March 10th, 2012 | 253 Entries

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253 Entries for “gourmet”

  1. Gourmet recipes of utmost delight trickle gently and softly through massive trails of trails of entrails. Insides of dark, warm damp. Trickle, gurgle, splurt. Gourmet delight. Gourmet fright.

    By Fc on 03.11.2012

  2. We went into this room and the ceiling was so high up it made me think of that scene in Harry Potter where he first sees the Great Hall and there’s so much food he doesn’t know what to do with himself–that’s how I felt. Julia smiled at me from across the table and so I just smiled back and put my napkin in my lap like she did.

    By Dani Gagnon on 03.11.2012

  3. Gourmet.
    Five stars.
    Mint leaves.
    Small portions.

    It’s all just food…

    By sunshinesw on 03.11.2012

  4. Food designed to tickle the sensitive palate of the tongue. The feasts reserved only for the gods, or for those easily mistaken for some higher deity. Larks’ tongues, caviar, flamingo brains, escargot, etc. All high-quality, exotic, and delectable treats fit for only the finest and serious of connoisseurs.

    By deideiblueeyez on 03.11.2012

  5. The food that the prisoners ate could not be considered food at all. They ate what the castle lords deemed too inedible, and that was coming from overweight scavengers that are used to gourmet foods.

    By David on 03.11.2012

  6. If I had someone to cook for, it would be straight up gourmet. And not gourmet because I would be making fancy french meals with sauces that take a million hours, but because it would be from the heart. That’s real gourmet to me.

    By Jess on 03.11.2012

  7. creme brulee, file mignon, yummy gourmet foods. expensive, but worth it. a “gourmet chef” has an air of superiority over a regular old chef.

    By v on 03.11.2012

  8. food lover, connoisseur, cooking fine food and doing it well, a snob of sorts but the good kind!! expensive taste and educated in all things culinary!! a welt of experience of the scenes and great taste!

    By Siobhan on 03.11.2012

  9. gourmet

    By kylie on 03.11.2012

  10. the food is delicious and i like to eat fancy tacos drizzeld in pepper sauce. they are superb and make excellent dinner partys.

    By Karmin on 03.11.2012

  11. gourmet. such a fancy word. only reserved for fancy restraunts where a suit and tie are required. fuck those places. give me a mcdonalds cheeseburger.

    By leigh on 03.11.2012

  12. I love gourmet food. It is literally my favourite and I don’t think I could live without it. I wouldn’t have said I was too much of a gourmet person, but over these recent weeks, I’ve really developed a liking for it. Although I don’t totally know what gourmet is, it’s actually sounds appealing. More appealing that your average meal I’d say. In fact, when you add the word ‘gourmet on to something… It makes it sound really posh. I’m not a total ponce, but I do really enjoy feeling as though I’m a little more upper class than perhaps I am. It’s just a personal thing I suppose. I’m severely into the idea of eating gourmet foods.

    By Aaron on 03.11.2012

  13. It seemed to be lovely outside, but appearances meant nothing anymore. I opened the door slowly like a present and was met with the most quiet of breezes. It was more than pleasant; it was wonderful. I took a step and sat down upon the shaded cement. This was the sign I needed–the sign that after the long winter, everything would be all right.

    By Marissa URL on 03.11.2012