March 11th, 2012 | 305 Entries

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305 Entries for “recycle”

  1. recycle your bad habits by moving them into approprriate places. everyone of them has had a pupose and you will learn what they have meant when you meet thhem again

    By taylafilmista belmore on 03.12.2012

  2. She felt a little used, a little tired. The human, recycled. Upcycled, renewable, neverending resource- that was her. She didn’t know it now, but she was causing more harm than good.

    By Maryannerose on 03.12.2012

  3. she took out the recycle bin, pausing to look up at the star-filled sky.
    The stars always intrigued her – large fiery balls of gas so many miles away.
    She often wondered if there was life on other planets, and if so, what her own life meant.
    She did three times a week – when taking out the recycle.

    By Ink on 03.12.2012

  4. His dreams came and went with many being recycled again and again. The seemingly endless loop in the forgetful darkness was a comforting jaunt through his psyche because nothing was any more real to Jensen than God himself.

    By chole URL on 03.12.2012

  5. Recycling is a very important part of life, without it we would run out of things to use and own. It starts with ‘r’, it ends with ‘e’, it contains two vowels. The word is enticing, not like the act itself. Not everyone recycles their plastic, although it is very easy too.

    By Liana on 03.12.2012

  6. Recycling is very important. It’s often done wrong. We need to save the resources we have. But we need to do it without ruining the environment in the process. REeusing things locally is the best way to go about this, I believe. Taking back bottles to be transported a

    By Bryan on 03.12.2012

  7. i love recycling! it is so terribly awesome, saving this amazing planet from utter destruction by the ever-increasing insolence of all humankind. Despicable. Real men recycle, and you can take that to the bank, if you are proceeding in my general direction. Por favor? Lol si.

    By dylangiammalva on 03.12.2012


    By Kursten on 03.12.2012

  9. Recycle is future!

    By Krish on 03.12.2012

  10. This is something we all need to work on. It is reusing items that have been already put to use. Plastic is a very common recycled item, paper is also very common. In recycling we can save our world. Go recycle today!

    By cody on 03.12.2012

  11. i like to recycle and composter its a way to help the earth. i think more people should care more then they do. our earth is dying and people dont see it

    By zara on 03.12.2012

  12. Recyce is such bullshit.. I don’t get why people think its so important, wait.. Maybe it is.. Maybe it is nice trying to conserve the world… Hmm , seems like complete sorcery, fuck it.

    By Belinda may on 03.12.2012

  13. I have always recycled, my grandparents were farmers so reusing has been second nature in our family, food scraps go to the chickens or to the compost. Excess material makes up patches for a quilt…

    By @Menabiily on 03.12.2012

  14. when you are in like sixth grade, people take you on a field trip to a recycling plant and you learn what to do with plastics and papers. sometimes you see a little kids toy from when it got lost out with the recycling and its all sad and dirty.

    By Chloe on 03.12.2012

  15. Recycling has become the easy way out for today’s entry level environmentalist or any person hopping on today’s eco-friendly bandwagon.

    By Hillary on 03.12.2012

  16. recycle is a word, it is a word indeed, the letter R, E, C and even Y are in this pirticular word, if you ask someone like me, i bet they would tell you this is a swell word, as would i. i like words, words of fiction, words of faith, words of hate, and words of love. take my balls, and make a sandwitch, shortly after, you will have mexican for dinner and regret it. go how and fart in a cup and smell it.

    By riley on 03.12.2012

  17. “Yes, that’s right, Lis,” said Dad. Lisbon smiled. She flipped back her long brown hair. OK. I’m ready. She tried again, filming the video of her tossing orange peel into the green holey bin and smiling and talking about it. She wondered if the science teacher Ms. Stacy Staygreen would like it. Ms. Staygreen was quite particular about homework. And she found out the next day.

    “Recycling is important to the environment. It saves our resources, it helps the Earth, it saves us and all of humankind. On Sunday I’ve organized an afternoon recycling program and parade for anyone who wants to join,” Lisbon grinned, finishing her report. Everyone cheered and clapped some half-heartily.

    At lunch Ms. Staygreen called her away. “I loved your report, Lisbon – it was beautiful and smart. I’ll be at your parade,” she said.

    Lisbon had done it.

    PS. Anyone notice the teacher’s name? Staygreen? As in Stay Green?! Ha, ha, ha!

    By Lea Hope B. on 03.12.2012

  18. Recycling. Ich habe dazu genaugenommen keine besonders tiefe Meinung. Ich reycle manchmal Dinge wenn ich andere Dinge brauche, die ich allerdings gerade nicht habe und baue aus dingen diese anderen dinge. recyclingmäßig.

    By mue on 03.12.2012

  19. Those who recycle bear a colossal responsibility. In collecting old used bits of plastic, glass, cardboard and paper, a great deal of waste is avoided, and our fragile environment is done a tremendous service.

    By CK on 03.12.2012

  20. recyceling is important. I think. but everything just goes to the same place anyway? doesn’t it? I do recycle bottles, but not food. i don’thave the space for two different bins in my appartment. I should recycle glass too, but I never do. I feel ashamed.

    By Guro on 03.12.2012

  21. Raks dear while seeing the word i just remember cycle incident which is not forgettable. What are you doing. Have you got relaxation from all tensions.

    By laxmi on 03.12.2012

  22. in a world where people don’t care anymore about the environment and the things that are around us, they forget to recycle and make things better for us, they forget to live healthy and live a good life, in fresh air.

    By Andreea on 03.12.2012

  23. I miss you.
    It was fun while it lasted.

    And for a reason that escapes me, though you’ve discarded me like trash, I wouldn’t say no if you suggested recycling.

    By Land of Dave URL on 03.12.2012

  24. recycle. reuse. don’t put stuff in trash cans

    By Akempen001 on 03.12.2012

  25. There are so many thing that you can recycle. Recycling is part of being a good steward and taking care of the earth that God has given us. Over the years is has become so easy to recycle because there are so many places that will take items. For example just over the last few years our town has set up a plce to bring our glass items. It gets easier all the time to recyle.

    By Marilyn on 03.12.2012

  26. its a very important thing, you have to learn, do and feel, cause its for our planet and our humanity. Recycle everything and breath clean air!

    By laura on 03.12.2012

  27. I didn’t always recycle. My first time was in college after we drank a lot of beer. Looking at all the bottles made me wonder what happened to all that trash. After doing my research, I’ve been a die hard recycler ever since. Even got my family and friends to start doing it. Ha! I’m a trendsetter.

    By mamafeelgood on 03.12.2012

  28. This is something important to do be cause we must all recycle. Recycling allows us to maintain our natural resources and lead happier and healthier lives. Happeir because we will have better things to do and know that we are saving the world and be able to live longer. Healythier because we won’t have to make more producets and pollut the world and live in ugly places that will make us unhealthy. that doesnt make sense but u no what i mean. anyway reclycing is fun and good this will help us make the world a better place for our children.

    By Bob on 03.12.2012

  29. I have already done this. i dont get it, are there no other words? I don’t know how to do this so Ill just repeat hwati said last time: Recycling helps us lead healthier and happier lives. Happier because we know we are saving the environment and doing good. Healthier because we dont have to pollute the air remaking things like bottles and paper and stuff. I don’t know why more people don’t recycle. Go recycling! Yaaaaay!

    By Bob on 03.12.2012

  30. This word would mean a lot more, if more people would pay attention to it.

    By Christine on 03.12.2012

  31. the using of a thing again, for a purpose. Finding the maximum value out of the minimum matter. The lack of waste in a world full of resources. The only way to overcome want.

    By camtuck on 03.12.2012

  32. recycle is part of the 3 conservation r’s. it is an act of where you put a plastic bottle inside a recycle bin.

    By mak!:) URL on 03.12.2012

  33. Oh, they keep harping about the way I am living my life. Sometimes I feel like if I could just find that pure form of expression, to not fear the mother, or the mother’s sisters… I could leave beneath the cave in Cusco for years. Come out after 5 for the gallery show. Canvases all smeared with my own feces. Opening on Monday.

    By Bryan URL on 03.12.2012

  34. Fill up a bag. Fill up a bag. Again. Again.
    Then they sit in the garage.
    Take them to the recycle bin!
    REcycling doesn’t happen when the items to be recycled sit in the garage. There’s not a recycling fairy that lives in our garage. Our own personal little recycling fairy.
    Hummmmm, let me go check…..
    OMG! Her name is Ilakdfjor!
    You always know best.

    By laura on 03.12.2012

  35. not really doing it. wish to do it but can’t. i don,t k ow. excuses. excuses. excuses. have enough still not good enough. first world problems. have i already qialified for it?

    By scarletrosekhearen on 03.12.2012

  36. In this world where the global warming is a major problem, recycling is one way to prevent the world from getting any more corrupt than it is right now. By recycling, we are contributing to the world’s ecosystem and a healthy environment. We need to be aware more than anything of our world, and strive to help it as much as we can.

    By A on 03.12.2012

  37. Recycle has come to be a positive word for something that a lot of the UK does in order to help the environment. It can also, however, be a word to mean reworking or trotting out the same old crap that you did before…which is obviously not all that positive.

    By zebra URL on 03.12.2012

  38. I will recycle myself to God and to my better future. I will recreate myself to be true to my true connections and friends. and as I walk in the valley of the shaodw of death….I will fear no evil. I know the truth, and it will guide me.

    By Patrick URL on 03.12.2012

  39. To toss out an idea, a phrase, is to subject it to the judgment of others. That’s not what they mean, though; when they say “toss out” they mean to throw away, to make trash of, to never see again. Ideas and thoughts can be recycled and reworked once tossed out. Physical things are not the same.

    By Amphigorical on 03.12.2012

  40. That is what we do ..we recycle. When it is recycle it is the same thing but in different form. WE recycle words. thoughts. clothing. women…and woah-men. recycling is a way to give garbage to a man that sees it as a treasure..sometimes in the reverse.

    By ajloopy URL on 03.12.2012