March 12th, 2012 | 354 Entries

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354 Entries for “belief”

  1. Belief is essential to living. Without it we live life not knowing and not trusting. With belief comes faith and with faith comes love. If we are to live a fulfilling life we must learn to believe in ourselves and others.

    By Allison Hamilton URL on 03.13.2012

  2. i do believe of course and you?
    the problem is not all people believe in the same think. That is why we cannot be the same. You think something I think something else because you belive you are right while I believe I am right.

    By abookum on 03.13.2012

  3. Revenge.
    Uncertainty at it’s very best. To believe is to have the courage to do.
    Belief.. nothing one should waste time on but yet, who doesn’t believe? A life without it would be utterly empty.
    “Though hope is frail, it’s hard to kill”
    Believe in yourself!

    By Ia on 03.13.2012

  4. Belief to me is a word with many definitions. Most important to me is that with belief, anything is possible.

    By Christine on 03.13.2012

  5. believe… Chicks with blond hair, fake nails and tan get this word tattooed on their ankle

    By Hanna-Kristel Valge on 03.13.2012

  6. Our beliefs lead us to many places, often shrouded by darkness and desolate attempts at lighting the way. Our belief is our small box of strike-anywhere matches, handy whenever needed, assuring us that all is not yet lost. Belief is what gets us from point a to point b, even when it’s pitch black during the middle of a cold December night.

    By holly on 03.13.2012

  7. The handle holds the weight more than me
    a belief in gravity doesn’t stop the change,
    the blunder of the man passing the black cat
    the banana skin or the trails of cracks leading
    to where he as always been, his mother and father
    with plaster in their fingernails as the walls are falling

    By gsk URL on 03.13.2012

  8. believe…chicks with blond hair, fake nails and tan get this word tattooed on their ankle…sometimes they add some little hearts too.. funny

    By Hanna-Kristel URL on 03.13.2012

  9. beliefs are something that you believe in, but there is no evidence. for example, I have a belief that I will watch a movie tonight. I have no proof, but I believe that I will.

    By just582 URL on 03.13.2012

  10. I had a belief some time ago. It was about leading a creative life. Then again it all stopped. Why? Nobody knows.
    At some time You all get to know that creativity isn’t everything. Belief is all.
    You need to believe that everything You do has a certain impact on You and the others around You. You need to put Yr. energy in to make believe everything that has a certain connection to Yr. life path.

    By didi URL on 03.13.2012

  11. requires strength, perseverance, a faith in a higher power that can only acted on due to your own belief in yourself. Can destroy and build, divide and conquer, the question is are your beliefs your own? or are the warped by the society we live in that has forced us to ignore wrongs, punish innocent or unworthy and to fund evils. Where should our beliefs lie? in yourself first. And once you know yourself, you’ll know your beliefs. No need to hear it from a priest or any other being, no one knows more than you do. If you want to believe in god read his scriptures, take your own meanings from them. If you want to believe in Allah read the Koran, take your own meanings from them. Without belief there is no hope. So what does that say for the fabricated beliefs we are presented with today?

    By jessica on 03.13.2012

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    By whitlee on 03.13.2012

  13. Something you think about. Something you believe in. Your family and culture’s ways, and thoughts. Lifestyle, choice, education. I am trying to figure out my belief around myself, and losing weight, and feeling great, and being healthy. Beliefs fall into so many different elements of culture, politics, religion, war, peace, etc.

    By Jenny Carr on 03.13.2012

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    By krista on 03.13.2012

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    By thorsten on 03.13.2012

  16. i believe that the earth is round if you go deep enough. i think that i believe that a believe is not true. only that you strongly think, you want it to be true. i believe that i love you. i want that to be true. that is what i believe and that is what i think a belief is. i believe in myself. i wish i did.

    By Julio on 03.13.2012

  17. I have a lot of belief that this will work. That I will control Ana, and she will not control me. But I can’t get the thought out of the back of my head, that it’s only a matter of time before she rips the reigns from my hands and lands me in the hospital. I won’t turn myself into a pile of bones… Or will I?

    By laughalot on 03.13.2012

  18. Beliefs are an interesting thing. Everyone has one, yet not every one wants to share theirs. Some are ridiculed for their’s, so fear takes over. It can be said that fear then becomes a belief. In a sense, fear thrives in our beliefs.

    By Danielle Dennis on 03.13.2012

  19. belief is a beautiful armor it makes for the heaviest sword, belief can make people do irrational things as well as unify people with a common belief such as hindus in india and buddhists in tibet although i’m not sure if Tibet is considered a state seeing as China overthrew the tibetan government and forced the dalai llama into exile

    By juan salguero URL on 03.13.2012

  20. Belief in something, anything, is essential. If not we have nothing to base our opinions off of, nothing to live for, nothing to hold on to. Your beliefs are what make you you

    By Anneliese on 03.13.2012

  21. Belief. Believe. Believe that you will be alright. Believe that you are worthwhile. Believe that you can achieve wonderful things. Believe that God loves you. Believe that God has plans for a reason. Believe that everything will get better. Believe that you can move on. Without beliefs, you will be just as miserable tomorrow as you were yesterday and you are today.

    By Megan on 03.13.2012

  22. She believed that when things went missing in drawers, something was behind them, not her own absentmindedness. She bought twenty-five little clips while she was on skymall, clips to attach to objects, that would beep when you pressed the remote. But now her keys had gone missing (again), and no matter how many times she pressed the button she heard no response. She popped open an extra clip, found what she dreaded: batteries not included.

    By Holden URL on 03.13.2012

  23. everybody has a belief. like i believe that the cookie monster has two heads and steals your teeth.

    By S-man URL on 03.13.2012

  24. belief makes things real, like gavin degraw said. It is subjective. I believe, therefore it is real; you don’t therefore it is not. belief is what brings us together and tears us apart. it saves lives and ruins them. how can something so wonderful be so confusing and hurtful at the same time?

    By raella on 03.13.2012

  25. Belief- a strange word. This word creates and destroys faith and hope all over the world. Belief- today’s saviour, tomorrow’s destroyer. A belief can unite and can separate. A belief is a powerful asset to be carefully used!

    By S.R.D on 03.13.2012

  26. beliefs are something that can be changed, altered, and shaped depending on influences in ones life. If you have a belief about something you should never be completely sure, because it is not a fact. Be open to others beliefs and keep your mind wondering.

    By amber siegel on 03.13.2012

  27. It is the essence of your whole life. Without Belief , your life wouldn’t have any meaning. True belief is believing in one God who created everything and everyone from nothing, because he deserves to be believed in , and on top of that , worshipped. You should Believe in God and repent to him, He exists, undeniable.

    By Zushauque URL on 03.13.2012

  28. It’s what you believe usually this word relates to religion but belief is your opinion not other people’s opinion. A belief is what you believe and what you think is right. You think it is good correct and a good idea Anya is a bitch so is Cecile and Amber and all my other friends are bitches I’m the most populuar girl sogo away wanna be populuars

    By loly Rapley on 03.13.2012

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    By george on 03.13.2012

  30. core

    By sandy veilleux on 03.13.2012

  31. Belief is the hope that some quality or character in a person or concept is truthful or real. To believe relgiously is to believe there to be a god or some higher spiritual power. In terms of a belief in someones character, it is to make the assumption they will prove to be what you expect, or rather hope, them to be.

    By Ellie Cosgrave on 03.13.2012

  32. In religion, God, gods, yourself, your family, your spouse, humanity, children, knowledge, reason, questions, answers, time, change, money, nothing.

    By ash on 03.13.2012

  33. belief is complicated. i dont know what i believe, i know what i used to but ive since met people who make me doubt my past beliefs. i dont really know if i believe in myself anymore, but i’m trying.

    By Dan on 03.13.2012

  34. Belief is something that you have to have. Whether it’s believing in trees, air, oxygen, God, planets, dinosaurs, or even yourself. Without belief, you have nothing. If you have nothing, then what’s the point? Belief. You can control it.

    By kelseyy on 03.13.2012