September 11th, 2013 | 89 Entries

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89 Entries for “reconstruction”

  1. Re-R-R-R-Re-As-Assembled. Reassembled. Recon-Reconstructed. He is-is being repaired.
    Hi-His thoughts have j-just w-woken up. There was an Error in his sis-system. His creator has fixed it though. Soon he will be activated. and then the Dre-Dreams will end. He will be put to work, in the world when he is awoken. Perhaps he will be a hired hand. Or an assassin. Those are some of the jobs he’s familiar with. Or may hap he’ll be rented to an artist, in need of a model. His programing ensures that he will look far more human than any of his brothers.
    Initializing Program Start Up: code F-L-1-G-H-T
    Oh. There is his power s-switch.

    “Hello, there. I see that you are computing again. I am unsure what my predecessor had you do during your life-span. But, you have been refitted to be a Railway Use Server. The only one of your kind, personally, As you still have your H.A. formatting.”
    “YES, MADAM.”
    “Oh, we may have to adjust your volume levels.”
    “APOLOGY-Apologies madam.”
    “Ah, much better, well come along then, You have a railway car to attend to.”
    He steps down from his platform. His current creator, a old woman with dusty clothes leaves the room. Looking down he takes note of his newest appearance. His originally blue gray skin has been every race, currently, he is Caucasian. Long hair falls on his shoulders, and is an off shade of charcoal. That will have to be cut. He recalls long hair being unacceptable in polite society, during his last Life-Span.

    By mae on 09.11.2013

  2. he was deconstructing himself bit by bit, rearranging the pieces into a pattern no one else would recognize. hidden in plain sight, he’s reconstructing himself. becoming anonymous bit by bit. a fresh look, a fresh start. he smiles and creates a new reality.

    By firelight on 09.11.2013

  3. “The reconstruction is going well, surprisingly so, really; draft a letter to the High Council informing them we’ll soon have no need of supplies from the Hinterlands,”
    Her scribe and aid smiled. “And it’s all thanks to you, my lady,”
    Kassanda shook her head. “We’ve the people to thank for that, Jansen, not I; it’s not as though I labored in the summer to build these walls,”
    He bowed his head, still not having fully adjusted to his mistress’ humbleness. “But, without your leadership, without your heart, the people would never have banded together,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 09.11.2013

  4. Reconstruction of the hear after it breaks is never easy, but new love is like new bricks and mortar to build.

    By Xico González on 09.11.2013

  5. The buildings were falling down again. We were living in a danger zone. We knew what had to be done, but others didn’t. It was time for it to change, but no one wanted to help. We wanted a place to live that was nice. We needed a bit of change. Reconstruction would be good

    By Janette on 09.11.2013

  6. She leaned on his shoulder as he held her tighter. It would be a tough road ahead. She kissed his cheek softly and then burrowed her face into his side, repeating over and over silently, “I am not alone, I am not alone, I am not alone…” as hot tears soaked into his dusty flannel shirt.

    He said nothing, trying to be stoic for them both. To finally have the love of your life by your side was amazing, but it was hampered by the destruction all around them. The absurdity of it all was almost too much. His was painful swllow as he watched their city burn.

    By Penelope on 09.11.2013

  7. reconstruction is when something is broken, you reconstruct it. re- means to do again. obviously it was already constructed, it broke somehow, and then it has to be reconstructed. its kind of interesting because theres no information about how it was broken, or maybe it wasn’t broken at all, why do you have to reconstruct it though? like if america was a tyranny we’d have to reconstruct it, build it again

    By Alexis on 09.11.2013

  8. Reconstruction era politics were a study in subtlety. Subtle mind games, subtle racism, subtle humiliation.

    By Kristin URL on 09.11.2013

  9. The pastor stood at the front of the little chapel and spread his arms wide, smiling down at all the first-years, who stared back like wide-eyed fawns. “Welcome, students, to the construction zone!” Maybe a little reconstruction wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

    By aura.rayne on 09.11.2013

  10. Reconstruction

    Brick by heavy brick
    Rearranging these walls so
    I can let you in.

    By L URL on 09.11.2013

  11. Her marriage was under resconstruction. She hoped to build something inspiring, something beautiful; but she was starting from a great hole in the ground where her husband had taken a wrecking ball to what once was. Olivia took tentative steps through the rubble, stopped where she thought it might be safe to begin and slammed down her pick axe hard at the ground.

    By sharon london on 09.11.2013

  12. The reconstruction of his memory, his identity, was slow work; it had to be. Too much realisation in too short a time would lead to confusion, and maybe even incorrect recollection. They had to give him exactly the same memories, the same experiences, or he would not be the same person. After decades of research into human cloning, this was the only part of the process they had yet to perfect.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.11.2013

  13. I had to rebuild myself after I decided to stop drinking. Sobriety was wise but it was also boring. And have never allowed myself to be described by an aura of ennui. I would have to go through some inner inspection to find what exactly it is that people find so entertaining.

    By Ruben URL on 09.11.2013

  14. I’m not used to reconstruction. I’m young and young people doesn’t care about it. They’re all about new things – new beginnings and fresh starts. Why bild from something that’s shattered?!

    By Lelde on 09.11.2013

  15. His face was livid, some sort of horrific reconstruction of all of the anger, all of the hatred he had let bottle up inside of him over the years.

    By WearyWater URL on 09.11.2013

  16. When it comes to relationships, it is not easy

    By nada on 09.11.2013

  17. When it comes to relationships, it is not easy.

    By nada on 09.11.2013

  18. To put something back together is a difficult feat. It’s much easier to dash the world to the four winds, damn the consequences. Someone else will deal with them.

    By Chris Clow on 09.11.2013

  19. “Because I’m trying to change.”
    i thought to myself, will i still do this if it doesn’t pan out? and i thought yeah, i will. and i am. i won’t be this careless and stupid person anymore. and next time, i’ll be ready.

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 09.12.2013

  20. The reconstruction of life as I can see it fills me with great joy. From a simple widow to a broken home, life can begin again and it never ceases to amaze me. When the world will see brokenness and look at it as something to help, we bring joy to each other in the truest way.

    By J.H. Myers on 09.12.2013

  21. Terrible accident-
    Heard it was a truck-
    I heard it was just a car-
    “Just a car”? Are you even human? Her face was smashed! Poor child-
    A child! Oh my. Are they going to fix it with a skin-graft? That child will not look the same-
    Probably. Who knows what they’ll do with it.

    I was a reconstruction. But it was not me.

    By Mr. Sunflower on 09.12.2013

  22. He felt numb, nearly everywhere. The only thing he could was his eyes, burning as if someone pressed a burning needle into their center. The bright lights above pierced him, sending waves of pain through his mind.

    Delicately he moved his hand, and heard the grinding of metal on metal. His stomach flipped, as well as it could given the situation, when he saw his hand. It was a bright shiny metal, gleaming in the spotlight above. Dials, numbers, lights, bulbs, and buttons ran up and down his forearm.

    “We did it sir.”

    “We rebuilt him.”

    By Max Ryder on 09.12.2013

  23. “ we always want what we can’t have”, I instinctively commented. she leaned onto the counter – her chin resting in her hands, her eyes wide with curiosity. “ why is that?”, she asked as her innocent eyes nearly begged for an answer. the unexpected depth of her question took me by surprise, calling for a reconstruction of my premeditated judgments.

    By t URL on 09.12.2013

  24. and at that point I started the reconstruction. the reconstruction of myself without her. she was part of my foundation and with her gone i had to rebuilt again and rebuild anew.

    By Kayaus on 09.12.2013

  25. As he surveyed the crime scene in front of him, he longed for his old technology. He knew it didn’t help thinking of what was lost, but his mind drifted back to that day that his recon mission went awry, sending his ship into an uncontrolled descent. He had to abandon, and worse, he had to push that big red button. Self Destruct. “Goodbye Danni”, he patted his spacecraft before teleporting himself safely down to the ground. She had served him well and if she had been here, reconstructing the crime scene would have been a cinch. He looked at the policemen cordoning off the scene with bright yellow tape, the detectives and crime scene investigators climbing under it to access this private little world of chaos. The blast was local and all fires had been put out, but through the blackened debris smoke was still billowing into the streets, paying no heed to the police tape and coiled around the heads of the crowd of onlookers. He knew the humans, who have thought him one of their own for the last five years would get the answer eventually, but he did not always have their patience.

    By Minette Tonoli on 09.12.2013

  26. Everything that there is, is falling, all needs to be redone, all our feelings, our days, our ways of being. I don’t know where this will take me, or if I’ll see you at the end. But this is my path, and this is what I need to do. Break down, and then rebuilt.

    By annamartta on 09.12.2013

  27. The brain is a unique thing.Once destroyed an accurate reconstruction would not be possible.

    By A False Terl on 09.12.2013

  28. Reconstruction. What can I say about reconstruction? I knew a lot about it, of course. My entire face had previously been reconstructed, following the accident I had 2 years ago. I had been at home, and everything had gone horribly wrong.

    By Amy on 09.12.2013

  29. building, renewal, new things, life changing, big hopes and big efforts… so many things come to your mind when you read reconstruction. it involves a lot… efforts, willing to change outside in

    By salam on 09.12.2013

  30. She began her own reconstruction by taking herself apart. Her spine split along the column, fracturing like a broken ladder and taking everything along with it – cranium, pelvis, hips, thighs, arms, and finger joints, each clacking neverendingly on the floor. she picked each of her bones up, one by one, and put them together as one glues a model airplane together.

    By URL on 09.12.2013

  31. one who love his religion

    By Shrishail URL on 09.12.2013

  32. Reconstruction mean to construct again. It s needed because some of the requirements are not met. It needs more attention and discipline . Teamwork is needed so tha

    By marissa URL on 09.12.2013

  33. How do you reconstruct a life? How do you put the pieces back together after a blow like this? I don’t think it’s possible, but what can I do, but try? I owe it to those that I have hurt.

    By David P on 09.12.2013

  34. My life is a lie. Everyday I wake up and try to live as a person. I feel broken. Pieces of myself are shattered everywhere. I break down and cry knowing that no one will ever notice. No one to mend my heart, revive my soul and put me back together again good as new.

    By Yuna on 09.12.2013

  35. The reconstruction of her face took several hours. There was the huge hole made by the axe blade; that had to be filled in and the skin flap glued down. There were the contusions; they had to be covered with a thick layer of makeup. But try as he might, Martin could not soften the grimace of hatred in her expression.

    By mrsmig on 09.12.2013

  36. his knee took a massive hit. we all saw it, some barfed, some looked away, one in particular giggled, but we forgave him – there was no right way to react to something that devastating

    By Lee on 09.12.2013

  37. As they stared over the vast black rubble, she shook her head. “The city was torn to nothing,” she said. “How will you ever rebuild?”

    He walked over to a pile of charred bricks and lumber and knocked it aside. Beneath was a potted plant. The flower inside was weak, but its stem was still green, and its petals were still red.

    “Reconstruction won’t be easy,” he replied. “But if this can strive, so can we.”

    By Anthony StClair on 09.12.2013

  38. The reconstruction project is behind six months. They college will postpone classes until the reconstruction project is complete. Reconstruction is a lengthy process.

    By Mary Musgrove URL on 09.12.2013

  39. Taking little bits of brick, mortar, and sticks, they slowly began to build again. It didn’t look anything like the former structure, but perhaps that was just as well. They weren’t anything like the people they were before the bomb hit either.

    By Soft URL on 09.12.2013

  40. This is how we build and create things. We take it apart, then construct it back up. It means to re do and build again. I like to reconstruct different events out of Lego Bricks. Most people think that it may be weird, but I like it.

    By Lars Ands on 09.12.2013