avoid those mistakes
    you are making worse mistakes
    and some times smaller mistakes
    are better than the really big ones.

    By Matty M. on 01.06.2013

  4. i had a good reference for my job. it really helped me get an interview with the main manager. without that reference i would probably still be at home, on the couch watching tv. thank god for my cousin helping me out. i now have a good job and money for what ever i want. things are looking up for me. now all i have to do is save up for a house and maybe a car.

    By kevin on 01.06.2013

  5. Whether by the temptation to bite into the poison of an innocent apple. Or the desire to prick your finger from the beautiful lie of a silver thread spinner. By drowning in the disbelief of fairy dust. Smashing your head into wonderland. Betting your soul for a pair of legs for the chance of love with someone not of your being. Lies swallowing you up like a whale. Drinking away the sorrows of being different just from the size of your ears. Fighting a war of men that’s not yours to protect the ones you love. Living amongst predators in the wild jungle. Maybe even being tricked into the belly of a wolf ready to eat the red you wear. Dreams to die a refernce of Fairytales.

    By JaneDoe on 01.06.2013

  6. Whether by the temptations to bite into the sweet poison of an innocent apple. Or pricking your finger from the beautiful lie of a silver thread spinner. Smashing your head at the bottom of the hole to Wonderland. Drowning in the disbelief of fairy fantasies. Betting your soul for legs with the thought of love with someone not of your being. Maybe Swallowed by lies like a whale. Or drinking away the sorrows of being different by the size of ears.
    Dreams to die from a reference of fairytales~

    By JaneDoe on 01.06.2013

  7. “And these library books over here are for your reference only. You won’t be allowed to borrow them.”

    She turns to the stranger beside her, a geeky-looking specimen of a student. “Although referencing is just another word for borrowing.” She whispers to avoid the librarian’s attention.

    He gives her a raised eyebrow, and without referring to any aged tome she figures they’re going to be great friends.

    By mimosa eyes on 01.07.2013

  8. It’s more like a dictionary than a thesaurus, really. He couldn’t help but think that it was actually a fair amount of neither. It just had random food items with astronomical prices. “Do people actually pay this much for this little?”

    By Jesse on 01.07.2013

  9. the references i gave on my job application were not very respectable people. One of them does meth and the other ones are stuck up people from AA.

    By cameron on 01.07.2013

  10. cum ar fi să trăieşti într-o lume în care nu ai nici o referinţă. nici referinţe istorice culturale, nici referinţe morale etice, nici referinţe de alt fel.

    By Valentin Eni URL on 01.07.2013

  11. references are like a persons past and histories. they decide whether you get money, by which decides your social life, if and when you eat who you see and when if at all. they control your future with your past so to speak.

    By eoin murphy on 01.07.2013

  12. she said, give me proof
    a note, a word, a letter or two —
    just something solid, concrete
    that can’t be cut in two
    and crumbled through
    a reference, was all

    By Lara on 01.07.2013

  13. She had to make a reference. What was it, she thought, that burned in her mind bright and clear several months ago but now the fire had become dim.

    By ccmy on 01.07.2013

  14. With all the reference that we had on the subject, would you believe that we almost fail the history exams. I know that we were a bit cocky, in believing that we had it all under our belt.

    By victor URL on 01.07.2013

  15. I wish you know how much it hurt. I wish there was some compassion in you. I wish you’d decided to do things differently. I wish you went about your soul searching differently. Without hurting me, as an innocent bystander. Particularly oif you consider all I wanted was to make you happy!

    By Tara on 01.07.2013

  16. \in reference in light in about everything and anythingh that you would like to knpw have you ever known anything wud you like to know everything how so thats the reference we like to tinke to think we know everything wrong how wrong never guess andything that you dont know time is of reference thats whaat its about aint is think think maybe dont you can think if you think im here to may reference to the newest latest comment of thinks blame is for the weak the condemn t idont know

    By heather patterson URL on 01.07.2013

  17. It was not difficult to create a 3d design given enough reference pictures. The problem was that it just wasn’t fitting together. It seemed all but impossible to create!

    By Florian on 01.07.2013

  18. welcome someone and make him wear shoes and make him stylish.

    By Sagar Gopale on 01.07.2013

  19. Reference reminds me the great library I’m going for study. It is Iranian National Library, very useful and full of books. It has 5 big saloons for study and we cab bring our laptop and use internet.

    By Alireza on 01.07.2013

  20. i have no reference to that time. no recollection. no memories. I cannot remember much of what we did or what was said. but i know it leaves me with a pleasant feeling and a smile. and that is enough…

    By helena URL on 01.07.2013

  21. I look to the cosmos as reference for my worrings, no time to loose!

    By Patrick on 01.07.2013

  22. “I can’t find the refrence for this”, he said, turning to his research partner. “What exactly are you looking for?”, Jill asked as she pushed her hair back from her eyes.

    By Linda Campbell on 01.07.2013

  23. It was a TV reference. It was the only way I could think of to connect to this… this person in front of me. With golden locks and chipped nailpolish, I guess all she was was a person after all. Her eyes lit up when she heard it, and she exclaimed, “You watch Community, too?!”


    By Sara P on 01.07.2013

  24. Always there by my side
    That never cease to be
    For any I can simply ask
    And the flow of knowledge would come true
    I ask for it to stump me not
    But for a handy shoulder off
    As and when it is need of
    I embrace it as one
    And complete as a whole

    By tay on 01.07.2013

  25. the light of morning is a burnt orange and filling my bedroom indifferently. No matter how hard I try I cannot sleep any longer as the pull of my life is becoming unresistably clear in my morning fog.

    By Erin Marsh on 01.07.2013

  26. “I made reference to ol’ great Pappy just the other day in class, Pop.” He was glad, I could see the slight curve of a smile about to form. He asked me what I said of him. I told my Pop that I told the class about the time he time he took on a lion with his bare hands and hunted a tribe of scavengers with a blowgun. His smile took form and he put his hand upon my head in congratulations. “Boy, those were just stories…” He whispered into my ear as a tear flickered down his cheek.

    By Eric Harrell on 01.07.2013

  27. In reference to our previous conversation, I must apologize: I did not fully understand the situation and was acting in a stubborn manner by not taking your opinion into consideration.

    By Eric Meserole on 01.07.2013

  28. In the library today I was doing research for my science project. On the screen it said we needed five reference books. I was doing mine on electricity, so I looked in the nonfictionsection and found some books with that subject. It took me over an hour.

    By Kristen on 01.07.2013

  29. when we got out of the office, we went to get a reference. the dictionary shelf was empty!

    By Caeden Polster on 01.07.2013

  30. Rob was creating a new resume. All of his experience as a prohibition agents, all of his old bosses as references, and of course, Sir Robert, whom he served with in the Great War.

    It was time for a new job. A new country with no prohibition, and a new life.

    By GloriousClio URL on 01.07.2013

  31. Mrs. Collins didn’t look forward to taking her kids to the library for research. Five years ago, there would have been no trouble. But today, she had to ask the librarian to turn off the computers, as she intended introduce her students to the encyclopedia and World Books. Of course, now there was always someone who asked, “Why not just use the Internet?”

    How do you explain the pleasure of pages to someone who grew up on screens?

    By Holden URL on 01.07.2013

  32. It is what I call upon when I am in need of wisdom: my muse, guise, and shroud. It reveals to me all that needs to be reveal but leaves me hungry for more. An unusual word and it slices though dumb thoughts like swords. Reference. The being of recorded memories.

    By Sky Park on 01.07.2013

  33. a reference is a note referring to something, It can be a movie, a text or any kind of media. on the univeristy it is important to refer correcty, otherwise it is plaguerism.

    By Christine on 01.07.2013

  34. Despite the lack of reference to a good reputation, I’m turning it all around. I’m done putting up with the bullshit that I bring upon myself. It’s tiring and get’s me nowhere I seem like a failure to my father because of it.

    By Zac Harris on 01.07.2013

  35. I hope that someday I can give you a good reference, Matilda said. But today, is not that day. Grant walked out of the room dejectedly, not sure where to go next. How would he ever make it into the space program?

    By Mr. Dunning on 01.07.2013

  36. From the reference given, It is clear that Mary wasn’t happy with her marriage with John, although they lived in the same house it was as if they weren’t even living together. The cold silence, Mary was clearly not happy.

    By Fna URL on 01.07.2013

  37. i try to make casual references to famous poets, tv shows, and history during conversation…however, i’ve adopted the rather interesting habit of subtly quoting myself. i feel like im fooling people, but sometimes no one will respect your ideas unless they’re certain that you have borrowed them from someone much older, wiser, taller, whateverer than yourself.

    By samantha on 01.07.2013

  38. He was the one you always deferred to when you were unsure of yourself. Of course, he always preferred it that way. He liked to make you think you weren’t so smart, that you needed approval to speak. But now he’s just a footnote on the page of your life. So small, you’d have to squint to remember he ever mattered.

    By Soft URL on 01.07.2013

  39. Joan liked to use her previous work with her previous clients as a reference in how to deal with Sherlock. But she quickly found out that there was no reference for how to deal with that man. He was an enigma through and through. How could she compare him to other men? She couldn’t. She’d tried. She’d stayed up late at night thinking about it as she lay in bed and still found no answers.

    By ladyofdecember URL on 01.07.2013

  40. libraries, past employers, no family
    always at the end of any decent factual non fiction book
    various pop cultural references from decades long past
    in cartoons taht have long past their prime

    By Sean Clements on 01.07.2013